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Mauricio Rua preferred being cut to fighting Glover Teixeira

In one of the most mind-blowing morsels of information to surface in quite some time, it appears former UFC light heavyweight champ (and MMA legend in general) Mauricio “Shogun” Rua was so adamantly opposed to fighting Brazilian prospect Glover Teixeira in place of the injured Thiago Silva he told his bosses he’d rather be released from his contract than risk the loss.

Even more intriguing, instead of such a scintillating story coming from an anonymous source, this time around none other than UFC President Dana White revealed the information and did so publicly as well.

“He said he would rather be cut then fight him,” explained White after the conclusion of last night’s UFC on FX 3 lineup on the Fuel TV post-show.

While the outspoken executive didn’t go into detail as to Rua’s reasoning, he did make it clear it wasn’t a matter of Teixeira’s status as an unranked adversary, saying, “He didn’t mind fighting Brandon Vera, so he’s fighting Brandon Vera.”

“It is what it is,” White continued. “It’s one of those weird situations. I’ve never seen a guy at the level that ‘Shogun’ is at not want to fight a guy so bad.”

While Rua’s opposition to facing Teixeira may seem a little confusing given his past accomplishments in the sport, examining Teixeira’s record shows the type of threat he truly is. The 32-year old is 18-2 with sixteen stoppages and sixteen straight wins including those of Rameau Thierry Sokoudjou, Marvin Eastman, Ricco Rodriguez, and most recently Kyle Kingsbury in his Octagond ebut.

Rua-Vera will meet in the main event of UFC on FOX 4 in early August.


  • Lord Faust says:

    Makes me wonder what the Henderson fight took out of him. Plus the multiple surgeries.

  • MCM says:

    I’m not a fan of Shogun, but I’d be surprised if he actually said he’d rather leave the UFC than take a fight with Anyone. I can see younger fighters not wanting to take fights, cause they’re still building their careers, but Shogun is already a legend in the sport, win or lose doesn’t make as big a difference. Maybe it’s a personal thing and he knows Glover from way back, but I don’t believe for a second that Shogun is scared to fight the guy.

    ‘Course there’s always the chance that Dana lost something in translation, shocking as that is.

  • Brendhan Conlan says:

    He said the statement was verbatim from Rua’s camp as far as preferring to be cut over facing Teixeira.

  • MCM says:

    There’s gotta be more to this story. Now I’m intrigued.

  • Rece Rock says:

    Zuffa is desperate to build up any semi worthy LHW at this point… So if it means artificially creating a buzz for glover by making up some stuff they don’t care. They care about having a few future opponents for jones.

  • Richard Stabone says:

    Yeah, this whole thing doesn’t add up.

    I’m skeptical that Shogun *refused* to fight Glover just based on the matchup itself. (Let’s not forget this wasn’t the original booking.)

    And if he is refusing to take the fight, it’s not because he’s *scared* to fight Glover. I mean, c’mon.

    I have no idea what’s really going on but I’m also aware of the UFC spin machine, headed by the bald man himself. If it’s coming out of his mouth, have a large grain of salt handy.

  • Richard Stabone says:

    Once the original booking had to be scrapped, the UFC obviously contacted Shogun’s camp about agreeing to instead fight Glover. In a situation like this there would be the obligatory negotiation, and my hunch is still that the UFC feels the fighters should bow to their wishes without much, if any, second guessing. I feel like this is probably where this whole thing initially went off track.

    Whatever happened, the UFC claims Shogun would rather quit the UFC than fight Glover. So he must be scared or something.

    Crazy thing is, people actually buy the bullshit the UFC is selling!

  • Mad_Hatter_XX says:

    You don’t have to be “scared” to not want to fight someone.

    Rua is a legend and it would be a big risk to face a younger, possibly faster guy with KO power with little to gain by winning.

    If he wins then he was expected to and Glover wasn’t as good as he was supposed to be but, he still fought a legend so he doesn’t lose much if any standing.

    What if Rua gets caught early with a big punch? Then Glover just beat a legend and his stock goes way up and his checks get bigger and his next opponent is a bigger name. Rua loses to an up and comer and especially if it happens early or in dramatic fashion his stock goes way down and his next opponent won’t be a big name or of high caliber like he would like.

    It canbe a lose lose situation and the fight can be opposed strongly without anyone being “scared”.

    I think it is a bad business/career move for Rua to take the fight.

    I know Vera isn’t exactly a big name but, it’s a much safer fight. Vera is good but, he isn’t going around ringing up KO’s all over the place. Rua could lose and find himself in the same situation no matter what but, you have to play the odds which are very much in Rua’s favor.

  • Lord Faust says:

    Dana’s quote, even if it is verbatim, is still open to interpretation.

    Shogun has fought some scary people, for less money, in Japan (with no testing), so I have already crossed-out “scared” from my list of reasons.

    The fact Glover is unknown except to hardcores is a legit concern, but I am sure that in their discussions Dana could have explained that Glover has been working with Chuck Liddell and The Pit for ages — there’s enough meat on the bone to sell Glover as a real threat, especially with time to build up the fight.

    I still think problem number 2 could be solved with money.

    So, as it stands, I am not sure what is the source of Shogun’s reluctance. Maybe it’s a combination of things: time between now and the fight versus the quality of his opponent, old history from Brazil, mutual training partners, or a mix of all of the above….

    Either way, I’m still intrigued since Dana doesn’t normally expose a fighter like that, let alone someone who’s last bout was FOTY.

