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Michael Bisping: “If I had Chael over five rounds, I’d definitely beat him.”

UFC middleweight Michael Bisping hasn’t forgotten how close his match-up with top contender Chael Sonnen was when the two met in January. The fight earned Sonnen a shot at champion Anderson Silva this summer, but many felt Bisping actually deserved the judges’ decision (and title-shot) based on his overall performance against the polarizing grappler.

Though the 33-year old Brit has other things to focus on at the moment – mainly a bout with Tim Boetsch at UFC 148 – Bisping expects to earn a shot at redemption in the near future with the added bonus of a divisional belt being on the line.

“I think Chael will out-wrestle Anderson and beat him this time, and then I’ll get the rematch with Chael considering how close our fight was,” said Bisping in an interview with Your MMA Magazine. Silva-Sonnen’s rematch is scheduled for June and revisits a rivalry seeing Sonnen nearly outpoint Silva in 2010 before being submitted in the final two minutes of action.

If/when Bisping does indeed lock horns with Sonnen a second time he sees things going quite differently, especially within the parameters of a title-fight.

“If I had Chael over five rounds, I’d definitely beat him,” explained Bisping. “In that last fight, I’d have stopped him in the fourth for sure. He was spent after trying to submit me in that third round. Towards the end of that round I was raining down shots on him.”

While Sonnen would undoubtedly disagree with his peer’s extreme confidence in terms of procuring a victory, chances are he’s on board with being wary of the inherent danger in getting hit by “The Count”, paying Bisping a slew of compliments after their bout.


  • Rece Rock says:

    I think he is wrong about Sonnen beating Silva… BUT I hope Bisping does get to rematch Sonnen. That was a close fight… and I imagine he is right about being able to beat Sonnen in 5.

  • Lord Faust says:

    Bisping’s only shot at winning the title, IMO, is if things play out like he says. Anderson would eat Bisping alive on the feet.

    Like Rece, though, I don’t see Sonnen winning the rematch. In fact, I think it would be impressive if Sonnen looks even remotely competitive.

  • Hohlraum says:

    That didn’t look like Sonnen in there. Something else was going on.

  • MMA-LOGIC says:

    Sonnen will beat Silva. Only chance Silva has is sub off his back and I think that will be even more difficult than last time. Sonnen via unanimous dec and same against Bisping if they rematch.

  • Lord Faust says:

    Silva has several ways to win the fight, Sonnen is the one with a single route to victory — surviving 25 minutes. It’s possible, but that’s a lot of time for Silva to catch him with a knee when he shoots in, or sub him, as many others have done before.

  • Logic that is hands down the dumbest thing ever said on this site. Anderson always has more ways to win than anyone in the octagon…hence that continuing record streak he holds.

  • THEGUNNER says:

    Sonnen will look like a clown the second time around. With normal levels of testoserone sonnens just a gate keeper until silva retires.

  • MMA-LOGIC says:

    The dumbest thing youve heard? Yes A.Silva has a winning run against such top quality as Leben, Leites, Maia, Lutter, Cote etc but if I recall his TD defence against wrestlers sux. Hendo took him down easily with his first attempt, Sonnen took him down at will and both men held him there with ease. Sonnen got caught with a sub late in the fith after dominating him for 5 rds. Sonnen hasnt been stopped often with strikes has he? So for me Sonnen will not be stopped on the feet, A Silva will not be able to stop the TD becuz he hasnt been able to ever, Sonnen will be able to hold him there and A Silvas only way to win will be sub off his back. The dumbest thing Ive ever heard is a guy taking that statement literally as if it was litterally the only way he could win. Really dumb. I mean can he REALLY win in another way? Duhhhhh.

