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Quinton Jackson aiming to be back in action by Fall

Not much has been heard from former UFC light heavyweight champ Quinton Jackson since a period in March when he voiced numerous concerns about the way he was being treated by Zuffa brass and pulled out of a planned fight with Mauricio Rua to address a few health-related issues. The 33-year old superstar recently broke his silence in relation to one of his problematic knees, updating fans on his condition and revealing that, assuming all goes to plan, he expects to make his return to the ring before trick-or-treaters hit the streets.

“My doctor said I could run the day after my birthday on June 21 so I can’t wait to get back and start training and see how that knee is feeling and see when my next fight’s gonna be,” explained Jackson in an interview with MMAMania, adding he hadn’t actually torn any ligaments but was showing signs of “fraying”.

“I’m just trying to move forward with my fighting career. My left knee is starting to feel better. I’m not gonna do anything to it just yet. I’m just gonna do my rehab and go from there,” the 32-10 fighter added, joking he would be back in “September or October, we’ll see. I’ve got a lot of weight to lose.”

When “Rampage” does eventually strap his gloves back on and take to the Octagon it will likely be his last fight under the organization’s banner given his personal feelings towards management. He is currently on the first losing streak of his career, dropping back-to-back bouts against Jon Jones and Ryan Bader.


  • AlphaOmega says:

    He wanted Shogun or Forrest but now both of them have fights, so I wonder who he will get now. I’m still hoping its a wrestler who takes him down and grinds him out.

  • fanoftna33 says:

    The uFC will give him another stud wrestler like Phil Davis or they will put him on the undercard like they did to Arlovski.

  • TSU21 says:

    they cant afford to put a guy who makes as much as he does on the undercard….love him or hate him he is still a draw, just like Tito, Dana knows they are gonna draw fans in

  • TSU21 says:

    two fighters that keep popping in my head are lil nog or Thiago Silva and I would almost willing to bet money its one of those…prob Silva since they were suppose to fight anyways

  • fanoftna33 says:

    Rampage ve Silva would be good but very winnable for Rampage and the UFC will not give him a fight they see as winnable, they might just give him Glover in the hope that Glover gets a huge name on his record.

  • Richard Stabone says:

    they cant afford to put a guy who makes as much as he does on the undercard….love him or hate him he is still a draw, just like Tito, Dana knows they are gonna draw fans.

    Yep. Business is business. Dana is a stubborn guy but he’s smart enough to know that making $$ always comes ahead of personal grudges.

    With Tito, the last fight with any sort of intrigue for me was Lyoto Machida. But Tito & the UFC have been able to milk his name recognition for another 6 fights, sucking up a spot on a main card each time.

    With Rampage, my hunch is that the Jon Jones fight will have been his last fight I truly care about. I was not at all excited about the Bader fight, and it turned out to be worse than I expected. So he’ll continue to get fights, cuz the UFC knows he’s a draw & at the end of the day Rampage can use the paycheck, but in the ever-expanding MMA landscape these washed up fighters just don’t inspire any sort of excitement for me.

    Rampage will talk about how he’s getting healthy, ready to make a comeback, then he’ll put on another lackluster performance… followed by more bitching & moaning about the fighting style of his opponent, MMA judging, etc. Rinse & repeat.

    Tito & Rampage were both awesome in their heyday, and I totally respect what they did for the sport. They’ve earned the right to keep fighting as long as they’re healthy and (mostly) able. I just don’t enjoy watching it play out, especially when it’s packaged as the freaking co-headliner of an event.

  • adamsfamily says:

    I know they have been at different ends of the rankings recent years – but it’s a fight I always wanted to see – rampage and Tito

    Any ideas why it never materialised?

  • AlphaOmega says:

    I think it’s just kinda one of those things that didn’t happy, Rampage was making his way through UFC after Tito had left right? And then when Tito came back them being available never lined up. It might of been interesting to watch, but I think it would of been Rampage wanting to stand the whole time, and Tito wanting to go to the ground.

  • AlphaOmega says:

    happen not happy. Edit button please?

  • fanoftna33 says:

    Tito and Rampage are friends and Rampage even used Tito’s trainer for quite a while so it will not happen, but I agree it would have been a interesting fight.

  • MCM says:


    I’d take Stephan at this point. Rampage can suck it.

  • TSU21 says:

    Yea both Tito and Rampage both went on record years ago saying they would never fight unless it was for the title and alot of money…sounds fimiliar, one thing I dont rule out is just listening to what rampage says about behind the scene things that us casual fans dont see and I cant help but remember when tito complain about the same stuff everyone was like shut up tito but then Randy had similiar grips, as did penn, so yea I agree with how he has been acting has far as complaining about judges, who they set him up to fight and the excuses are getting old but to idk about how he is saying he is being treated….bc we dont know

  • TSU21 says:

    but not to change the subject but the ufc needs some more badboys like tito and rampage to be champions…dont get me wrong I like the say the right things, classy champions but the ufc has that champion in every weight class, aldo henderson condit or gsp silva jones jds…the ufc needs a sonnen to win a belt, or a nick diaz, just someone to make it interesting again….

  • king mah mah says:

    I think rampage will end up in the MFC.

  • Sans_Peur says:

    Intriguing, King Mah Mah. MFC… or perhaps One FC? Babalu v Rampage, anyone?

  • MCM says:

    One FC is the easiest path for Rampage. It also pays the better than the other options, win or lose. If he wanted to challenge himself, he should go to Bellator. King Mo is there and they’ve had a few words over the years, and they also seem to be willing to allow for the Pro Wrasl’n thing. But it is Rampage, so my money is on him taking the easy road and going back to Asia.

  • AlphaOmega says:

    I agree with MCM, I think he goes to a company that has a lot of fights in Japan, he’s always talking about how he loves the area and the people and how the fans are better then the American fans.

  • Sans_Peur says:

    I agree as well with AlphaOmega and MCM, but I honestly don’t see him going to Bellator. First, I really don’t think he wants a piece of King Mo – he knows Mo will wrestle him into oblivion, and he hates fighting wrestlers. Second, there’s not much depth to the LHW division in Bellator, so he’s not likely to be busy or making too much in the way of a payday. Third, I think One FC will pay him substantially more, and as AlphaOmega stated he has made it clear that he loves fighting in Japan, and always seemed to be a bit hungrier and sharper there (excluding the Bader fight).

  • fanoftna33 says:

    No way he does the Bellator route simply because his body cant handle more that 2 fights a year right now and the tournament format just wouldnt do him any good. MAYBE a superfight in Bellator or straight into a title fight ( and we all know he has earned that ) would be appropriate but Asia or kissing ass and staying with the UFC are his best options.

  • Rece Rock says:

    First fight outside of the UFC…I’d like to see Rampage/Fedor at a catchweight.

  • TSU21 says:

    lol Rece, it wouldnt have to be a catch weight fight considering rampage walks around at 240-250 unless you mean fedor making him come down to 235 haha


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