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Patrick Cote: “The only thing you have to do is shut your mouth, win fights, and prove you deserve to be back in the big show…”

Lately there has been an upswing in former UFC fighters taking to Twitter to lobby for another shot inside the Octagon. One Mixed Martial Artist you won’t see taking that route is middleweight Patrick Cote even though he’s won all three of his bouts since being released by the UFC in late 2010.

Cote explained his rationale, as well as his disdain for peers who take to less-noble means to get a sniff from the Zuffa matchmaking team, in a recent interview with MMAWeekly Radio where he elaborated on a Tweet telling Tim Sylvia to “shut the hell up, win fights, and stop begging.”

“You’ve been a champion in this organization; you know how things work,” said the French-Canadian of Sylvia, currently on a long-running campaign to finish some business inside the Octagon. “You’re not going to go anywhere by begging like that. I was just annoyed about begging, a lot of the begging, and I said loud what a lot of people was thinking. I have nothing against Sylvia. He’s been a great champion. He did a lot in the sport. He did a lot in the UFC. I hope he’s going to be back in the UFC. That’s not the point. The point was just about the begging thing.”

“The only thing you have to do is shut your mouth, win fights, and prove you deserve to be back in the big show by winning fights and by your performance,” Cote concluded.

The 32-year old striker plans on doing just that this weekend when he faces Gustavo Machado in Brazil to make it four straight outside of the UFC. Machado, a grappler by trade, holds an overall record of 22-8-1 and will enter their match-up having won a quartet of consecutive clashes (ten of his last eleven).

“I don’t have a lot of control about the decision who is going to put me back in the UFC,” Cote admitted. “My only power I have is be in shape and win fights and that’s what I’m doing. Three wins in a row, and I’m going for a fourth one. The UFC asked us to go to somebody better than my last two opponents, and with a winning record, so that’s exactly what we’re doing.”

“The Predator” is 16-7 in his career and even earned a shot at Anderson Silva’s UFC title based on a five-fight run. Unfortunately he severely injured his knee in the bout and was sidelined for more than a year, promptly losing a pair of subsequent outings against Alan Belcher and Tom Lawlor before receiving his release.


  • Dufresne says:

    The biggest thing going for Cote is that the MW division only has a few bigger names. After you get past Silva, Sonnen, Munoz, Bisping, Stann, and maybe Maia and Leben, you’re out of serious competition.
    Obviously there are some very talented fighters who haven’t made a name for themselves yet at the MW division, but if the UFC wants to put a card with a veteran to either help build a younger guy or if they’re looking for an extra draw in a Canadian card, Cote is money.

    And he’s right, Sylvia needs to shut up and prove he deserves to be back. Don’t beg. Act like a man.

  • Lord Faust says:

    I really don’t get why David Loiseau got another shot and Cote hasn’t as of yet.

  • Creature says:

    I somewhat disagree Dufrense, i consider Belcher, Palhares, and the now returning Franklin to also be “serious competition”. But i do agree that the MW division isnt exactly stacked with star power and also that Sylivia needs to just win fights and quit begging.. its kind of pathetic if you ask me.

  • Lord Faust says:

    It is pathetic, but it’s in keeping with his current performance.

  • Dufresne says:

    Good call Creature, somehow Palhares slipped my mind completely.

  • What no love for Belcher? Dont sleep on that kid, he’s one of the original kids of MMA that started so young and was hot an cold, but is really now starting to pick up his stride.(Other great examples of this are both Diaz’s, Struve, Lil Heathen) Im sure Cote remembers Belcher, he probably still has nightmares about his face bouncing off the mat.

    Another great example of the kids of mma is Cote himself. The guy came to the UFC undefeated and got handed a really tough job, jumpin up to the main event,to jump up a weight class, to face a prime Tito on a couple days notice. Then he had his other losses, did the comeback, faltered against Lutter and then went on a beautiful tear. Then of course the injuries and long lay off, he once again didnt get any favors handed to him by getting Belcher in his home country to open the main card. He’s had some setbacks but he seems like a humble and hardworking guy and if he takes his own advice, we’ll see him back shortly. Or maybe at least in Bellator.

  • Dufresne says:

    I really like Belcher as he’s from very close to my home and he really does have a ton of potential. But until he gets on a streak without being injured, I’ve got to put him at the upper crust of the middle tier.


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