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Rafael Cavalcante suspended for a year after testing positive for banned substance

Strikeforce has lost one of its key players in the light heavyweight division in the form of Rafael “Feijao” Cavalcante who tested positive for a banned substance after a May 19 victory over Mike Kyle. As a result he has been suspended for a year and fined $2,500.

No specific information was offered in terms of the actual drug he tested positive for or if his win will be changed to a No Contest.

News of Cavalcante’s was first reported by MaxBoxing and has since been confirmed by MMAFighting.

The win over Kyle was Cavalcante’s second consecutive instance of in-ring success and was expected to earn him a crack at the company’s vacant divisional championship later this year with Gegard Mousasi his likely opponent. Now, with Cavalcante’s current status, it seems highly unlikely the two will meet at any point given Strikeforce’s business woes.

Cavalcante’s camp has said they will fight the CSAC’s findings, claiming innocence in the matter.


  • as if strikeforce wasnt havin enough trouble already

  • JabCrossHook says:

    Wow gegard needs to fight top competition like wtf he’s wasting his time in sf. Just get him to the UFC he barely fights in strike farce

  • MCM says:

    ALL the top guys in SF need to be moved over. I don’t know why they keep SF open anyway. If they want to use it as a minor league, feeder org, (Woodley), fine. If they want to use it as a punishment/reward org (Marquardt, Jardine), fine. But don’t keep guys that are in their prime and at the top of the game in an inferior organization while TUF washouts get UFC spots.


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