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Dana White considering another season of TUF featuring UFC veterans

Out of fifteen versions of the Ultimate Fighter only a few truly stand out. One of those is unquestionably TUF 4: The Comeback where a group of UFC veterans were given a second shot at redemption inside the Octagon with each divisional winner earning a title-shot in the process. The season re-introduced the public to fighters like Chris Lytle, Jorge Rivera, Patrick Cote, and Matt Serra (who ultimately went on to defeat Georges St-Pierre to become champion in the opportunity he’d earned on TUF).

With ratings dipping down with the reality show’s transition to Fridays on FX it seems the UFC is weighing the possibility of doing another “comeback” season in hopes of sparking some more interest by using established athletes.

People keep asking me about the comeback. It was a great season, and the craziest part of that whole season is Matt Serra wins it and actually wins the title; it was crazy. The answer is yeah, we’re looking to do a lot of different stuff now with (TUF 15) and that would be a fun one,” said UFC President Dana White in an interview with Fuel TV after this past weekend’s UFC on FOX 3 event.

Currently Urijah Faber and Dominick Cruz are coaching against each other on TUF 15. The show’s finale is scheduled for June 1 with the next season likely planned for a September start-date.


  • MCM says:

    Oh Hell Ya!
    I wanna see either MW or LHW if they do this. And put Bonnar/Giffen as coaches. That’s ratings gold right there.

  • Lord Faust says:

    I am totally down for this. Without trying to sound like fighter bashing, the last couple TUF rosters have been pretty underwhelming. Bringing in some veterans will definitely rejuvenate the cynics like me, who keep watching TUF because we’re MMA addicts, and provide higher caliber fights to attract the casuals.

    I also like the Griffin / Bonnar coach idea. As long as Forrest doesn’t look terrible against Tito, I think that’s your best bet for coaches. Definitely ups the nostalgia factor for the show.

  • trupert says:

    Ok Mr. White here is your cast and roster for the UFC TUF HW comeback season.
    Maybe the coaches would be 2 guys that got cut and came back like Gonzaga and Werdum?
    16 heavyweight fighter roster: Tim Sylvia, Andre Arlovski, John Madsen, Jeff Monson, Eddie Sanchez, Paul Buentello, Carmelo Marrero, Abe Wagner, Seth Petruzelli, Tim Hague, Todd Duffee, Ricco Rodriguez, Pedro Rizzo, Justin McCulley, Chris Tuchscherer and Sean Mccorkie
    Maybe have Darrell Schnoover, Chase Gormley and James McSweeney as alternates since there is no doubt, one of the above 16 will get hurt. Christian Morecraft, Pat Barry and/or Rob Broughton are (or will soon be) cut so add them to the alternates so this could be their chance to get right back in the UFC.
    Maybe have a mini-tourney to fight to get into the house for the last spot between the ‘way too old’ but never seem to go away guys like Frye, Severn, Randleman, Mark Coleman, Ken Shamrock and Maurice Smith. 1) Some of these guys fight/fought at LHW but could make HW 2) Obviously not all these guys would want to fight but we only need 4 to get a mini-tourney 3) Give the winner the 16th spot and runner-up a spot on the alternate list 5) Finally, this would be interesting to watch because we might see our first fatality in the UFC ring! :o)
    If the 2 fighters left are from different teams, instead of them fighting each other for the final for the contract, maybe have them fight the opposing coach for the finale. Looking at the roster, I don’t think any are worthy of a title shot like last time!

  • Mad_Hatter_XX says:

    Please god no! Veterans, yes. Washed up heavyweights, please please no! I don’t have a roster in mind but, a bunch of out of shape forty year old HWs gassing out in 3 minutes I can do without.

    A lighter weight class where you have to be in shape to make weight would be better than a bunch of guys struggling to make 265.

  • Lord Faust says:

    Yeah, the veteran HW crop is a recipe for disaster.

  • stone says:

    WW or MW for sure….

  • trupert says:

    You do have a point. Lighter weight classes and younger contestants would make for better MMA….but, if Zuffa wanted to give the real TUF show a ‘breather’ and have one season of the comic relief that would be a bunch of washed up too heavy heavyweights it would 1) provide minimal high quality MMA but much comedy 2) give people a chance to miss/appreciate what we have here with TUF. A lot of people complain about TUF and say they should do away with it etc. because it is not fresh or good but I think it is great and essential. So why not employ the “You don’t know what you got till it’s gone” plan and in the meantime see what cooks up with this recipe for disaster. Then bring back a serious season of TUF.

  • Louie says:

    They might not have to use UFC rejects if the prize is sweet enough. They could definitely use current young talent if the prize was a bunch of cash or an immediate title shot. I’m sure the majority of the roster would complete if the prize was $250k and a shot at the belt.

  • MCM says:

    Just off the top of my head, here’s a list of several fighters in the LHW division I can think of.

    Renato Sobral
    David Heath
    Travis Wiuff
    Jason Lambert
    Sam Hoger
    Houston Alexander
    James Irving
    Razak Al-Hassan
    Michael Patt
    Mike Nichols

    Now some of those guys have losses to Bonnar or Griffen, but they’d still make for an entertaining show.

  • hindsightufuk says:

    series 4 is hands down my favorite season of TUF, i’d love to see them do it again

  • AlphaOmega says:

    Wait why is Barry about to be cut?

  • Kamakosmo says:

    Barry has lost 3 of his lat 4…4 out of his last 6….

    He may not be cut tomorrow..but he is most certainly on the ‘Win or your out’ list.

  • Rece Rock says:

    I liek the idea of another comeback/ veteran season… but definately not the HWs.

  • AlphaOmega says:

    You know if they did a comeback HW show, someone would have to suggest they invite Kimbo out of boxing to come back, and since the episode with his fight on it was one of the highest watched episodes, they’d do it probably. I know he’s basically faded into obscurity now, just saying someone would point it out.


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