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Martin Kampmann jokes about starting slow, already eyeing Johny Hendricks

UFC welterweight Martin Kampmann’s nickname is “The Hitman” based on his ability to take contracted targets out. However, after his last two fights some fans might feel as though the moniker stems from the number of times he gets hit before mounting a comeback to grab victory from the jaws of defeat.

A still-blooded Kampmann acknowledged the perception his recent outings may have created in a post-fight interview on Fuel TV, joking he could employ a new strategy for his next bout.

“Next time I gotta have Ray Sefo knock me out in the back and then when I wake up I’ll go out and be ready to fight,” said Kampmann, referring to one of his coaches before adding a serious note. “Same sh*t everytime…I’ve gotta get away from that habit. That’s a bad habit. That’s not a good move in the long run.”

Though Kampmann is hoping for a title-shot based on Friday night’s knockout of contender Jake Ellenberger he seems to understand the probability of receiving one isn’t high considering the state of the division. Champion Georges St-Pierre is currently rehabbing from injury and will be out until November, while interim king Carlos Condit has remained adamant in his desire to stay sidelined until GSP returns. That essentially leaves Kampmann and 13-1 Johny Hendricks at the top of the heap and possibly destined to duke it out later this year.

“Johny’s a tough guy. I used to train with Johny and I actually like Johny. He’s a good guy and he came out to Vegas. We trained and we hung out for awhile. He’s a good guy and I think we’re gonna put on a helluva fight,” explained Kampmann of the bearded brawler.

Hendricks has won his last four fights including success against Jon Fitch and Josh Koscheck, while Kampmann’s effort against Ellenberger was his third straight victory and fifteenth finish in twenty total triumphs.

The full interview with Kampmann can be viewed below:


  • Rece Rock says:

    If Johnny tags him the way jake did he won’t be coming back from it.

  • Big Stank says:

    I don’t know Rece I said the same thing about McFedries

  • MCM says:

    I still say his best move would have been to call out Condit. Title shots pay a lot more than #1 contender fights.

  • Richard Stabone says:

    Calling out Condit just wouldn’t make any sense.

    While I agree Condit and Kampmann are on a very similar level as fighters, Condit is riding a 5-fight winning streak while Kampmann is 3-2 in his last five. Yes, as we covered over the weekend, there were a lot of close/controversial decisions for both guys in those past 5 fights, but 5-0 beats 3-2, simple as that. Call it a tie-breaker.

    Also, Kampmann took a really heavy shot and got a bit busted up en route to picking up his win this past weekend. How soon could he realistically fight Condit? Maybe September? And that would mean GSP is then waiting around into 2013 to get back in the octagon. All the recent reports say he’ll be ready to go around November… which is already gonna be a long layoff. Why the heck would they want to delay his return to the cage even longer, to what would realistically be about 2 years by the time Kampmann & Condit fought.

    This is a no-brainer… Kampmann & Hendricks fight later this year, around the same time that GSP & Condit will be fighting for the title. And that sets things up nicely for the next matchup for GSP or Condit to defend the belt.

  • MCM says:

    He should have called out Condit cause it keeps his name at the top of peoples lists. As it stands, he’s close to 11 months out from getting a shot at whomever holds the belt. And he’ll have to go through Hendricks to get there. Alot can happen in 11 months and the WW landscape may completely change by then.
    By calling out Condit now, and continually calling him out over the next couple months, he’s gonna be the first guy that gets the call if something happens with GSP (or Condit) before November. Right now, people don’t know who is more deserving of the next shot, Hendricks or Martin. The guy that talks loudest is gonna get it. And the fact that Kampmann owns a win over Condit and just finished a guy Condit took to a SD, gives him the most talking points.
    Diaz talked his way into a title shot, Bisping talked his way into a #1 contenders shot, even Chael to extent talked his way into his shots. Jim Miller didn’t and got passed up, Munoz didn’t and got passed up, for a guy like Kampmann that finishes fights but doesn’t look dominating doing it, getting loud is the best way to not get passed up in the next year.
    I’m fine with Kampmann/Hendricks. I just think that it would have been a smart career move on Martins part to call out the current title holder.

  • Richard Stabone says:

    Eh, it’s true the squeaky wheel seems to get the grease in the UFC these days. But in this scenario, whether fighting Hendricks or Condit next, Kampmann isn’t any closer to a shot at GSP’s belt (nobody has ever given a crap about the interim belt, including Condit himself). Having Condit jump back in to fight someone other than GSP would only further delay the next defense of the *real* belt.

    I think your advice applies much better to a guy like Anthony Pettis. He could have played the waiting game after coming over for the WEC, to get his shot at the UFC title in a unification bout of sorts. But instead he took a fight against a tough opponent in Guida, lost a decision in which he absorbed little to no damage, then followed up with 2 straight victories since…and his reward has been to sit around & watch as the next two (at minimum) LW title fights are already booked. So Pettis should absolutely take your advice and be calling for (and getting) a #1 contender shot against Nate Diaz, but life aint always fair.

  • fanoftna33 says:

    Off topic but does anybody remember UFC 4 alumni Melton Bowen? he is in the news for a altercation with the Miami Cannibal, there has to be a story there, but I cant get any good info on it.

  • Richard Stabone says:

    In 2007, former heavyweight Melton Bowen encountered Rudy Eugene, who last week was gunned down by police after he savagely ate the face off homeless man Ronald Poppo. Bowen told 7News about the confrontation, saying it was over almost before it began after he knocked him out with one punch. He first met the Miami Cannibal at a flea market they were both working in in North Miami. Bowen said Eugene picked a fight with him over music and who knew more when they were working in side-by-side stores, not realizing who he had just picked a fight with. He said: ‘I’m not scared of no one. He took his shirt off and came at me saying “I’m going to kill you!” ‘What goes through my mind? I’m a fighter.’ It was then the boxer delivered a right hook to the man and knocked him out.

    So Bowen, who’s been hit in the head many times over the years, sees the story about fhe crazy cannibal dude, then recalls this incident that happened around 5 years ago, and makes a connection between the two…that probably isn’t an accurate connection, but who knows.

  • AlphaOmega says:

    Condit said on twitter that he’d fight Kampmann if GSP isn’t ready by Sept I think


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