  • MMA-LOGIC says:

    Im telling you guys. If Anderson Silva had top quality Wrestling opponents he would not have remained champ. Yes in the first fight Sonnen had high testosterone but his wrestling is the same and Silva didnt have an answer for nearly 5 rds. If he had finished that rd like the other 4 it would not have been that surprising for the fight to have been called 50-43 for Sonnen. Anyway we will see. Oh I forgot Irvin and Marquardt on the A.Silva list. How many of those opponents are actually considered top MWs in the UFC now? Lutter dropped, Cote dropped, Leites dropped, Irvin dropped, Maia dropped to WW, Marquardt dropped etc etc. So tell me, how many of Silvas long list of amazing MW and LW opponents are actually great fighters or champions? I think the smart money is on Sonnen.
    Lutter took Silva down and dominated him on the ground for rd, Hendo did the same, Sonnen did it for 5 rds alomost. Cote stood, Belfort stood, Marquardt, Cote, Irvin, Leben, Franklin, Forrest, Okami, etc etc all stood with Silva. Silva refused to go to the ground with Leites and Maia. To beat Silva you take him down and put him on his back. Ive said this for 5+ years. Hendo was successful there as was Sonnen and Lutter but 90% of his opponents have stood with him or butt scooted around the ring.
    Sonnen goes in there and shows us what Ive said like forever and that is Silva cant defend quality wrestling, he struggles to get back up and is vulnerable there but most use the testosterone thing to say that that was the reason. No its becuz Silva has been that way for his entire career it wasnt just Sonnen. He gets given guys that stand up with him or just suck a lot of the time. Having said that I do think Silva is very very good and has been the best 185er for a while but he is overrated imo.

  • MMA-LOGIC says:

    By the way, how many of you said it was going to be easy for Sonnen vs Bisping only to then turn around after the fight and say Sonnen isnt very good. If I recall quite a few of you. Also if I can recall I remember saying that Bisping would be difficult for Sonnen. Call me crazy but I dont change my mind after each fight. A lot of you expected Werdum to get beaten up by Nelson as if Nelson was good and Lesnar to beat the shit out of Overeem. You guys act like you know soooo much but you just follow and cant actually think and use your insight to determine things.
    P.S. I picked Sonnen in the first fight too and everybody was saying the same stuff, yes I was wrong but right at the same time.

  • Niv says:

    Well I don’t see Sonnen winning this fight at all, and I do see him losing to Bisping in a 5 round fight.

    Silva fought Dan Henderson who is a higher level wrestler than Sonnen and took him out in the 2nd. Every fight is different and Sonnen of course has a chance just like anybody when they step into the ring, but I just don’t see him being the guy to give Silva his 1st loss in the UFC.

  • hindsightufuk says:

    i enjoy reading your posts Logic, always entertaining
    just a point though, you were saying earlier that Sonnen doesnt get stopped by strikes much, well Okami had only been stopped once by strikes, dont even recall him getting dropped before. other than Couture twice i dont remember Belfort getting stopped by strikes, or getting rocked that often. Franklin had only been stopped once before tho he did tend to get dropped a fair bit. Hendo was rocked by punches and a kick before going down, and we know his chin history. Even Marquadt and Leben were solid before Anderson got his hands on them.
    The guy kind of makes a point of knocking out guys that dont tend to drop too easily.
    now i’m no Silva nut hugger, but i’m positive he has way more of a chance of stopping Chael than you give him credit for.

  • Lord Faust says:

    I think the smart money is on Sonnen.

    You clearly do not understand how gambling odds work then. Smart money is Silva. Sonnen is a risk with the potential for a high return.

    You can say Silva’s list of opponents is lacking, but Sonnen has been tapped out by almost every Brazilian he’s been in the cage with.

    “Silva’s opponnents haven’t had good wrestling.”

    Hendo has good wrestling, he win a single round. Then he got punched in the mouth and choked out.

    Look, there’s nothing wrong with having a gut feeling Sonnen is going to win, but you’re inventing a reality where Anderson Silva, the longest reigning champ in UFC history, is an underdog against a man he beat with a cracked rib? Sure.


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