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Rory MacDonald: “I’m gonna be champion, there’s no doubt. It’s about when.”

UFC welterweight Rory MacDonald may look his age but the 22-year old Canadian approaches his chosen profession with the wisdom of a much older individual. Shortly after finishing Che Mills in convincing fashion on Saturday night at UFC 145 “Ares” was asked how he felt about his performance, and rather than revel in his domination he referred to the mistakes he made.

“I’m very happy that I won,” began MacDonald in an interview with Fuel TV before picking apart his effort. “I made some technical errors that I need to look back (at) and fix. But I’m happy with it because I can improve as a fighter that way. I backed up against the cage, I let him close the distance on me instead of keeping my distance, I didn’t use my fakes and set-ups properly…but that’s gonna come with experience.”

Clearly a perfectionist, MacDonald is also dead set on avenging the lone blemish Carlos Condit put on his record with a last-second TKO stoppage a little less than two years ago. Though he understands Condit is currently busy, likely fighting divisional champion Georges St. Pierre in November, MacDonald has no problem waiting as long as he eventually gets another crack at him.

“I want my rematch with Carlos soon. Hopefully Georges beats him and I get my shot,” said MacDonald of what’s on his agenda. “Besides that, just keep fighting, getting experience…I don’t care who.”

As long as the “who” isn’t mentor/teammate St. Pierre, that is, creating a match-up MacDonald is not willing to entertain. Of course, with years to go before entering his prime the 13-1 fighter seemingly has plenty of time left to eventually win UFC gold.

“Of course I’m gonna be champion, there’s no doubt. It’s about when,” MacDonald concluded.

The full interview with MacDonald can be found below:


  • Rece Rock says:

    He should get to fight Condit… first go round he had him beat and fucked up… this time it would be a done deal.

  • Oh I doubt that. Lets not forget, he grinded on carlos and then got his face broken to end the fight. I think Rory is bad and a feature champ, but if everyone is so high up on him, its really time he starts fighting some top tier Welterweights again. All Rory really did was hold carlos down and get elbowed for three rounds until he got swept and put away. His victory over Diaz was pretty spectacular but that’s the only decent opponent he’s had since Condit. So maybe we should see him get the winner of Kos vs. Hendricks and find out where this kid really stands.

  • MCM says:

    Gonna agree and disagree with you superdave. You and I have hashed out all the stuff surrounding Codits “wins” over Ellenberger and Rory, so I’ll let that go, but I agree that he needs to start fighting some top guys. Pyle was also on a nice streak when they fought, but I’d like to see how Rory handles some of the top wrestlers at WW. Win or lose, I say give him Kos and see what he’s got.


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