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Vitor Belfort interested in fight with Michael Bisping, move to light heavyweight

It looks like a rematch between rivals Vitor Belfort and Wanderlei Silva may not be a lock after all. The two talented middleweights were expected to fight at UFC 147 before Belfort suffered a broken hand while training for the bout. While UFC officials pointed to the possibility of the two meeting in October when the organization returns to Brazil, Belfort is no longer interested in facing “The Axe Murderer” based on Silva’s loss to Rich Franklin last weekend.

Instead, Belfort has set his sights on Michael Bisping who is also coming off a loss but in far more controversial fashion, dropping a decision to Chael Sonnen many felt he actually deserved the nod in.

“I guess Wanderlei will be able to fight in October but I only want that my next bout accredits me to dispute the belt,” explained Belfort in an interview with Fighters Only Magazine. “I don’t know, maybe Michael Bisping. I was only defeated once recently, by Anderson Silva, and all my wins were very convincing.”

Belfort picked up a pair of opening round finishes against Yoshihiro Akiyama and Anthony Johnson in his appearances after falling to the 185-pound champion more than a year ago. Whether or not he receives an opportunity to make Bisping his third victim remains to be seen. Regardless, “The Phenom” is happy to wait and see what his employers come up with rather than hold out for a particular pairing.

“How can anybody choose their fight? Obviously some managers force things for their athletes…but I want to make a fight that interests the public. I already am in the end of my career, so I want to do one more fight and go for the belt,” explained the 35-year old Belfort. “I don’t know how long I will stay in this division. I wanted to do two or three more fights. If my body will no longer permit this big weight cutting, I will go up (to light heavyweight). I am not afraid of Jon Jones or somebody else. It’s not for me to choose my opponents.”


  • Screenplaya says:

    Please, give us Belfort versus Wanderlei. Put it on in Rio, and that place will be electric. This needs to happen. Give the winner an elimination bout that leads to a title shot.

  • trupert says:

    Agreed. I think that Stann and Bisping (both coming back from injuries) markets well with the US vs Brit angle. I’d still do this Belfort vs Silva fight only if it is in Brasil, if not Give Belfort vs Belcher since both coming back from broken hands and both a peg higher than Wandy now that he lost. Do Franklin vs Cote/Le winner?

  • THEGUNNER says:

    I agree wandy vs vitor. I dont see vitor with the lhw belt so this fight makes more sense for the fans. vitor should be able to take wandy out in rnd 1 anyway.

  • Lord Faust says:

    I doubt it will happen. It’s clear that Vitor would probably destroy the remnants of the once-great Axe Murderer if they ever fight again. There’s no benefit to that win, standings-wise, and it burns up one of Vitor’s last remaining fights. Aside from letting two guys resolve their personal dislike of one another, their rematch really serves no purpose.

  • Richard Stabone says:

    OK, so here’s how things play out if Boner has his way…

    The first part is easy: Anderson beats Chael and awaits his next opponent.

    Weidman knocks off Munoz, derailing The Filipino Wrecking Machine’s path to a title shot. For Weidman, he’ll still be a couple wins away from his own crack at the belt.

    Lombard will KO Boetsch in spectacular fashion, making the big splash into the UFC that many hoped for. This combined with his long win streak will provide enough momentum & intrigue to earn him the next shot at Silva.

    Meanwhile, other guys get healthy. Bisping & Belcher return to face each other, and the same for Vitor and Stann. The winners face each other for a #1 contender spot to challenge Silva/Lombard. (Boner would like to see Belcher & Vitor, which would be a great scrap.)

    Meanwhile, Weidman can keep trying to improve his stock against guys like Paul Harris or Chael. His time, should he keep winning, will come once the current top group clears itself out.

    No Vitor vs. Wandy matchup though, please. The history is neat, but it just doesn’t fit right now. You want a bad blood matchup, Wandy vs. Chael is the way to go… and after Anderson stomps Chael, it would make a lot more sense than it does right now.


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