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Rafael Cavalcante hoping win over Mike Kyle puts him in the UFC, not a title-fight

The contendership picture for the Strikeforce light heavyweight division seemed to be coming back into focus after a bout between Rafael Cavalcante-Mike Kyle was announced for the company’s May 19 event. Each is among the dwindling group of upper-echelon talent remaining on the organization’s roster and riding momentum from a series of in-ring successes, factors likely leading to a title-shot for the fighter emerging victorious in next month’s match-up.

However, if Cavalcante comes away with his hand raised his plan doesn’t involve Strikeforce gold or the promotion in general for that matter. While he wouldn’t necessarily turn down a crack at the belt, his preference pertains to testing his talents inside the Octagon.

“I’m hoping for (a title-shot) or, if possible, going to the UFC. Let’s see what they’ll say about it,” stated Cavalcante on his future in an interview with TATAME. “My game matches many light heavyweight fighters. I would like to see how it turns out. I’m not pointing out names, but I want a chance to show my work in the UFC. My fighting style sells, it’s what people like to see.”

His more immediate focus is, of course, Kyle who beat him by way of TKO in 2009. “Feijao” is confident things will go much differently this time around based on some changes in his life and camp in comparison to their initial encounter.

“Training in the United States, away from my team and people…That was what made me weak. I got there, exceeded the weight limit…Now I’m with my team, at home, doing my prep with (Rogerio) Camoes, training with (Josuel) Distak and all the guys here. It’s just another story,” the 31-year old explained. “Present ‘Feijao’ is much more mature, both technical and physically. I wanted it for a long time. It’s a completely different fight. We have unfinished business and we’re gonna solve them all now.

“He’s very complete, man, has heavy hands. I gotta be smart with him, move a lot,” Cavalcante continued on his impending collision with Kyle. “I have a really good game, I did a good preparation. My evolution on the stand-up is notable, so I hope to let loose and get the win by knockout once again.”

The 11-3 Cavalcante has won four of his last five fights with the lone exception being a loss to Dan Henderson. All eleven of his victories have involved some form of stoppage.


  • fanoftna33 says:

    He better worry more about Kyle and less about his future in the UFC. Kyle is a beast at 205 and already koed him so looking past him is a very silly thing to do, that said I like Feijo a lot and think he will have made the adjustments he needed and walk away with the win.

  • MMA-LOGIC says:

    All SF fighters want to leave now.

  • Which sucks but we knew that was comin.

  • fanoftna33 says:

    agreed Superdave, it will be great to see some of these guys go on a take on some top UFC guys but losing a fun orginization like Strike Force is a sad thing. They really did put on great fights, and brought WMMA up to national attention.

  • Lord Faust says:

    It’s been really frustrating watching Strikeforce spin their wheels for the last couple of years. I don’t blame a single fighter on their roster for wanting to get the Hell out of that promotion; they run a small number of shows, draw terrible ratings and gate attendance; these fighters are being squandered!

    The fact that SF was the only “big” promotion giving WMMA any credit, this sucks doubly. Once SF fades into obscurity, I highly doubt we’ll see women in the UFC for at least another 5 years, maybe more unless there is a huge public demand for it. (Which isn’t impossible, but highly unlikely given the relatively small amount of coverage it gets.)

    I don’t know WTF StrikeForce’s business plan was; stick around long enough to get bought out by Zuffa, run the promotion into the ground and collect severance?

  • MCM says:

    Strikeforce was a great local promotion that put on really good shows and built up some really fun fighters. Their problems came when they decided they could run a national organization the same way they ran a regional one. That decision led them to acquiring all those EXC fighters and money pits like Fedor. Had they stayed regional like Tachi Palace or MFC, they would still be operating at a comfortable level and producing talent like the did with Cung Le. (or Tachi did with Ian McCall or MFC did with Ryan JImmo). But you can’t fault someone for reaching for the stars.

    As for WMMA, I’m more optimistic about it then before. Dana has publicly stated that the Rossy/Tate fight turned him around on WMMA. He still doesn’t think there is enough talent for a division yet, but he at least thinks it’s a possibility in the future and is open to the idea now. He didn’t say no to the idea of an all female TUF.
    SF showed that female fights can be exciting and I think we’ll see an influx of truly well rounded fighters coming over from traditional Martial arts. Hopefully this leads to Zuffa forming a WMMA division in the next two years or so.

  • Rece Rock says:

    never heard about the all female TUF idea before… that would be pretty awesome and shit the reality TV drama stuff would be built right in with all that estrogen under one roof, but that would seriously be a great way to introduce WMMA to the masses… I like it!


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