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Jon Jones: “I’m not happy that I got hit so hard.”

After this past weekend’s performance against Rashad Evans at UFC 145, light heavyweight champion Jon Jones had plenty on his plate worth celebrating. The dynamic 24-year old picked up his seventh straight win since suffering a disqualification loss, including four straight against former UFC champions, and emerged victorious in a bout where the personal stakes were as high as the professional ones.

While the 16-1 Jones certainly felt some level of satisfaction in his showing against Evans, only moments removed from his success inside the Octagon the 205-pound king was busy analyzing his effort and looking for areas to improve in.

“It wasn’t necessarily about doing things I didn’t do when we were training (together),” explained a semi-satisfied Jones in an interview from the locker room with UFC cameras. “I just knew that I had grown a lot. I grew a lot. My game’s a lot different than it used to be. I just thought if I went out there, played the game the way I like to play it, be very versatile, that I would be okay.”

“But, he caught me a few good times. The guy hits hard, so can’t be doing that,” Jones continued, switching gears. “I try not to get hit in practice at all and I definitely don’t want to be taking big hits like that. Those things will slow your career down and I’m very young, I have a long time to go, so I’m not happy that I got hit so hard. But it was a learning experience for sure.”

Jones also mentioned he was glad to have finally experienced a full five-round fight as a means of gauging his cardio, though he didn’t necessarily seem sure how to react to the result.

“It was my first five-round fight and it felt like my cardio wasn’t an issue. Maybe it was an issue, I don’t know.”

Watch out the full interview with Jones below:


  • MMA-LOGIC says:

    This guy is cocky?

  • Rece Rock says:

    He surely wont like getting hit by Hendo then…..
    I doubt Hendo is getting the win but I think it will be a decent fight with a couple of close calls for Jones.

  • Mad_Hatter_XX says:

    Cocky gets tossed around a lot but, cocky would be saying the hits weren’t hard and he didn’t feel them or something like that. He admitted to the hits being hard and being knocked back.

    Jones is a perfectionist. He micro analyzes every aspect of his performance. It is not to take anything away from his opponent it is to improve himself to the point of perfection.

    This is a common trait of many great pro athletes. This is same trait that caused Tiger Woods to say he didn’t bring his “A” game when he was clearly better than everyone else that day. It is an internal voice saying you can do better, did you see that sall mistake you made?

    Us mere mortals may see it as cocky because honestly we could only dream to have such small imperfections to work on to be a phenomenal athlete. Jones wants perfection and until he achieves that he will always find flaws with what he does.

    Unless we see a fight where he doesn’t get hit at all and everything he throws lands hard the perfection won’t be achieved and even then he would likely have self criticism.

  • fanoftna33 says:

    Cocky was Rashad telling Machida he hits like a girl just before he got ktfo. Jones saying this doesent sound cocky to me just saying how he felt .


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