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Chris Weidman’s win named Knockout of the Night at UFC on Fuel 4

It wasn’t long ago there was a fighter in his 20s from New York boasting an unbeaten record, convincing wins over a number of veteran competitors, and seemingly limitless potential. His name was Jon Jones. It now appears another individual featuring those same attributes has emerged in the form of Chris Weidman, a decorated amateur wrestler who ran his professional record up to 9-0 last night with a TKO triumph over Mark Munoz at UFC on Fuel 4.

Weidman mashed Munoz into unconsciousness after landing an elbow-strike, earning the right to call himself a contender in the process not to mention $40,000 extra for Knockout of the Night.

Fight of the Night rightfully went to the co-headlining collision between Joey Beltran and James Te Huna. The light heavyweight sluggers put it all out there for fifteen full minutes with each landing some solid shots, especially during a flurry coming in the final few ticks of the outing. Each man was awarded $40,000 for his role in the rumble.

Finally, Submission of the Night honors and $40k were handed to Alex Caceres for his slick stoppage of Damacio Page in an undercard effort. “Bruce Leeroy” channeled the glow in the second round of the bout, locking up a Triangle Choke while Page attempted to throw a strike in his guard.


  • Lord Faust says:

    Andrew Craig better have gotten a nice big bonus.

  • moosebaby02 says:

    Beltran is a human walking punching bag

  • moosebaby02 says:

    who punches back

  • G-DUB says:

    Happy to see the UFC give at least one bonus to an undercard fighter. All things being equal, there is no reason why Andrew Craig doesn’t get KO of the night honors, but all is not equal between undercard and main card fights. Not complaining …. I do understand the rationale here.

  • Richard Stabone says:

    It does annoy me when the main card fights/fighers are given an unfair advantage with the “OTN” awards. It generally means the rich get richer, while the UFC underlings–already being paid peanuts relative to the UFC’s ever-expanding revenue–get jobbed out of a fat bonus like Craig last night.

    Maybe Craig’s final paycheck will get padded a bit in some way, as I know not everything gets reported and there’s more to the story than even what is reported. But I’ll continue to bitch about the low-end fighter pay until there is an obvious & significant change in compensation for the low-end fighters.

  • Lord Faust says:

    If I’d been running the show, I would have given Craig the left-over bonus for submission of the night that went unawarded at UFC 148.

    The guy made one of the most amazing comebacks in recent history, working for fucking peanuts, in front of a crowd that was mostly empty — and those present were almost exclusively media people.

    Craig fought the fight of any fighter’s life and no one was watching. That’s a true fuckin’ warrior. Pauy the man damnit!

  • BillyWarhol says:

    wow! that was an impressive KO for Chris Weidman – well deserved*

  • fanoftna33 says:

    ASndrew Craig should have gotten the bonus.


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