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Phil Davis: “Losing is not the worst thing in the world. The worst thing in the world is not getting better.”

Famed football coach Vince Lombardi once had a saying along the lines of, “Relentlessly pursue perfection and in the chase you may catch excellence.” The implication is that flawlessness is an ever-elusive creature but striving for the impossible while constantly attempting to improve can produce incredible results.

UFC light heavyweight Phil Davis recently watched his undefeated record disappear in January after falling on the scorecards to top 205-pound contender Rashad Evans in a fairly one-sided affair. However, echoing Lombardi’s philosophy, Davis has not given up chasing the mantle of MMA’s greatest and plans to use the loss to Evans as a springboard for growth.

“I’m glad he poked holes in my game. Because now I can fix some of those holes and know where the No. 2 guy in the world is going to beat me. Now I have a benchmark,” explained Davis in an interview with The MMA Hour. “Losing is not the worst thing in the world. The worst thing in the world is not getting better. I’m glad I got that fight…I’m just real excited about where I’m at in my career.”

The 27-year old Davis didn’t reveal what was on his agenda specifically but did make it clear fans should expect to see a much improved fighter in his next outing, whenever it may come.

“I’m taking it day by day. The last thing I want is to give an incomplete performance. My next performance I want everyone to go, ‘Wow, yes, this guy is for real.'”

With only ten total fights under his belt and an eagerness to learn there’s no question Davis will meet his own expectations no matter how high he sets the bar, further solidifying his place as one of the sport’s true future stars along the way.


  • I hope so…..Davis has a world of potential and I cant wait to see him fight some more top tier fighters at 205.

  • Lord Faust says:

    I wish they’d give the guy a chance to develop; the UFC seemed to be hyping Davis to a point that no one could live up to.

  • Rece Rock says:

    If or when JJ goes to HW then the LHW mix will be a hell of a lot more interesting… and yes Davis should have been given more time to work his way into a top tier fight.

  • moosebaby02 says:

    he wasnt ready n maybe still one or two fights away but i have no doubt that he will live up to the hype

  • Dufresne says:

    Davis reminds me of Rashad when he first came into the UFC. Give him some time and some more mid-tier fights and he’s got the potential to be a champ.


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