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Carlos Eduardo Rocha cut by UFC after second straight loss

Brazilian welterweight Carlos Eduardo Rocha started out strong in the UFC with an opening round submission win over Kris McCray. However, it apparently wasn’t enough to save Rocha’s job after being outpointed in his follow-up fights against Jake Ellenberger and most recently Mike Pierce.

According to TATAME, Rocha was released by the UFC after coming up short against Pierce in early June.

The UFC’s decision definitely caught Rocha off-guard who responded to the move by saying, “I went there to fight MMA and he wants to win by points…This is bullsh*t…I had good performances and even so I was cut off. I didn’t expect this.”

Rocha’s losses to Pierce and Ellenberger, a Split Decision no less, are the only stumbles of his career. He holds a 9-2 overall record with all of his victories involving some form of finish including eight by way of submission.


  • MickeyC says:

    I figured he would get another fight. he will get picked up quickly. kinda suprised they just did not send him to SF.

  • hindsightufuk says:

    guy certainly has some promise, has great BJJ, just needs to be able to adapt it.
    UFC keeps so many shitters, but they let this young guy go after losing close decisions to two top WW.
    i dont get it.
    Or like Mickey says, get him to Strikeforce, they sure as shit need them

  • MCM says:

    One “W” on the outside and I think he’ll be back. Anyone know what his pay was? He may have been getting more than the company thought he was worth.

  • Richard Stabone says:

    It’s tricky to find the reported pay figures for events outside of Nevada, but for Rocha’s second of three fights with the UFC (coming off a successful debut in which he finished the fight by submission) his reported payday was $8K The unestablished fighters get paid piss by the UFC. Yeah, there’s the chance at a “OTN” bonus but that’s a long shot for most guys.

    So anyway, in this case I would speculate that Rocha’s departure is more or less a mutual decision. During his brief UFC stint, he got 3 fights in the span of 19 months… basically fighting once every 6 months, which is pretty typical for UFC guys. So by leaving he can stay busier, get things back on track, then find himself back in the big leagues sooner than later.

  • MCM says:

    it doesn’t sound “mutual”, but it appears that it’s not financial either. Guess the UFC is just trimming the fat in their own way.

  • Rece Rock says:

    Why would he want to go to SF? Sit on the shelf?


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