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UFC provides statistical analysis of Anderson Silva-Chael Sonnen’s 2010 tilt

In order to help amp up the hype for this weekend’s headlining tilt at UFC 148 between middleweight king Anderson Silva and talented court jester Chael Sonnen the organization has released a clip documenting some of the stats stemming from their original encounter in 2010. As is no doubt seared into the minds of fans, Silva absorbed a ton of damage over four rounds before sinking in a fight-ending Triangle Choke in the final minutes of the fifth frame.

Among the interesting numbers mentioned in the video are Silva spending twice the time on his back in the bout as he did in eleven Octagon appearances prior to it as well as Sonnen landing more significant strikes in the first round than Silva had ever eaten in the duration of any of his other UFC fights. In fact, Sonnen landed twice as many shots total by the end of the match-up than opponents had in all of Silva’s other UFC fights combined leading up to the title-fight.

Of course, the key statistic is undoubtedly successful submission attempts with “The Spider” securing the only one en route to retaining his divisional title.

Check out the complete list of statistics below with video evidence to support the numbers (followed by a treat courtesy of the UFC/Yahoo Sports in the form of the full fight between Silva-Sonnen at UFC 117:


  • THEGUNNER says:

    All this did was show me how much of a beating silva will take without giving up. Sonnen did everything he could and it wasnt good enough than and im sure isnt gonna be good enough on the 7.

  • Lord Faust says:

    This fight has to deliver a lot of important things, including another awesome pic like Chael’s “falcon punch”.

  • Screenplaya says:

    Sonnen landed 320 strikes? If Anderson lands a tenth of that number, Chael will be drooling through wired jaws until long after we have all forgotten his name.


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