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Carlos Condit: “If the UFC wanted me to fight somebody else, they’re the boss.”

Carlos Condit is tired of critics taking aim at his competitive desire, courage, and confidence when it comes to waiting for welterweight title-holder Georges St-Pierre to recover from knee surgery rather than risk his interim belt against a top contender in the period beforehand. Condit hasn’t fought since early February and isn’t expected to face GSP until mid-November.

The 28-year old Condit was asked about the heat he’s gotten from fans, fighters, and media in relation to his break from action and made it clear the decision to do so is not necessarily up to him.

“I don’t make the matches. If the UFC wanted me to fight somebody else, they’re the boss. They can ask me to fight and I’d be up for it,” Condit explained on Fuel TV’s coverage of UFC on FX 3. “They want me to fight Georges St-Pierre and that’s who I want to fight as well so that’s what I’m gonna go with.”

If the match-up with the popular French-Canadian champion comes to fruition as planned the bout will go down in St-Pierre’s hometown of Montreal at UFC 154. The challenge of trying to take him out in such a raucous atmosphere might be intimidating to many but Condit sees it differently.

“That’s something I’ve done quite a few times and I wouldn’t be rattled by it,” he elaborated on the topic of fighting in enemy territory. “It’s just kind of motivation. You’re stepping into an enemy’s backyard and there’s nothing to lose.”

The “Natural Born Killer” also touched on the possibility of St-Pierre not being ready in time to fight before the end of 2012, again pointing to Martin Kampmann as the opponent he’d prefer to be paired with rather than any other adversary.

“He was my first loss in the UFC, my only loss…my only loss in the last six years or so,” said Condit, also showing some respect to another individual linked with a possible title-shot in the near future. “Not taking anything away from Johny Hendricks. He’s obviously a top contender, had some great wins recently, but it’s a more compelling fight. It’s a fight I would be absolutely motivated for if Georges isn’t ready.”

Presently it appears St-Pierre will be ready to take to the Octagon by November, and a bout between Hendricks-Kampmann has already been attached to the same card, so needless to say Condit has a tough fight ahead of him no matter how things unfold over the next 4-5 months.

A full version of the interview with Condit can be seen below:


  • Richard Stabone says:

    “Now it’s starting to seem like GSP may not be ready to fight in November.”

    Where the heck is this coming from? The GSP video that Carlos made reference to came out a few weeks ago, with GSP looking pretty damn strong on the leg/knee. And we’re still 5 months out from the proposed November title fight.

    Obviously nothing is guaranteed, and a setback could easily happen, not to mention an injury to Condit or any of the other contenders, as we’ve been reminded of all too often lately. But beyond blind speculation/negative thinking, I see no reason to think we won’t get to see GSP-Condit and Kampmann-Hendricks on a November card. After the devastating knee injury GSP endured, preventing the belt from being defended for much longer than we’d all like, that’s a pretty exciting prospect to look forward to with the real belt being defended to get the division back on track.

  • No doubt, but After Georges pulled out of the first Condit fight with an injury that IMO(and yes this is speculation) wasnt serious enough to pull him out of the fight in the first place, it was just the combination of a new opponent and a minor injury in a few weeks time, if he bows out again(regardless of how injured he is) than his title should be stripped and the replacement fight should be for the REAL title. Georges can fight for it upon his return. In my opinion this should’ve already happened. 18 months is too long to hold up the money division that is 170 regardless of how dominant a champion is.
    Of course none of this will matter once Carlos takes GSPs belt anyway…and all my hot headed hurry up and fight banter will have been for nothing. :)

  • MCM says:

    I was soooo close to giving you a thumbs up, until you said Carlos was gonna take GSP’s belt.
    You convinced me awhile ago that stripping the belt was the right move, but since they won’t…. I don’t see Carlos as being the guy to take it from GSP. So no thumbs for you. 😉

  • hindsightufuk says:

    if there was a definitive timeline for when GSP was likely to be back healthy then i can understand UFC brass allowing him to wait, but his injury has always been a wait and see how long/how he responds type deal. so Carlos should be made to fight in my opinion. a fight with either Hendricks or Kampmann makes sense and is ready and waiting, so make the play.
    Let Georges fight for the belt when he’s ready.

