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Dan Henderson intrigued by Jon Jones, only wants Anderson Silva at middleweight

Though UFC President Dana White recently came forward to guarantee Dan Henderson a title-shot in the division of his choosing, the actual adversary “Hendo” will test his skills against later this year remains up in the air. That somewhat foggy future will become a bit clearer later this month when light heavyweight champion Jon Jones puts his gold up for grabs against rival Rashad Evans at UFC 145 and even more so in June when Anderson Silva defends his middleweight belt against Chael Sonnen.

However, while he may not know who he’ll be fighting next, Henderson definitely has a preference on how things will unfold.

“I think Jon Jones is a better fight for me. His style matches up better. Jones will stand-up with me more. Rashad is real well-rounded. He’ll stand and bang with me a little, but he’ll be trying to put me on my back—a lot more than Jones would,” explained Henderson in an interview with Bleacher Report. “(Jones is) awkward, unorthodox, and a little tougher to figure out…that’s also what intrigues me about it—he’s different.”

Henderson went on to pick Jones in the upcoming bout though made sure to give Evans credit as having more than a slim chance of returning the divisional strap around his waist.

In terms of his 185-pound peers, Henderson made it clear the title isn’t important to him so much as avenging a previous loss to Silva.

“I’m not real keen on fighting 185 right now unless it’s Anderson so if Chael wins, I’d maybe still fight Anderson. Who knows,” Henderson asked rhetorically, shying away from the notion of fighting his Team Quest teammate.

The 41-year old was tapped by the talented Brazilian in the second round of a meeting four years ago despite coming out strong in the first frame. The stoppage is the only of Henderson’s career in the last seven years.


  • moosebaby02 says:

    either way out of the 3
    Hendo lose’s. well he might be able to take Evans if he can slow him down

  • JabCrossHook says:

    Hendo is living in a fantasy world.

    “I think Jon Jones is a better fight for me. His style matches up better. Jones will stand-up with me more. ”

    Jon Jones will stand with him more? If anything hendo has shown that he can be taken down pretty easily, shogun took him down at will being dead tired. Hendo stop kidding yourself, Anderson made you look stupid on the feet. Jon Jones will take down Hendo and fuck him up with GnP and finish him off with a choke.

    All Hendo did to Anderson was LnP in round 2.

  • MMA-LOGIC says:

    Hendo took 1 not 2. Landed first takedown and held him down for the whole rd. Anderson Silva is the most overrated champ at the mo. Sonnen won 4 from 5, he is scared to attack fighters on the ground like Maia and Leites. He is sooooo beatable and Hendo could do it. He would struggle with Rashad and yes he matches up better with Jones and yes Jones is more likely to stand with him. Out of all 4 (Sonnen, Silva, Jones and Rashad) his best chance is Silva. Silva wont take him down and I also believe Silva is the worst fighter out of the bunch apart from Sonnen.


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