  • Richard Stabone says:

    Rua is a legend and it would be a big risk to face a younger, possibly faster guy with KO power with little to gain by winning.

    If he wins then he was expected to and Glover wasn’t as good as he was supposed to be but, he still fought a legend so he doesn’t lose much if any standing.

    Shogun is actually a couple years younger than Glover. It just doesn’t seem that way since Rua has so much mileage on his body.

    Anyway, I get what you’re saying but it doesn’t seem much different than the original matchup he agreeded to, against Thiago Silva, whose last official win happened 2.5 years ago. Not exactly a ton of upside with that type of pairing for Shogun either.

    Once Silva got injured, there was apparently some back-and-forth between the UFC and Shogun’s camp, with some level of reluctance/disagreement/whatever. When it comes to any type of negotiation, the UFC’s track record is basically, “we hold all the leverage and you should be appreciative of the opportunities we’re offering… or good luck going elsewhere.”

    I’m not saying that’s exactly how things went down in this case, as hopefully Shogun’s status in the sport has earned him some respect that the UFC would also respect & honor. In a situation like this, a fighter in Shogun’s position should absolutely have some say in who he fights in a short notice contingency type of scenario. So I’m just not buying the pared down version of events Dana has put out there… that Shogun was offered the Glover fight and was ready to quit instead of fight the guy. On a very basic level there might be some accuracy in that statement, but it’s clearly not the entire story and feels like another situation where Dana is playing the media game to spin things in a way that fits with his agenda.

    Maybe Shogun’s camp will eventually clarify with their version of how things played out, but I sort of don’t expect it cuz if it comes across as contradictory at all then Dana tends to get butt hurt and is the type of guy who is perfectly willing to hold a grudge. So probably best to just let this thing die, get ready for the fight against Vera, and hopefully this turns out to be a great fight that is somehow worthy of Main Event status.

  • Niv says:

    Well Shogun is my all-time favourite fighter and I do find this story very intruiging.

    I personally feel he must feel slighted by being given a match-up to a guy that only hard core fans would have a clue who he is.

    I think Rua himself felt that he arguably won the last fight, though I felt a draw would have been the appropriate decision. The guy who was given the decision was also given the title shot, and he needs a name that is far more recognized to keep himself in the title picture. Vera may actually be a step down from Teixeira or even Silva, but the name recognition is above that.

    I hope Shogun gets an impressive win and gets another title shot. I doubt he can return to his previous dominance before his injuries, but I would love to see a healthy Shogun in a title fight again.

  • MCM says:

    “He said he would rather be cut then fight him,” explained White …
    This is the thing I find most interesting.

    If he didn’t want to fight him cause of name value, why not just say “Glover who? Give me somebody real. Do you know who I am!”.
    If he didn’t want to fight cause he’s afraid he’d lose, then explain his last 26 fights where he had no problem taking on guys that he could lose to.

    That’s why I think this somehow goes way back and is personal. I don’t know if Glover saved his life and that’s why Shogun won’t fight him or if Glover took his sisters virginity and Shogun is afraid he’ll kill him. But to be willing to quit your job and leave the biggest org in the sport to avoid stepping in the cage against a guy is a lot deeper than “name value”.

  • Niv says:

    MCM you may be right, but I think it lies somewhere with him not wanting to risk a loss that takes him out of contention.

    This is a strange one to say the least as I truly don’t believe Shogun is scared of anyone, the list of past opponents speaks for itself.

    Shit the more I write, the more I think you are correct, disregard everything I’ve written, lol.

  • Richard Stabone says:

    Yeah, it could be something personal between Shogun and Glover (not necessarily of a negative nature). Who the heck knows.

    But again, the oversimplified explanation Dana has thrown out there, about Shogun being offered a fight and saying he’d rather quit than fight Glover is clearly leaving out some important details/context.

    Again, I have no idea what happened, but the UFC could have come in and tried to strongarm Shogun’s camp into taking the Glover fight without any questions asked. If Shogun’s camp expressed any reluctance and/or desire to negotiate it might have been met with a typically rigid response from the UFC, to the point where Shogun (or his camp) may have responded with something along the lines of “I’d rather quit the UFC than be forced to fight this guy.” Which Dana could easily spin as, “Well, we offered the fight and he refuses to take it!”

    I might be way off, but one way or another the truth of the matter lies somewhere in between and we may never really know what transpired during that window between Silva being injured and the eventual Vera matchup being booked. Shogun’s camp might as well stay quiet about the matter and move on; no reason to get on Dana’s bad side. He’s not exactly a reasonable man when it comes to these types of ordeals.

  • GOOD. In the end, Shogun has earned his stripes in the UFC and Glover hasnt. I dont care who he’s beaten elsewhere(let alone the fact that none of the names on the aforementioned list arent impressive in the slightest) but the fact remains he has only had one win in the octagon which was impressive, but the fact remains its one win on the biggest stage and to be thrown a bone like a shot at a former champion who just fought one of the greatest fights of all time(albeit and lost) is too generous. There are plenty of guys in the middle of the pack at 205 for Glover to beat up on(oddly enough one I would’ve picked wouldve been Vera) while the upper crust of the division is so thin with Jones smashing through everyone, why risk a top tier fighter for a promising upstart in the promotion? and before anyone starts lambasting me with Glovers accomplishments, let’s not forget that Soudkajou came in with a shit ton of hype and lived up to exactly none of it.


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