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Martin Kampmann-Johny Hendricks being targeted for UFC 154 in Montreal

Assuming UFC welterweight champ Georges St-Pierre continues progressing as planned where his recovery from knee surgery is concerned, he will fight interim title-holder Carlos Condit on November 17 in Montreal at UFC 154 as has been planned for months. However, it looks like a contingency plan has been put in place just to be safe with the UFC also booking a bout between Martin KampmannJohny Hendricks at the same show.

UFC President Dana White announced the company’s plan last night after UFC on FX 3 had concluded. Hendricks and Kampmann are both considered to be neck-and-neck for the top contendership spot, meaning their match-up will either determine a clear-cut challenger for the winner of GSP-Condit or provide a replacement if either champion goes down beforehand.

Kampmann is fresh off a second-round stoppage of Jake Ellenberger and has won his last three fights including a submission of Thiago Alves and outpointing of Rick Story. He holds an overall record of 20-5 with fifteen finishes to his credit.

Comparably, the 13-1 Hendricks has come out with his hand raised in a quartet of consecutive clashes such as those against Mike Pierce, Jon Fitch, and most recently Josh Koscheck.


  • Lord Faust says:

    Sounds good. I think Kampmann has earned some time off. Great wins, but he always gets beat up; I’d like to see him around for a long time, so November is about as early as I’d like to see this fight again.

  • Niv says:

    I have absolutely nothing against Hendricks but I really hope Kampmann wins this. I think Kampamnn has more than paid his dues and is deserving of a title shot.

    I don’t care if it’s against GSP or Condit, I just know win or lose this guy comes to fight.

  • This is a great fight that’s almost a shame to see one of these great contenders get knocked down the ladder. I like both these guys alot….wasnt always a fan of Martin but he’s grown on me recently due to his toughness in these last pair of victories and the class in which he handled himself after getting blatantly robbed against Diego. Hendricks certainly has the power advantage, but Kampmann is durable and has cardio for days….this should be taken off this PPV and added to headline a free fight night so it can go five!


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