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Wanderlei Silva: “(Chael Sonnen) fights with his mouth. He’s not a top guy.”

Even though UFC middleweight Wanderlei Silva is currently immersed in a camp preparing him for a rematch with Rich Franklin taking place in a little more than a week he has another fighter on his mind – Chael Sonnen. Silva’s issues with the silver-tongued scrapper have been well-documented over the past few years with their personal problems first surfacing after Sonnen decided to diss Brazil as part of his strategy for selling a fight with Anderson Silva. However, during an in-person encounter caught on tape, Sonnen had very little to say about Silva or his countrymen when pressed by “The Axe Murderer” to explain his actions.

Since then the two have gone back-and-forth in the media. While Silva, who typically talks with his ferocity and fists, would prefer they settle their score inside the Octagon he is certain Sonnen wants no piece of him in or out of the cage.

“He fights with his mouth. He’s not a top guy. He creates that style and looks for guys to give attention to him. But face to face, he’s like a kid. He’ll cry like a baby, man,” said Silva in an interview with The MMA Show.

“I don’t know what kind of man can say something bad about you then say, ‘Hey Wanderlei, let’s shake hands.’ F— you man. You talked some bad things. I’m old school. You’re talking some bullsh*t about me, don’t shake my hand. This guy lost respect from me. Not one fighter respects him,” Silva continued, adding his pick in Sonnen’s upcoming fight with the 185-pound champion. “I don’t like his style and I hope Anderson Silva kicks his ass. I think Anderson will knock out Chael in the third round.”

“Wand” is coming off a knockout of Cung Le and could position himself for a grudge match with Sonnen if he beats Franklin and Sonnen loses to Silva. However, with the stars needing to align perfectly for such a thing to unfold, and barring the notion of a repeat of Tito OrtizLee Murray in a dark alley, it seems for now the blows being landed will remain of the verbal variety in the future rather than the physical kind.


  • stone says:

    I’d give Wanderlei the shot at Chael (if Chael beats A.S.) before Bisping, anyday

  • From an entertaining fight standpoint I agree on that one. From a rankings standpoint…no…hell no. Wandy hasnt beaten anyone that’s worthy of contention in years….and that’s fine by me. I dont watch The Axe Murderer fight to watch him win titles, I watch him fight cuz he never dissapoints me, whether he’s on the winning or losing side.

  • Rece Rock says:

    Walter Mercado looked into his crystal ball and told me Sonnen gets humiliated by Silva, rematches and loses a close decision to Bisping, ppl get tired of his schtick & he gets an easy fight to get him back On track.. He wins… Only to have it ruled a no contest because his Tratio is 20:1 In The post fight Piss test.

  • AlphaOmega says:

    If that happened Rece I think we’d all be able to hear Richard screaming yes and I told you so from anywhere that we all live.

  • MCM says:

    win Okami – top 5
    win Marquardt – top 3
    win Stann – top 10
    win Bisping – top 10
    win 4 1/2 round over the P4P best fighter in the world

    sounds like “Mouth” fighting to me.

  • Richard Stabone says:

    From the Chael fight to present, Okami is 3-3 and Marquardt is 2-2.

    Neither Stann nor Bisping has ever beaten a top-10 opponent.

    Thru his first 30 pro fights Chael’s best win was Trevor Prangley (or Jason Lambert, if you prefer).

    On the other side of age 30, seemingly jumpstarted by TRT, Chael has some better names on his resume. But for a guy pretending to be an elite fighter, I don’t see a signature victory. His fame is built more on his mouth than his fight accomplishments.

  • MCM says:

    And yet, they were all still top 10 or higher when Chael beat them. Wandy has beaten all of 1 top 10 fighter in the past 6 years, and that was Keith Jardine. Shall we go into his record since then? How is Chael pretending to be elite when he’s actually walking the walk as well as talking the talk?

    And claiming TRT is a cop out since we don’t know when he started TRT? We do know that he never lost a round in his career on any judges score card until the Bisping fight. We also know that after the first Filho fight he went to a sports psychologist to find out why we was always getting subbed in the second round after wining the first. We also know that it was after seeing the psychologist that he started beating all the top guys. And lastly we know that Wandies best days were when he was a roided out juice monkey in an organization that fixed it’s own fights. If we’re gonna call a spade a spade, let’s do it.

  • Richard Stabone says:

    Yes, Okami & Marquardt used to be ranked high. And they’re the closest thing to signature wins Chael’s had in his career. But from the time those guys fought Chael until now, Nate’s done jackshit & Okami’s best moment is a split decision win over Munoz…with consecutive (T)KOs soon to follow.

    Don’t get me completely wrong… I’m not suggesting those weren’t very solid wins. They’re good wins for any fighter, just not the type of thing an elite fighter is gonna hang his hat on.

    Anyway, without Anderson Silva there’s just not much reason for people to care too much about Chael Sonnen. Granted, that can be said about the vasty majority of the MW division. Somewhat similar to the Tiger Woods effect on golf, with Chael being smart enough to latch on to Anderson to catapult his own fame.

    Chael started ranting & raving from the time the first Silva fight was booked, and managed to follow thru with a surprisingly strong performance (yeah he earned a suspension for it, and lost the fight anyway, but whatevs). So I’ll be gall danged if Chael’s tactics haven’t been effective. Even though Silva is gonna smash him on July 7, that fat payday will be a pretty soothing condolence.


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