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Gray Maynard: “The victory was important, but I like to fight.”

Last night UFC lightweight Gray Maynard picked up his first win inside the Octagon in nearly two years after fighting to a Draw with Frankie Edgar in early 2011 and then losing in the rematch nine months later. However, rather show than any real sense of relief, Maynard exited the ring with an obvious look of frustration on his face based on the way opponent Clay Guida approached their bout.

Guida, who has always been one of the sport’s more active fighters, opted to dance around throughout the bulk of their headlining bout at UFC on FX 4 rather than engage for more than a few seconds at a time.

The 11-1-1 Maynard addressed the issue in an interview with the UFC shortly after the conclusion of their bout where he pleaded his case in terms of the source of his aggravation.

“The victory was important, but I like to fight. I like to use my skills. I like to feel another person fighting,” explained the former title-contender. “And he came with a little plan, I guess. Some stick and move type stuff. And that’s cool. But you can’t move that much. You can’t turn your back and move away from me.”

“They were trying to take all the ‘chance’ away. You’ve gotta fight. You’ve gotta take chances, so you’ve gotta stay in the pocket a little bit and throw. They weren’t trying to give me a chance,” he concluded.

As far as his next fight, Maynard made it clear he’s still interested in a fourth go at Edgar to truly serve as a tiebreaker.

Check out the complete interview with Maynard below:


  • THEGUNNER says:

    I dont understand why guida did what he did. hair tied back and running the whole time. Condit must have trained him for this fight. Instead of lay and pray now they run a pray.

  • G-DUB says:

    Guida did what he did because he COULD …. and it was his best strategy to win the fight. Strategy was employed nicely in first 2 rounds, but don’t know what he was thinking when he virtually stopped throwing punches in final 2 rounds.
    Every sport evolves and makes changes to enhance entertainment value and competitiveness. The NBA had to introduce the shot clock long ago to stop teams from stalling and holding the ball. Likewise, I encourage Dana to consider a slightly smaller octagon at this time to discourage all of this running around and give the fans the fighter engagement they want to see. Personally, I favor the kinds of fights you see in the smaller cages of the “minor league” organizations.

  • Dufresne says:

    Overall it’s pretty rare that fighters simply stop engaging, so I don’t think the size of the Octagon is to blame here. I think the simplest solution is just to have the refs be a bit quicker on the draw with the warnings and point deductions. In my perfect world they’d bring back the Pride style yellow cards, but I can’t ever see the UFC doing that.

  • Angry Mike says:

    Clay “little Houston Alexander” Guida

  • AlphaOmega says:

    I find it hilarious that MMA is one of the few sports where the fans flip flop so much. Everyone was singing Condit’s praises and now the same people are bitching about him saying he’s a horrible fighter for one fight. Now the same thing is happening with Guida, it really amuses me that one fight has so much control over peoples opinions.

  • hindsightufuk says:

    Clay has gone from one of the most entertaining fighters to one of the most anoying.
    i recall it started against Takanori Gomi, he always had a stalling leg humping gameplan against certain fighters, but against Gomi he began dancing around, bouncing up and down, hair flying back and fourth. it just annoyed me, that was the first time i found myself joping he would get knocked out.
    its evolved from there to the Maynard fight, where i also wanted to see him knocked out.
    welcome to the world of Greg Jackson

  • Creature says:

    “welcome to the world of Greg Jackson”

    Guida had really no other way to win than to try and point fight Maynard or Pettis, it definitely wasnt fun to watch but cant blame him. Also Condit had one fight, ONE fight where he point fought instead of his usual never ending onslaught of attack style and now all of a sudden hes a point fighter? Thats just ridiculous. And you cant really just throw greg under the bus since he has tons of exciting fighters like Cerrone, Cub Swanson, Lenard Garcia, and Shane Carwin.. never see them in a boring fight and they have been with Jackson for quite a long time.

  • hindsightufuk says:

    thing about Jackson is he clearly lays out these gameplans, tells guys to point fight, told Condit and Guillard recently to stop attacking and gets points to win fights. the guy is a genius to make champions and contenders where otherwise they would just be fighters. i just don’t enjoy watching it.
    reason people are saying Condit being a point fighter is because in his last fight thats exactly what he did, and he hasnt fought since. we all know you’re only as good as your last performance for a lot of people, and that is unfortunately the fight that is still fresh. until he unleashes his killer again, he’ll be thought of as that guy who ran around to win points

  • stone says:

    Dufresne & Hindsightufuk always bring it!…. If Condit would go all NBK on Koscheck or Kampmann (before GSP), he could change his rep. I really doubt he gives a shit about his ‘rep’ anyways.

  • Angry Mike says:

    Condit knocked Dan Hardy out with one punch, something GSP didn’t do in 5 rounds. He also finished Kim and Rory McDonald. Guida either wins by submission or decision. There’s no comparison between Guida and Condit, imo.


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