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Mauricio Rua calls Dana White a liar regarding Glover Teixeira allegation

Former light heavyweight champ Mauricio Rua isn’t denying he passed on an opportunity to face up-and-coming 205er Glover Teixeira as a replacement for Thiago Silva (who went down with injury). However, he has taken issue with some comments from UFC President Dana White who revealed to media that Rua’s camp had told him “Shogun” would prefer his release from the organization rather than a rumble with Teixeira.

“They asked me to fight Glover. My manager told me and then I talked to my team and we decided not to fight Glover because he’s a top guy but, but he’s building a career in the UFC. He fought once and it was on an undercard, so it’s not fair. I made it clear that it wasn’t interesting for us now. But in a while it may happen, but not now,” said Rua in an interview with TATAME, implying the issue was with Teixeira’s lack of mainstream recognition as opposed to any fear about facing his fellow Brazilian.

“If I defeated him I wouldn’t reach a level of having a chance at the title. He’s a top guy, but he just got here and doesn’t have a history in the UFC. Three, four fights from now it’s possible, but not now,” Rua continued before addressing White’s statements. “Dana White commented I rather leave UFC than fighting him but it was not true. UFC never thought about it (and) neither did I. At (no) point I said I would leave in case I fought him. I just said it was not interesting right now and that’s why we had our agreement. This conversation never happened.”

With Teixeira off the table, Rua will instead face Brandon Vera at UFC on FOX 4, while Teixeira is still waiting for a follow-up fight to his successful UFC debut against Kyle Kingsbury last month.


  • fanoftna33 says:

    This makes much more sense coming from Shogun, and is much more beliveable than coming from DW who was more likely trying to build to a eventual match up between the two.

  • Richard Stabone says:

    Yeah, no surprise here. It was obvious Dana’s version was a spin job and loosely accurate at best, and an outright lie at worst. Seems it’s closer to the latter… but either way, standard operating procedure for DW.

  • TSU21 says:

    My only problem with what shogun has said is that he states he didnt want to fight Glover Teixeira bc it wouldnt get him a title fight or that Teixeira isnt an establish well know fighter but instead you take a fight with Brandon Vera…yea that will get you a title fight for sure….it sounds like shogun didnt want to be a gate keeper to a younger fighter if you ask me, even though I think it would be a lose lose situation if he was to fight Teixeira but at least hold out for a better fight than with Vera

  • Richard Stabone says:

    The original matchup with Thiago Silva, whose last official win came nearly 3 years ago (seriously), didn’t offer much upside for Shogun. And neither does the Vera matchup.

    But the difference is those guys are established names, with a combined 17 fights under the UFC banner (plus Shogun’s PRIDE exploits). Glover doesn’t bring anything to the table, other than being a damn tough opponent.

    I still think there’s probably more to the story (e.g. did Shogun’s camp ask for more $$ to accept the Glover fight, and the UFC balked?). I’d imagine there was a little more back-and-forth that is typical of a negotiation, but who knows. That’s not exactly Dana’s style – his negotation tactics seem to basically consist of, “There is no negotation. Take what we’re offering and appreciate the opportunity we’re giving you or good luck dealing with those other assholes.”

    A guy like Shogun has built up enough cred for this type of incident to blow over, but it’s skating on pretty thin ice for the vast majority of fighters.

  • MCM says:

    IMO, the truth lies somewhere in between. I don’t think he said he would leave the UFC, but he did duck a fight with Glover. You can say that he didn’t have the name value and that’s why, but as pointed out, he had no problem taking on Silva and Vera, who are much, much easier opponents.

    Remember when he came to the UFC? He was supposed to be the #1 ranked LHW in the word, and who does he agree to fight? Mr. outside the top 15, 2-2 in his last 4, Forrest Griffin.
    After he loses that, does he decided to take on a top guy to prove he’s still one of the best? You bet he does. Mr. way, way, way, (did I say way?) over the hill Mark Coleman, in a FOTN *eye roll* performance.
    Now that he’s back on a win streak, does he take on the creme dela creme, does he say give my your very best guy? Yep, the 1-3 in his last 4 Chuck Liddell.
    Outside of Machida (whom he did very well against), Shogun hasn’t tried to fight or beaten any tough opponent since he came to the UFC. So him ducking Glover is kinda par for the course.

  • Angry Mike says:

    I don’t think this makes Shogun look good. Shogun is a fighter, so he should fight. Arguing about who he fights and whether it gets him closer to a title shot makes him sound like he’s politicking or lawyering. Tito used to do this kind of thing, and Chuck fought whoever and whenever. Who made more money? If you’re a fighter, then fight.

  • Richard Stabone says:

    OK, since I love MMA rankings so much, if we were to compile a list of all current fighters based on a combination of their track record in the sport & current ability, how many guys are gonna be ahead of Shogun?

    OK, let’s skip the list and simply say that Shogun has already established himself as a legend of the sport, and is coming off a narrow defeat (that many feel he won) to the guy next in line to challenge for the LHW belt.

    Imagine if Shogun had picked up the narrow decision, and it was instead Hendo in this position…

    “Hey there, Dan. So, uh, your fight that was booked is off cuz of injury… but we got Glover Teixeira, who’s never fought on a main card in the UFC before, lined up for ya instead. Thanks, bud. Talk to you later.”

