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Chris Weidman: “I’m a stylistic nightmare for Anderson Silva.”

It’s no secret UFC middleweight king Anderson Silva struggles against high-level grapplers, a fact most recently on display in the first round of his rumble with Chael Sonnen when “The Spider” spent the full five minutes on his back. However, the explosive champion also has a proclivity for performing to near perfection outside of his occasional problem with being put on his back.

One man who thinks he has the skillset to both challenge Silva in the wrestling department, as well as offer up technically sound stand-up with a hint of knockout power, is Chris Weidman. Like Silva, the unbeaten Weidman also picked up a strike-based stoppage in recent weeks when he flattened Mark Munoz in the second round of their bout at UFC on Fuel 4.

“Every single time I’ve had a full training camp, I’ve finished the fight. This is the first one that got out of the first round,” explained Weidman in an interview with The MMA Hour. “And I think I’m a stylistic nightmare for Anderson Silva. A lot of these guys, I see them go on record basically saying, ‘I’d just love a shot at Anderson Silva to see how I’d do.’ I’m not in here to just to able to share the cage with Anderson Silva. That’s not my goal at all, I’d be far from content with that. I’m going in there to beat Anderson Silva. And to finish Anderson Silva.”

Unfortunately, as sure as Weidman is about the skills he posses, he’s equally uncertain about Silva’s interest in taking on someone with his name (or lack thereof as the case may be).

“My manager has talked to (UFC matchmaker) Joe Silva and all of them. And supposedly they actually really want me to fight Anderson. The question is, will Anderson fight me? I think that’s what it’s coming down to,” said Weidman, adding in the swirling question marks surrounding the enigmatic Brazilian. “When is Anderson going to be ready to fight again? That whole thing. You know, Anderson Silva’s making so much money in Brazil right now, he’s chilling. He’s making so much money outside the ring, I don’t know if he’s so jumpy to jump in there with a guy who’s young, hungry, who’s a bad match-up for him on paper like me, and who’s name is not (as lucrative as) a Chael Sonnen at this point.”


  • Rece Rock says:

    Well atleast Weidman is smart enough to know the answer at this time…. go win some more fights Chris build up your brand then come back and see us in a year and a half.

  • darth_irritable says:

    “Struggles” might be a bit strong a word. It’s probably a little more accurate to say “Takes a little longer to obliterate”.

    I would like to see Weidman take another fight or two. It’s a huge leap from Munoz to Silva.

  • Lord Faust says:

    Every time Anderson dispatches a challenger we hear the same thing. “I’ve got the style to beat Anderson.”

    Just like Hendo, Lutter, Chael (2x), Franklin, and all the others who have fallen.

  • Richard Stabone says:

    Yeah, I agree “struggles” is overstating things. Outside of one fight–when Chael was juiced and Anderson dealing with a rib injury–his “struggles” have involved relatively brief periods of being out-grappled before quickly turning the tables to finish his opponent.

    For all the talk from guys who supposedly have had the *style* to beat Anderson, he’s never been in any real peril of being finished. And of course there’s two sides to every coin – I think it’s safe to say Silva is a bad matchup for… well, everyone.

    But I like Weidman’s confidence and it’s nice to have an intriguing prospect in the mix. The hype is just a little ridiculous, which started to spiral out of control from pretty much the moment he finished Munoz. I remember a lot of strong negative reaction to the notion of Jones getting his first title shot with such little experience, and Weidman is a few fights away from even being where Bones was at. So I don’t really understand it… maybe Bones has made it look so easy that people are more apt to believe Weidman can duplicate that type of meteoric rise. Bones is an incredibly unique athlete/fighter and I think it’s silly that any comparison–however loose it might be–has been made with Weidman this early on. It’s sort of an insult to Jones. And what’s the damn rush with Weidman? Let the guy continue to build up some experience and earn a shot at the greatest of all time.

    I don’t blame Weidman at all though. He looked awesome against Munoz, his confidence has to be sky-high, and he’s got all sorts of fans/media/fighters pumping him up as the next greatest thing. So what the hell… run with it.

    Lombard needs to come thru Saturday with an impressive performance, which will help everyone settle down about Weidman. Lombard vs. Silva and Belcher vs. Weidman would both be really cool matchups. And if Weidman is as good as the hype of this past week would suggest, he’ll take care of Belcher and get his title shot in short order.

  • JabCrossHook says:

    Weidman needs to stay quiet because he didn’t beat a top 5 MW.

    IMO Munoz was overrated beating Aaron Simpson in a close decision, and followed by Leben, Glass chin Dollaway, and Maia in another decision doesn’t really prove much. ffs maia is a WW now lulz

    People are acting like he beat Vitor, Sonnen, Stann, Bisping, or even Belcher. Those are top 5 MWs BEHIND Anderson.

    Seriously Weidman will get caught and looked like an amateur against Silva.

  • darth_irritable says:

    Weidman/Belfort would be a good next fight.

  • Niv says:

    Well it’s been forever and a day since Silva actually lost a fight but I do recall his loss in Pride to Daiju Takase in Pride. Silva was dominated on the ground and submitted by a fighter he was supposed to run right through.

    I also saw his 1st loss in Mecca World Vale Tudo years ago on the Fight Channel here in Canada. He fought a guy named Luis Azaredo and he was basically smothered on the ground as well.

    I think that if anyone is going to beat him it’s going to be a dominant ground fighter who does have some stopping power. I think with a little more seasoning Weidman may be the guy to give him his next loss, you never know.

  • Everyone already made all the points I wanted to make on this one.
    But one last thing
    Vitor is NOT a type middleweight as he’s never beaten a top middleweight at middleweight.

  • darth_irritable says:

    Jack Bauer v Anderson Silva. UFC 160.

    Make it happen Dana.

  • Lord Faust says:

    Beating Vitor is enough to sell him as a challenger; despite reality, Vitor still gets top billing. It’s funny, Vitor — through TUF Brasil — proved Brian Stann’s assertion that anyone fighting Wanderlei is instantly the villain.

  • JabCrossHook says:

    Vitor still ktfo’d rich Franklin at ten pounds heavier which is not a big deal because they both walk around at the same weight. Plus I doubt there’s any mw that can wrestlefuck vitor, also Dave most websites have vitor in the top 5.

  • Lord Faust says:

    Vitor gets partial credit for beating Rich. I’m not a fan of rabbit punches.

  • I understand that jab but rankings in this sport are about two things, consistency and opinion (except when it comes to champions) case in point up until he came to the ufc Jorge Santiago was ranked by sherdog as a top 3 mw. Before aoki fought anyone good he was ranked by some sites as the number 2 le. Vitor is the same case at 185. He’s beaten Terry Martin lindland akiyama and rumble. People just credit his past accomplishments and rank him accordingly. Which is bogus.


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