  • Angry Mike says:

    Condit is a very disciplined athlete, and he’s a serious threat to GSP, especially if GSP’s knee doesn’t come back 100%. Condit’s loss to Kampmann was a very close split decision, and Condit came back better than ever. He’s smart, and he has Greg Jackson in his corner, who’s a genius. I don’t think Condit ever ducked anybody in WEC, and I don’t think he’s ducked anybody in UFC, either. I don’t know why anybody would criticize him now.

  • Richard Stabone says:

    Condit hasn’t ducked anybody. If Condit had been forced to fight again before GSP’s return, the obvious matchup would have been Ellenberger. Given how Jake got dropped by Kampmann, is anyone really disappointed that fight didn’t happen? But let’s say Condit had been been forced to fight again rather than wait for GSP… let’s rewind time and try to piece things together…

    1) Condit is forced to fight again, to protect the sanctity of the fake interim belt. This would have meant Condit-Ellenberger 2, as a #1 contender fight.

    2) So now who would Kampmann have fought next? The Ellenberger matchup obviously wouldn’t be there under this hypothetical scenario, and without that victory (over Jake) Kampmann certainly wasn’t in a position to fight Hendricks.

    3) So who would Hendricks have fought next?

    4) I’d speculate that Koscheck would have made the most sense as the next opponent for one or the other… perhaps with Josh getting his wish for the immediate Hendricks rematch. For me, neither of thsoe matchups would represent an improvement over what’s actually played out.

    5) The only other plausible option I can think of is Rory. But as good as he is, and as great as we all think he’ll eventually be, he’s just not quite there yet to be in the top contender mix with these other guys.

    What else am I overlooking? I guess I just wish that in addition to the incessant complaining about the WW situation, people would deal in reality and lay out specific ideas of how things *actually* should have worked out. The whiney generalities about forcing Condit to fight again and/or stripping GSP as a way to make things better… well, it just doesn’t carry much weight for me. Why would things have been better if either of those things happened? Help me understand what I’m missing.

  • Richard Stabone says:

    Although I will say if the UFC were to strip GSP of his title, it would be interesting, just for the potential absurdity of the situation. Here’s what I mean…

    Condit already has the fake (interim) belt, by virtue of his decision victory over Nick Diaz.

    If GSP is stripped, that would mean George’s belt would be up in the air, with Carlos fighting either Hendricks or Kampmann for it.

    If Condit won that fight, he would then be holding the fake belt, plus the belt stripped from GSP. Or something. Maybe the belts become unified at that point. Sure, let’s go with that.

    So then once GSP returned, you’d have the guy who just unified the interim belt and the so-called real belt (that was stripped), squaring off against the guy who in virtually everyone’s mind is the champion of the division. That would be pretty neat. Hooray for belts.

  • MCM says:

    No no. Your way is so much better Richard. At least now we have a TRUE #1 contender, and that’s what we were all looking for right, the next rightful heir to the belt?
    And Condit deserves it over every other fight too. I mean, he’s on a 5 fight win streak. Sure the first two of those were highly contentious, but then he beat the devastating Dan Hardy, the undefeated Kim, and then……well, let’s just say he passed the test against Diaz. But 5 Fights! I mean who has done that?

    Well, I guess there was Ellenberger. But he didn’t go through the murders row Condit did. I mean all he had to beat was Mike Pyle (who?), some guy named John Howard who was only on a 7 fight streak at eh time, another one of those undefeated guys (like that’s so hard), oh, and Jake Shields and Diego Sanchez. But Sanchez and Shields are no Diaz and Hardy right?

    Hey but Ellenberger just got TKO’s by Kampmann, so we know what would have happened had Carlos had to fight Jake, right? I mean, it’s not like Ellenberger has the skills to have taken Condit to a decision, where a lot of people might think he won,…. that’s just fantasy land talk!

