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Frank Mir: “Dos Santos is the champ for a reason.”

Last night former heavyweight champion Frank Mir learned the same painful lesson Cain Velasquez, Shane Carwin, Fabricio Werdum, and others came away with after spending some time in the cage with Junior dos Santos – his striking is the real deal. While Mir entered the fight thinking he was prepared for much of what Dos Santos had to offer while standing he quickly found himself overwhelmed based on the Brazilian’s technical prowess.

“His hand speed wasn’t really what surprised me as much as his foot speed. His ability to get in and out, he got to pick when he wanted to throw and I was basically trying to counterfight with him afterwards,” admitted the 16-6 Mir in a post-fight interview with Fuel TV. “The few times I tried to get in there and engage and decide to fight on my terms he was able to move out of the way. And that’s one thing I probably didn’t prepare well enough for.”

While many in Mir’s shoes might have had a hard time dissecting what went wrong after losing such a significant scrap the 33-year old was actually in good spirits, feeling as though he gave all he had and referring to his family as the truly important thing in his life.

“I leave with a smile knowing I put up a good fight against one of the best guys in the world,” said a reflective Mir. “Dos Santos is the champ for a reason.”

Check out the full interview below:


  • Mad_Hatter_XX says:

    Have to admire his honesty instead of making stupid excuses. He got beat, he knew it and tried his best which wasn’t good enough.

    He knows he has nothing to be ashamed of with his performance.

  • Rece Rock says:

    Well no sub but atleast he made it to rd2…

  • MCM says:

    I read this on another forum where someone posted that Mir is too cerebral in his striking. That’s why he gets tagged so much. Where as his grappling is second nature and instinctual, which is why he’s so dangerous even when rocked.
    Although his striking is much improved,

  • MCM says:


    although his striking is much improved, he needs to get to the point where he doesn’t have to think about what his next move is or what his opponents next move will be. Or focus on having serviceable striking and work on getting takedowns.

  • Mad_Hatter_XX says:

    He over thinks everything. Coming in at 260 was a bad move against the lighter, quicker JDS.

    He said he bulked up to stand with the big guys in the division but, he was fighting a mid sized HW.

    JDS doesn’t need to be 265 to put you to sleep. I think Frank looks much better at around 240 which I suspect is a more natural weight for him. Allows him to be quicker, still don’t think it would have mattered much but, maybe he could have gotten out of the way from a few more shots.

  • hindsightufuk says:

    i think Dos Santos is champ because the elite level of the heavyweights is till very shallow. i’m not sold on Dos Santos being the best heavyweight fighter ever, just here at the right time.
    the HW division is getting stronger but it just showed last night that there isnt enough guys to challenge for the title. its certainly a lot more enteftaining to watch nowadays though.

  • jeref says:

    Since no one else mentioned it, maybe it’s just me … but did it look like the body blows threw Mir off his game more than anything else? It looked like he wanted to drop his guard every time he got popped in the gut, and a few almost bent him over.

    I don’t think the JDS/Cain rematch will end any differently than the first … just a later round. IF the Reem tests clean, he has a decent chance of beating JDS … if he can land a few knees before JDS finds his chin. After that ??? Jon Jones moves up to face him?

  • Lord Faust says:

    Mir looked a little doughey, and I’m sure JDS throws mean body punches. I didn’t notice them particularly since JDS was hitting Mir’s face pretty frequently too. I do recall one shot that folded him a little bit.

  • AlphaOmega says:

    I agree with hindsight when Brock on the belt people were saying that they didn’t think anyone could beat him, except mir, and then he destroyed mir and everyone was saying Brock can’t be beat. Then Cain did it and everyone started saying that Cain was the greatest heavyweight and was the future of heavyweights and they didn’t see anyone beating him..and he lost. And now everyone’s saying it about JDS

  • Lord Faust says:

    I blame the texter in the UFC ad. WHO CAN BEAT THIS GUY???

  • AlphaOmega says:

    Ya that to Faust, that annoyed me. It’s like really he’s the best cuz he fought for what 70 secs?

  • JabCrossHook says:

    AlphaOmega: I see your point on what everyone was saying but JDS is one of the few HWs to actually defend the belt and doing it through dominating finishes. He hasn’t looked bad in any of his fights, I don’t think he lost a round since the CC fight (first 2 rounds were pretty close). While Brock did defend the belt he was fast tracked and pretty much almost got TKO’d against Carwin, and lucked out that Carwin went wild instead of picking his shots and conserving energy. JDS has been dominant in the fight against Cain for the belt and his first defense against Mir.

    After I saw JDS get up in a split second after Gonzaga took him down by surprise I knew he was going to be champ some day. The fact that Kongo dropped Cain twice with single punches made me question Cain’s chin and his ability to hold on to the HW title.

    JDS has shown that he has a great chin, he took a few good right hands from Carwin and shrugged them off like nothing happened.

    Hindsight: There are a good amount of HWs that would pose interesting match ups for the title. The obvious Cain rematch is not a good example because I think it will go the same way. I’m most interested in seeing JDS go up against Overeem (if he tests clean), also Cormier is worth mentioning because SF is owned by Zuffa and after winning the GP there’s not much left for DC. Josh Barnett and a Werdum rematch are also would be fun to watch. Werdum has shown much improved striking especially with his clinch game, would be interesting to see him try to go the Randy Couture path and neutralize Junior’s striking through dirty boxing and thai clinch knees. Another potential contender is Travis Browne, he’s been looking great lately and if he develops his striking he is definitely a big strong athletic HW with lots of power.

