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Video blog reveals Clay Guida-Gray Maynard had to be separated backstage

Apparently the bad feelings from Friday night’s main event match-up between UFC lightweights Clay Guida and Gray Maynard boiled over after the two men had made their way backstage after the bout’s conclusion. Evidence of such came in the form of a few tense moments between the two caught on UFC President Dana White’s video blog for UFC 147 featuring the build up and fallout of UFC on FX 4.

“Weak…weak…weak,” an animated Guida exclaimed as he marched back to his backstage area to get checked. “I don’t bitch about sh*t! I stopped his takedowns. He looked like Sammy Sosa out there swinging for the fences.”

Of course, whether due to inexplicably silly planning by officials or savvy production staff hoping to capture raw moments, Maynard happened to also be getting treatment at the time and was literally a foot away with little more than a curtain (and some professionalism) separating the two as Guida vented his frustration.

“It’s a fight, man! Why are we both here? We’re fighters,” said Maynard after Guida offered a verbal attack pertaining to some knees.

The two continued to go at each other for a few more moments before cooler heads prevailed and Guida walked off down the hall. However, as the tape shows, things could have gone much more poorly, especially with some of the instigation from both fighters’ camps.

Watch the full clip of the blog below with the Guida-Maynard material coming in the final minute:


  • Rece Rock says:

    I saw the vlog On the web I don’t know if this version has it but, somebody lets a gay slur fly during the Maynard & Guida fall out… I scratch my head wondering why Zuffa would release it unedited with all the issues they have had lately with a big sponsor not being to happy with them…?
    Bad form…bad call… Bad for business.

  • madheartmma says:

    Agreed. But, it is supposed to be “As Real As It Gets”…I guess that applies backstage as well. I just don’t get Gray’s “what’s with the long hair we’re fighters.” comment to Clay. That’s a gay thing to say. WGAF ? Is there a code in Maynard’s diary that states: REAL FIGHTERS DON’T 1)Have long hair (Clay G.) 2)Paint toenails black(Chuck L.) 3) Complain like a LilB*tch…oops(GrayM.) about crap..Oh yeah Gray,there’s another fighter w/Long Hair, who probably WON’T PUT his hair up to please you…THE CHAMP! Benson H.

  • Dr.Stoppage says:

    Great stuff!
    I hope they make this post fight footage a regular thing.

    As far as the fight goes, I was really disappointed with Guida.
    There is always this talk of leaving it all in the cage(mat, ring, field, etc.).
    If you’re still bouncing at the end of a fight, and you lose by a decision, then clearly you haven’t fought hard enough to leave it all in the cage.

  • Dr.Stoppage says:

    By the way, from what I could see , they didn’t HAVE to be separated.
    Quit trying to milk that shit into something that it is not.
    Are you auditioning for TMZ?
    (Not that I watch that crap or anything )

  • AlphaOmega says:

    I didn’t see the post fight conference, but I was reading about it with the updates, and they said that they squashed the bad blood instantly and that they were both just heated from the fight, and they were joking around and even hugging and hanging out after the interviews were over.

  • Richard Stabone says:

    Having fighters that close to each other immediately following a fight is just stupid. It’s putting guys in an awkward position at best, and asking for an eventual disaster at worst.

    Given the context, I thought both guys handled themselves fine. There’s obviously going to be adrenaline still flowing and high strung emotions after a fight with so much on the line. So considering all of that, both were pretty well restrained, with the corner guys staying cool & helping out as well.

    I loved the vlogs though. Hope they keep those up, capturing those raw moments that show a much different side of the sport & its fighters than the more packaged promos & interviews where it might as well be scripted.

    Lastly, I was glad Gray got the decision. Guida was more competitive than I expected, so from that standpoint I can’t totally hate the gameplan… but it was obviously not what we as fans were expecting/hoping to watch. It took the Condit approach to another level. Condit is a highly skilled striker who can stick & move and, while a departure from his usual aggressive attack & phenomenal finish %, he was still fighting at a level that wasn’t turning the crowd against him and drawing a warning from the ref. Guida simply does not possess the type of skill set to effectively employ that gameplan over the duration of a fight. He did a decent job for a couple rounds, but I believe Gray would have eventually punished him had Guida not gradually backed off even more & more as the fight wore on.

  • Richard Stabone says:

    Guida is one of the most well known & loved fighters in the sport, so for him to turn a crowd against him required pretty drastic circumstances. When he re-watches that fight I think the way everything went down will sting just as much as the loss. He’ll be back to full-on spaz mode next time out, regardless of opponent.


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