    Perhaps wouldn’t have gone over too well.

    I’m not suggesting that’s exactly how things would have played out if the Shogun-Hendo fight decision was reversed, but the point is those two guys are pretty similar in terms of MMA stature. And it would have been absurd to put Hendo in that position, so even if Shogun is a peg below Hendo it’s still pretty damn silly.

  • madheartmma says:

    To say Shogun “ducked” a fight is…well BS. It’s Shogun. He just had a GREAT fight w/Hendo & fought Jones. Wtf would he fight someone, hardly anyone knows? That’s disrespectful to even offer him that fight.Especially after those wars! And he told Dana “No”, So DW tells a story,becuz he is pissed someone said NO. It’s Shogun.He’s a legend. He’s a fighter. And he’s fought(paid his dues.BUILT HIS NAME) a multi-time CHAMP.. Chuck fought becuz he was champ,they looked everywhere for title shots for Chuck,and he got a few..cans. But BOTH are legends. Both honarable. Dana’s job is to “fight” w/words.but he should some respect.

  • madheartmma says:

    Who do you think is lying?
    A honorable fighter, who trains,wins & loses,but puts his soul out there for all to see,in the purist way possible?
    A fight promotor, known for his “colorful comments” and has had to “eat crow” on many occasions?

  • Paulo says:

    This is just a typical Dana spin job. Jon Jones is running through the division and Dana is just hyping up a new challenger by saying noone wants to fight Glover and even the great Shogun would rather be cut than fight him. Fact is Glover has one undercard fight and knocked out a nobody. Would people call Pacman or Mayweather duckers if they decided not to fight an undercard fighter?

    The bottom line is everyone is tied up or injured. Shogun didn’t hand-pick Vera. It was Dana’s second and only choice after Shogun rightfully turned down a nobody(for now). Dana just gets butt-hurt whenever a fighter disagrees with him.

    Instead of shitting on a legend and one of his top LHWs, Dana should just do his job and promote the fight. Dana White probably single-handedly made this next Fox card a ratings disaster. Fox’s UFC ratings have been dropping already, and now Dana White has every casual fan thinking the main event is a fight between a coward and garbage fighter. That’s one way to ensure you keep newcomers and casual fans away..

  • Dr.Stoppage says:

    Well, Shogun hasn’t quit and the UFC hasn’t cut him yet, so let the Shogun Vera Silva.
    Teixeira sweepstakes continue.
    Shogun responded to Dana.
    Now will Dana respond to these allegations by Shogun?
    Tune in tomorrow…

  • AlphaOmega says:

    I don’t see how he can’t, Dana pretty much always responds to anything people remotely say about him.

  • JabCrossHook says:

    MCM when Shogun fought Forrest he was ranked in the top 10 at the time and won the title his next fight. He was also coming off two surgeries on his knee so it was smart not to ask for a top 5 opponent right after rehabbing from a major surgery.

    Shogun is looking at it from a business standpoint, he doesn’t duck anyone. He knows that he has one more chance at a run for the title so every fight has to be right for him. While I do agree that Silva and Vera aren’t as good as Glover they are much more known to the casual fan. IMO he did the right thing and he did say that he would be willing to fight Glover no problem when he has more fights and is ranked higher and people know his face.

    Glover just beat Kingsbury who isn’t anything special in the LHW division.

  • MCM says:

    Koscheck fought (and lost) to an unknown Paulo Thiago and fought for the title only a little over a year later.
    Alves fought an unknown Papy Abedi and, had he not tried for an ill fated take down, would most likely be fighting for a #1 contenders spot latter this year.
    Even GSP took on an unknown Mayhem Miller coming off his first attempt at getting the title.

    Losts of big name fighters take on unknown but dangerous guys all the time. And most of the time they are rewarded for it. It’s the ones that pick and chose whom they want that have a harder time getting shots at belts.

    Let’s say he didn’t duck Glover, let’s say that his thinking is that it is more advantageous for him to take on a fighter that was recently cut and only brought back on a technicality, than to fight a guy riding a 16 fight win streak. If he honestly thinks that is a way back to a title shot, well, I don’t know what to say about that kind of logic.

    Either he’s unintelligent or afraid, those are the only options.

  • JabCrossHook says:

    It’s the fact that it’s a lose lose situation for shogun. If he beats glover then he won’t get the credit he deserves because glover isn’t known to casual fans. If he loses then he will be sent back down the ladder.

  • JabCrossHook says:

    It’s the fact that it’s a lose lose situation for shogun. If he beats glover then he won’t get the credit he deserves because glover isn’t known to casual fans. If he loses then he will be sent back down the ladder. If glover has more fights and beats someone noteworthy then shogun has no problem fighting him. Shogun had a good amount of mileage for a fighter with numerous major knee surgeries. He’s not 23 years old anymore, him and his team need to pick each fight more carefully at this stage in shoguns career but that doesn’t mean shogun is ducking.

  • RicM says:

    Shogun had better beat Vera, or his MMA cred is gonna take a beating………..


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