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Cesar Gracie still holding out hope for Nick Diaz’s return to MMA

Other than his recent first place finish in his age group at an XTerra Triathlon, very little has been heard about Nick Diaz’s athletic aspirations since the former Strikeforce champion received an official yearlong suspension from the Nevada Athletic Commission pertaining to a failed drug test for marijuana metabolites. While he doesn’t appear to be wavering on his related retirement from MMA, one of the individuals closest to the enigmatic Diaz spoke up about the situation while emphasizing his remaining hope where the Stockton scrapper’s future in fighting was concerned.

“There’s retired and there’s RETIRED,” said Cesar Gracie in an interview with Fight Hub TV. “One day you have a job and you retire, you’re retired. But Nick’s too young, he’s what, 28-29, whatever he is. I think the word can be used … how about temporarily retired? I think that would be a better thing about it, I hope temporarily retired.”

Gracie, who is Diaz’s longtime trainer and manager, also explained his desire to see Diaz treated fairly by the NAC despite their past issues and his star student’s ongoing litigation against the regulatory board.


  • Dr.Stoppage says:

    I think once Diaz sees GSP fight again, he’ll be more interested in returning.

  • MCM says:

    I think Cesar is one step away from being M-1.

  • Richard Stabone says:

    I cannot take Nick’s “retirement” seriously. But even though it seems inevitable he’ll fight again, it’s still tough to predict *when* that might be. Y’all might have noticed Nick tends to make things a little more difficult than they otherwise should be.

    Most guys in Nick’s position would let the suspension play out, show some level of understanding and/or remorse (genuine or otherwise), so that re-applying for his fight license would be a smooth process. In other words, move on and continue your career.

    Life aint always fair, which every single one of us deals with in some form on pretty much a daily basis. But we all have to cope and perservere as best we know how. At the risk of oversimplifying things, in Nick’s case it seems to boil down to giving up pot for a few weeks out of the year, which doesn’t seem like a mighty cross to bear. Especially when it provides the opportunity to earn hundreds of thousands of dollars for fighting other homies. Not a terrible tradeoff.

    But this is Nick Diaz we’re talking about. He’ll make life difficult for himself with the athletic commission. Then he’ll probably do the same with the UFC upon his potential return to the cage, expecting a title shot when the fact of the matter is he’s coming off a loss and has never beaten a top-10 welterweight opponent, unless we’re being very generous to BJ Penn.

    So who knows what happens next with Diaz. I just know it’ll involve unnecessary drama that his little brother somehow manages to avoid… while still keepin it real for the homies.

  • Rece Rock says:

    I recently saw a youtube video on middle easy with Rousey and Diaz interacting…and all I can say is there is clearly something socially wrong with Nick. I’m not bashing or making fun but it’s kinda weird that nobody tries to help the guy instead of letting him burn up more brain cells blazin herb.

  • Rece Rock says:

    And that’s not to say I think he needs to be medicated or anything but I think voluntary counseling here and there and having someone to talk shit out with is a good start… He just seems to have a million things going through his mind even in a relaxed setting.

  • Richard Stabone says:

    Yeah, Nick clearly has issues for which being permastoned is probably not a good long-term remedy. But in the meantime, it seems no one close to him either cares enough or knows enough how to help him out beyond that.

    Or Nick might just be a really stubborn, immature dude that at this point is sorta playing us all for fools.

    As usual, with Nick it’s pretty much impossible to say. I just wish he could get his shit together one way or another, cuz he’s fun to watch fight and it’d be a shame if he further wastes this MMA career that is the best opportunity he’ll have during his lifetime.


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