  • Lord Faust says:

    The HW division is thin, relatively speaking. It’s hard to find guys that big, who will accept getting punched in the face to make a living — that’s even before you get into their actual talent.

    JDS is the kind of a very small mountain, but is king nonetheless. So far, no one has threatened him; the best his opponents have done is act like a meat-filled heavy bag for JDS to work on his combinations.

    Unbeatable? No. I think Alistair Overeem has a very legitimate shot at beating JDS; he’s definitely the only striker in the division who — on paper anyway — looks to be able to hang with him. (I’d actually give Barry the nod here, but he’s on the verge of being cut, not challenging for the title. And, though he’s got the stand-up skills to play the technical striking game with JDS, the reach advantage would kill him.)

    I’ll take JDS in the rematch with Cain, and Overeem to play spoiler whenever he and JDS get into the cage together.

    Mir wasn’t so much an unworthy challenger as JDS’ style is Mir’s poison.

  • AlphaOmega says:

    I’m not saying JDS isn’t good by any means, he’s very good. But the best in all of MMA? I’d like to reserve judgement there, everyone has their kryptonite, Penn its GSP and Frankie Edgar, Nog its Mir, someone always has someone else’s number.

  • Lord Faust says:

    Indeed. In order to beat JDS, either it will take a wrestler of DC’s caliber, or someone with a striking resumé like Overeem. So far JDS has shown good takedown defence and his striking is, well, lethal.

  • Richard Stabone says:

    If all this chatter is any indication, Cain will be one of the best value bets of the year when the rematch rolls around.

    Look, the first Cain-JDS fight shouldn’t have even happened (on the original date), as neither guy was healthy. Cain was already gonna be dealing with over a year layoff coming off shoulder surgery, but then on top of it had a knee injury that Rogan reported he had received cortisone shot(s) for leading up to the fight. Cain weighed in the heaviest he ever has in his career (he was back down to 240 this past weekend).

    But the way everything had been building up… the huge announcement of the FOX mega-deal, followed by lots & lots of hype & TV ads drumming up the inaugural event, built solely around the can’t-miss super fight for the HW title… there was just no Plan B whatsoever. The UFC already had all its chips in the middle of the table, so that fight was gonna go down unless either guy was completely immobilized.

    So anyway, I’m convinced that under any sort of normal circumstances the fight would have been postponed. But things seem to have worked out OK for both guys, and we’ll get to see the rematch soon enough. If the betting money is tilted towards JDS like I’d expect based on all the JDS talk, I’ll be eagerly getting my $$ in on Cain. Obviously JDS is a really, really good fighter, but a healthy Cain is a freakin monster & the best HW on the planet IMO.

  • Lord Faust says:

    Aside from Cormier, I think Cain is the only heavyweight with a hope of getting JDS to the ground. So far he’s shown good takedown defence, albeit against guys who aren’t primarily known for their wrestling.

    Provided it’s not another flash KO, I think it will be a good fight and tell us a lot about both guys.

    Match-ups aside, Cain is a monster.

  • MCM says:

    How is Cain the best HW on the planet? I’m asking cause I really don’t get the hype this guy gets. His most impressive performance to date was this past weekend and even then he still couldn’t put Bigfoot away (he barely rocked him). If it wasn’t for all the blood and the fact that it was in Bigfoots eyes, I think the fight would have been a lot more competitive since Bigfoot has a very good ground game.
    I’m not saying Cain is a bad fighter, and he definitely deserves his top 10 ranking (maybe top 5), but I think he’s beatable by several current fighters. I don’t think JDS is unbeatable either, but I don’t see anything in Cain’s arsenal that JDS hasn’t delt with before and that would pose much of a problem for him.

  • Richard Stabone says:

    I know it’s easy to make excuses in the fight game, and it’s not the first time I’ve done it here in the 5oz comments, but I view the first Cain-JDS fight as a fluke. Coming off major surgery, having not fought in over a year, and dealing with another injury on top of that that contributed to weighing in the heaviest he has in his entire career (despite being well regarded as a gym rat/workout warrior)… how does he not get the benefit of the doubt there? Regardless of who anyone thinks will win the rematch, I think the rematch is absolutely warranted given the circumstances.

    And sandwiched around the JDS fight, Cain absolutely manhandled Nog, Brock & Bigfoot. No hype needed to recognize that he gave each of those guys the most lopsided defeats of their respective careers. Not impressive? C’mon mang.

    Also, people often point to the Kongo fight, focusing on the fact he got touched up pretty good with some big shots from Kongo, but he absorbed the damage and hardly slowed down while delivering a beatdown for the full 3 rounds. That was a 30-27 fight for Cain, which to me showed his chin/cardio to be excellent. And the JDS shot behind the ear that put him down makes Cain’s “chin” just as weak as GSP’s chin the night Serra took him out. In other words, totally irrelevant.

    Finally, the comment about him being the best HW on the planet is simply my opinion. The rankings obviously have to list JDS at the top, and he’s earned that to an extent (I think Cain’s and JDS’ resumes are equally impressive/equally short). But I find rankings in general to be a bit silly, particularly in the HW division, and I believe Cain will again hold the belt by year’s end.

  • Richard Stabone says:

    And JDS has not faced anyone similar to Cain (other than the injured/overweight Cain in the first fight). The closest thing would be 36 yr old Carwin who was coming off neck surgery and would not fight again after the JDS fight due to back surgery.


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