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Martin Kampmann ready to “go in there and beat up Jake Ellenberger”

Tomorrow night Martin Kampmann will take to the cage for the first time in a fight-round fight when he faces Jake Ellenberger at the Ultimate Fighter 15 Finale. While some competitors might dread the notion of preparing for two extra frames, Kampmann actually appears excited for the additional time given his aversion to allowing scorecards to determine a winner.

“Five rounds (are) a lot more than three rounds. It’s ten more minutes to go at it, to get more bruised up and banged up, and two more rounds I have to get in shape for. I’ve been working hard and working my ass off to get ready to go in there and beat up Jake Ellenberger,” said Kampmann in an interview with the UFC’s website.

“They’re not going to see a judges’ decision because I’m going to finish this fight,” Kampmann continued. “They’re going to see Jake Ellenberger get beat up and get finished. I’m beating up Jake Ellenberger and I’m fighting for the title because that’s my goal.”

Kampmann’s dislike of decisions developed over the past few years after coming up short against Jake Shields and Diego Sanchez in a pair of bouts many pundits felt he deserved a nod in. Though the 30-year old Dane undoubtedly understands the difficulty in putting Ellenberger away, only having been finished a single time in 32 professional fights and the loss coming five years ago, he’s still confident in his ability to complete the task no matter how much he respects his adversary’s abilities.

“He’s got heavy hands and good wrestling, but he’s definitely beatable and I’m going to beat him June 1st.”

The winner of Kampmann-Ellenberger is likely in line for a title-shot with a victory though the welterweight division is currently in the midst of a logjam with champion Georges St-Pierre out until November while recovering from an injury and interim title-holder Carlos Condit playing it safe and staying sidelined instead of risking his shot at winning GSP’s gold. Kampmann is coming off back-to-back wins over Rick Story/Thiago Alves while “The Juggernaut” has emerged with his hand raised in six straight.


  • fanoftna33 says:

    I think Kampmann wins here but it will be tough for the first half of the fight when Jake is at his best, by late third round Martin should be controlling the action and finish him in the fourth.

  • Rece Rock says:

    Not too confident in Kampmann after his last showing… I’ll take Jake for the W.

  • MCM says:

    Big fan of both of these fighters, so it kinda sucks to see one of the lose. I still can’t pick a winner. Jake has extremely heavy hands and can put anyone’s lights out, and Martin gets hit quite a bit in his fights. But Kampmann if far and away the more technical striker and even though he got lit up by Alves, Jake is not Alves.
    Will Jake’s wrestling be able to handle Kampmann’s submissions? Will Martins chin stand up to Jake’s power? (Shields chin hadn’t been cracked in 11 years and all of Martins legitimate losses were by TKO.)
    Can Jake go three hard rounds (much less 5)? Where as we know Martin is dangerous for 15 minutes and most likely 25.
    Tough fight to call, if it ends in the 1 or 2nd round, I’m gonna say Ellenberger by TKO. If it goes past the second, Kampmann by submission. Neither of these guys like the judges.

  • Lord Faust says:

    I’ll take Kampmann. I think you guys have covered all the angles; should be a good fight unless someone screws up and gets finished early.


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