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Nate Diaz passes on Anthony Pettis, will wait for a title-shot

A little more than a year ago UFC lightweight Anthony Pettis was in position to challenge for the divisional strap. However, then-champion Frankie Edgar was booked in a rematch with Gray Maynard after the two fought to a Draw, forcing Pettis to choose between a period of inactivity or risking his go at the gold. “Showtime” bravely went with the latter, though his gamble ultimately backfired after he lost a decision to Clay Guida and saw his title-shot go up in smoke.

Last night Nate Diaz found himself under similar circumstances in the aftermath of beating Jim Miller at UFC on FOX 3. Shortly after his triumph the 27-year old was presented with two options– face Pettis in September or sit on the sidelines for nine months, twiddling his thumbs while Edgar and current champ Benson Henderson settle their score this fall before getting a crack at the winner.

Apparently it didn’t take long for the Californian to make his decision.

“I literally just talked to Nate Diaz. (He) is going to wait to take the title-shot,” said UFC President Dana White in an interview with Fuel TV after last night’s FOX event.

Diaz’s performance against Miller marked his third straight win since returning to lightweight after a run at 170 pounds, adding to other instances of success against Takanori Gomi and Donald Cerrone. He holds an overall record of 16-7 with fourteen finishes.

“We’ll figure it out,” White added when asked about how the organization would handle the 15-2 Pettis’ future. Pettis has come out victorious in back-to-back fights since the Guida loss, most recently knocking Joe Lauzon out in February at UFC 144.

Watch the full interview with White below where he discusses Diaz’s evolution as a fighter as well as the other main card clashes at UFC on FOX 3:


  • AlphaOmega says:

    I’m curious though if Edgar wins, if Henderson will make a big deal about how Edgar got an instant rematch and so should he, if that happens Diaz’ll most likely wait longer then 9 months

  • Big Stank says:

    Nate has said in the past he didn’t want to fight Frankie bc he has trained with him

  • Niv says:

    Can you imagine a scenario where both Diaz brother’s are on the same card in a title fight? That would be very worthy of a huge venue like Texas Stadium or the Skydome, the timing may actually be right.

    Of course a lot of things have to happen for Nick to get into his position and that makes my little scenario very unlikely, but a delicious thought just the same.

  • Makington says:

    They’d probably still corner eachother too in both fights

  • Yourdaddydevilandlord says:

    The friend thing, screw that, you compete all day every day in the gym, you can’t do the same thing in the spirit of competition? It is a brutal competition, but they chose this and beat the hell outta eachother in training. I think Nate and Frankie could compete as professionals, they will just fake it for the cameras to sell ppv. Rashad didn’t have a problem with fighting Mike Whitehead on TUF, even after chumming it up, and being a douchebag, then he couldn’t fight anyone he ever met. War Jonny Bones Jones!!

  • Yourdaddydevilandlord says:

    Oh, how about a card with Nate vs Edgar/Henderson, Nick vs BJ II (It was closer than you may remember, plus getting BJ back) Gilbert Melendez/Gray Maynard, Jake Shields vs….oh, Franklin, Bisping, at 185, Koscheck, whomever at 175, then Cesar Gracie vs Ken Shamrock, hahahaha!

  • Yourdaddy and devil lord: No it wasnt…BJ mightve won the first round due to a takedown where Nick matched his grappling and then Nick bludgeoned him for two straight rounds where BJ landed less than half the strikes Nick did and failed at all takedowns….no need for a rematch, BJ got schooled better in that fight than he did the second time he took on Edgar.

    Now as for the topic at hand, good. Pettis got a close split decision over Stephens and then knocked out an inconsistent fighter in Lauzon….let Pettis get the winner of Maynard vs. Guida, or Cerrone and Stephens…I know that makes for two possible rematches, but they were both close fights and Pettis really needs to prove he belongs in the opper echelon consistently, vs. basing his contendership off one fight and one kick that happened damn near two years ago.

    I like Pettis, but come on Nate has bashed his way up the ranks and has finished Gomi(ok not THAT impressive) beat the hell out of Cerrone(much more impressive) and finished Jim Miller( something the current LW champion, the former LW champion and a former no 1 contender couldnt pull off) all of that means much more than a split decision and one impressive KO.

    I really think the time at 170 against bigger stronger guys really helped Nate…I expected Miller to land solid takedowns and get caught late, not get destroyed for two rounds and choked out. Nate has come into his own and he’ll be a top contender if not a champion for many years to come!

  • Mad_Hatter_XX says:

    Smart move by Diaz. No reason not to wait. He wasn’t visibly injured so nine months to train hard and work on all aspects of his game and be able to study both fighters you might have to face is a big advantage.

    I would favor Diaz a bit more against Edgar than Henderson but, I would still pick him to beat either man. I doubt the issue with him training with Edgar would be a huge issue. He obviously had a lot of respect for Miller but, didn’t stop him from kicking his ass for two rounds.

    Diaz boys live to fight and I highly doubt either would turn down a title fight due to personal respect. You can respect someone and still want to best them in a fight. Nick spoke of his respect for BJ but, he still put a sound beating on him.

  • Rece Rock says:

    They really need to start shipping LWs to SF… even if it’s one fight deals. Gotta keep these guys busy… Really how many possible contenders are there right now at LW?!?


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