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Rich Franklin open to third fight with Anderson Silva

After a solid run at 205-pounds Rich Franklin has returned to the division where he made a name for himself as a UFC champion, remaining one of the most dominant forces at 185 until running into current title-holder Anderson Silva. Two fights with the Brazilian resulted in a pair of one-sided losses and ultimately Franklin’s decision to give light heavyweight a go.

Now that he’s back at middleweight, the slim possibility of a third encounter with “The Spider” has arisen and, believe it or not, Franklin likes the idea.

“If I was able to put another title run together and the UFC wanted to do another fight with Anderson, I would be willing to do another fight with Anderson,” explained the 37-year old to MMACanada when asked about a final crack at solving the Silva mystery before dropping a bombshell. “And I believe – and this is just because of the champion mentality in my head – but I believe that given another shot, I could win that fight.”

However, just because Franklin is open to the bout doesn’t mean he’s looking past UFC 148 opponent Cung Le or even seeking another shot at Silva unless fate dictates the necessity.

“I’m not moving down to 185 and saying my sights are set on Anderson,” said Franklin. “That’s not what I’m doing here and I don’t want him to get that impression either because I’m not shooting for him. Heck, who knows, between now and then…I don’t know how many fights I’ve got before I would actually make it to the title anyway and a lot of things can happen.”

The first step to even sniffing UFC gold again will come on July 7 when the 28-6 Franklin meets Le. The fight will be the first for “Ace” since losing to Forrest Griffin at UFC 126 more than a year ago due to a shoulder injury keeping him out of action.


  • Kamakosmo says:

    I beileve – and this is just because I’ve watched the first two fights – but I believe that given another shot, Silve will finally kill Franklin.

  • Dufresne says:

    It’s great that he’s open to the idea, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a colossally stupid idea. And something tells me his wife will throw the veto if he even tries to sign for that fight. She hates him fighting in the first place, and she looked ready to make him retire after his second mauling.

  • Mad_Hatter_XX says:

    Facial reconstructive surgeons all over the world are also in favor of this fight. They are currently placing bids on dong Franklins work if this fight happens.

  • moosebaby02 says:

    good greif

  • MMA-LOGIC says:


  • Rece Rock says:

    Not happening…

  • MCM says:

    Rampage/Wandy III. Nuf said.

  • Rece Rock says:

    your saying that in jest MCM… right ?

  • I hope you’re jokin MCM….both the first two rampage vs. wandy fights were rampage winning till he got stunned and eventually put away….franklin was just decimated by Silva twice. I love Ace but he shouldnt take this fight again title or no title.

  • MCM says:

    Who knows what shape (mentally or otherwise) Silva will be in after his fight with Chael He may not even have the belt. And if he does retain the belt, what’s to say he won’t lose it in his next defense? Maybe he loses 4 out of his last 5 and Rich gets the call to be his “retirement” fight, much like Tito was supposed to be for Chuck? Who’s to say what the future holds.
    Plus, Rich is going to have to make a run in a much tougher MW division than the one that he reigned supreme over. He’ll have to go through Le, possibly Palhares, most likely Bisping and probably Chael or Stann before he gets put in the cage again with whomever holds the belt. Who can say how long that will take or what kinda of shape either AS or Ace will be by that point.
    Of course Rich thinks he can win. Every fighter thinks they can win. But he’s not calling for it now. He knows that a lot of pieces have to fall into place before that fight is even a possibility. And if by some chance it does, the fighters that step into the cage on that occasion will not be the same two fighters that met previously.

  • Lord Faust says:

    As it stands, no interest from me. Rich seemed realistic in his comments, but I just think it’s a bad fight for him. Even if, a few years down the road, they finally meet, I am willing to bet that Rich will be in worse shape than Anderson; aside from some bad stoppages, Rich has also had quite a few major surgeries.

    Considering you just laid out a 2 year series of fights to qualify Rich for title contention, I don’t think the timeline works. I also do not think Silva would stick around if he lost 4 fights; two in a row and I think we’d see a “retirement” followed by one or two comeback fights a year or so later. *Maybe* then, if Rich is still game for it.

    Not impossible, but extremely improbable.


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