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Frank Mir “not opposed to the idea” of professional wrestling

When former UFC heavyweight champ Brock Lesnar showed up at UFC 146 to watch rival Frank Mir mix it up in a title-fight with current divisional king Junior dos Santos many wondered if it was a sign the hulking Minnesotan was sizing up Mir for a third go inside the cage. While a rubber-match between the two seems somewhat unlikely given the way Lesnar’s post-event meeting with UFC President Dana White went, the possibility of the two facing off in a scripted scrap may actually materialize at some point based on recent comments from the 33-year old Mir.

“Not opposed to the idea,” replied Mir in an interview with the Chronicle Journal when asked about giving professional wrestling a shot in the future, adding, “I can’t do a back flip or anything.”

However, while WWE may come calling eventually, Mir appears to have his hopes truly set on a spot in the analyst’s booth when he decides to hang up his gloves for good.

“I like analyzing fights and I like doing color commentating,” he explained. “It’s an opportunity I would take advantage of when I run into it. Hopefully it’s something I can do full time.”

For now the 16-6 Mir will heal up from his TKO loss to Dos Santos and focus on breaking future opponents’ limbs through BJJ rather than snapping an announce table in two with an over-the-top slam. Whether or not the same will be true a year or two from now remains to be seen.


  • RicM says:

    He’d make a hella good heel…….something along the lines of a Nick Bockwinkel back in the AWA days… articulate heel……lol

  • MickeyC says:


  • MickeyC says:

    Frank I have always been a fan. I have been there for the good times & the bad. Through hard losses and some dumb coments. And even the silly head movement you do during commentary. But I swear to god I will dump your ass if you pull this shit.

  • COOL! He’d be a great pro wrestler….but as far as him becoming a color commentator…even better….then they can fire Jon Anik because he sucks.

  • moosebaby02 says:

    as much as i dont like Mir he is way too good for that. I like him on the mike when he is calking a fight cause he knows his shit.

  • Rece Rock says:

    So when he decides he doesn’t want to fight at a high level in MMA any more or not as often to avoid becoming like gary goodridge, are you guys going to help pay his bills and build up his brand so that he can make money?
    You don’t have to like his decisions but you haveto respect his eagerness to earn off of his brand while he can.

  • AlphaOmega says:

    Isn’t Jon Anik the play by play announcer and Kenflo is the color commentator? that’s usually how it works, the person with experience is the color.

  • MCM says:

    I think Frank is one of the few MMA stars that could actually make it in pro wrestling. He’s got the size and charisma and he’s obviously willing to use “help” to bulk up. But, I don’t think Mir has a proper understanding of what being a Pro wrestler entails. Let’s take out the “fake fighting” portion or the job and look at what it really takes.

    Travel: Most pro wrestlers on the road over 300 days a year. How is Frank going to cope with that when he prefers to have his family at his training center?

    Skill set: Frank is not a wrestler, he’s a good striker and a great grappler…..from the bottom. I know the fights are choreographed, but how will his bottom game translate. He’ll be trying for a kimora or choke, but the wrestling fans will see him on his back for more than 3 seconds and he’ll get counted out.

    Damage: Is the fighting real? No, but the damage to the body is. And it’s not like these guys have Athletic commissions telling them they have to take a mandatory 3 months off. Franks taken a lot of damage in the cage already, is taking more really a “retirement”?

    I think any sports organization/media company would be more than willing to take Frank on as an announcer, and that’s where he should stay. Just cause you’re good at real fighting doesn’t mean you’d be good at fake wrestling.

  • Richard Stabone says:

    Mir is at a crossroads in his career. He’s no longer relevant at the top of the division, so he’s got a few options…

    1) Embrace the gatekeeper role. Frank is obviously a talented fighter and could likely hang around for quie a few more fights and earn a decent amount of money fighting the up-and-comers. But staying motivated & putting in the necessary work to fight at a high level, for that type of role, is a whole different animal than where Frank’s been for the bulk of his career where basically every fight had some sort of title implications tied to it. Frank doesn’t strike me as a guy who will be up for it.

    2) Take a hiatus from MMA and earn a quick paycheck in pro wrasslin. Probably not gonna happen but I don’t blame Frank for keeping his options open at this stage of his career.

    3) Begin transitioning to more of a full time commentating role, similar to what Kenny did. Florian is a few years older than Frank & his body was giving out on him, so the transition might be more gradual for Mir, but after a few more fights I’d expect Frank will be behind the mic full time.

  • Frank isn’t relevant at the top of the.division? Rich you usually make great points but that’s utter bullshit. Getting knocked out by the champ doesn’t make you irrelevant. The guy still has wins over most of the top heavyweight fighters in the org a great finishing ratio and is still a relatively young man. He might have to reclimb the ladder but he’s still in the top.5. He should fight werdum after the russow fight. Regardless of who wins it.

  • MickeyC says:

    my objection is this. an influx of mma fighters into pro wrestling will no dout result in wrestling to begin looking more like mma. this will no dout evolve into both using the same names to discribe holds and techniques.10 years from now the only diffrence will be the the ring and the script. I think it would just be bad for MMA

  • Richard Stabone says:

    Superdave, it’s not just that Frank was KO’d a few weeks ago by JDS… it’s that it marked the 3rd consecutive title fight that Frank has been completely manhandled.

    First Brock turned his face into hamburger.

    Then Carwin left him a crumpled mess (interim title fight).

    Then JDS had him seeing stars.

    In none of those fights was there a moment where Frank had his opponent in any real danger… they were lopsided defeats that left Frank bloodied and/or concussed.

    Let me put it this way: since coming back from the motorcyle wreck, the only top-10 opponent Frank’s beaten is Nog. He has been a gatekeeper level fight in my mind for a while now, and the JDS fight just made it that much clear…IMO of course.


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