    No no, things have played out how they should. We have a true #1 contender that absolutely should wait out another 5 months in hope of getting a belt that won’t have been defended for a year and a half. Cause he’s the true #1 contender. It’s not like there’s some guy out there running through top 5 fighters (Hendricks), or some guy that actually holds a win over the #1 contender that has knocked off 3 top 10ers and, aside from poor judging, should be on a 7 fight win streak. At least there’s no one out there like that.

    No, as it stands now, we absolutely, positively, hands down know who deserves the next shot at the belt. Good thing things didn’t play out differently.

  • Richard Stabone says:

    During this whole WW fiasco there’s been a lot of second guessing, some of which is simply unfair. With the benefit of hindsight, it’s much easier to say, “Oh, welll since GSP isn’t defending the belt for 18 months he should be stripped.” If the UFC had employed Miss Cleo and had the foresight that GSP would be out so long, that probably would’ve been given much stronger consideration.

    But back to realityville, it wasn’t until the tail end of 2011 that it became clear GSP was dealing with a severe knee injury that was going to keep him out a while. By that point he’d already been out over half a year, and so stripping him at that point made less sense. I mean, strip one of the greatest champions of all time of his belt when he’s expected to be back within a year from that point in time?Seems pretty drastic to me, and I’m just not sure how that improves the state of the WW division.

    And back to all the rest of the top contender discussion, since the Diaz-Condit fight went down, there’s been no doubt who the #1 contender is – Carlos Condit. That’s not to say there’s a lot of separation between him & the other top guys, but at that point he clearly established himself as the #1 guy to fight GSP.

    If he had asked (or been forced) to take another fight, Ellenberger would’ve been the obviously choice. You make it sound as if I’m badmouthing Ellenberger. I’ve been a big believer in that dude; I picked him to beat Kampmann and the fight was playing out exactly as I expected it would…except that Kampmann didn’t go out like he was supposed to. Jake is a stud and would have been a very worthy opponent for Condit.

    The winner of that fight would have then been in position to fight GSP. That would have been reasonable.

    But now a guy like Kampmann and his impressive “should be” winning streak would be the odd man out. Who would he have fought after Alves, with Ellenberger not in the picture? And is that scenario somehow better than what has actually played out?

    I’m not suggesting there was only one way to handle this whole mess; what I am saying is I don’t see how it’s any worse than the alternatives. IMO it’s worked out better, all things considered.

    And without Kampmann’s huge win over Ellenberger to thrust himself back in the mix, he would not have made sense as an opponent for Hendricks. So who would you have matched up Hendricks with after the close decision win over Kos? And again, is that scenario somehow better than what we’ve got?

    Like I mentioned above, the most logical options I can think of would have involved Koscheck (blah) or forcing things by putting Rory in the mix about a fight or two too soon. Or maybe tossing the loser from the hypothetical Condit-Ellenberger fight right back into the mix? I dunno, I’m reaching but I can’t find a scenario that makes me think, “ah, that probably does make more sense and/or would have left the WW division in a better place.” To throw out other possibilities of what coulda been…fine. GSP’s injury issues certainly put a big strain on the division and opened things up for different types of scenarios. But the largely negative vibe attached to much of the internet chatter on this topic… that’s what I don’t understand, as if something was blatantly mishandled.

    Questions I’d still be curious about…

    1) *When* should GSP have been stripped, and what implications would that have had to make the division & its belt(s) in better shape than it was previously.

    2) If Condit & Ellenberger had fought early on once it was clear GSP was going to be out longer, who would Kampmann have fought after the Alves come-from-behind win? And why is that better than the upcoming Hendricks-Kampmann matchup?

    3) Who would Hendricks have fought after the narrow win over Kos? And why is that better than the upcoming Hendricks-Kampmann matchup?

    4) Is Nick Diaz stoned out of his mind reading these comments right now, muttering aloud “It’s whatever”…?

  • Richard Stabone says:

    In other (much shorter) words, I’m basically echoing Condits’ words about being tired of the (IMO) baseless criticism directed his way. Not that it’ll help anything, but at least he spoke up about it.


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