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Anthony Pettis distances himself from notion of fighting at featherweight

Earlier this week a report surfaced citing Anthony Pettis’ manager as mentioning his client was weighing a drop down to 145 pounds with the possibility of facing Jose Aldo in the near future. However, the UFC lightweight has since spoken out on the matter, making it clear he has no plans to fight outside of his regular division even though he’s physically able to.

“I’m not dropping to 145 to fight Aldo. 155 is my home and I’ll get that belt,” wrote the 15-2 Pettis yesterday to fans on his Facebook page.

Pettis’ representative, Mike Roberts, also clarified his position, adding on Twitter, “He could make 145 lbs but lightweight still has some unfinished business.”

The 25-year old has won six of his last seven fights including back-to-back bouts inside the Octagon. He also holds a victory over current lightweight champion Benson Henderson from their WEC days and was thought to be in line for a title-shot after knocking Joe Lauzon out at UFC 144. Now that former divisional king Frankie Edgar has received a rematch with Henderson and the winner of an upcoming fight between Jim Miller-Nate Diaz is confirmed as being the next contender, Pettis will go back to the drawing board in hopes of taking out another top contender to solidify his spot at the top of the contendership ladder.


  • Rece Rock says:

    smart man.

  • Angry Mike says:

    Agreed. And he should get the winner of Henderson/ Edgar II for the belt.

  • Brendhan Conlan says:

    Not without another win or two. He lost to Guida and barely got by Jeremy Stephens. No way he deserves it more than the winner of Diaz-Miller just because he KO’d Lauzon and beat Henderson by a round in WEC.

  • Rece Rock says:

    I think Pettis is right there with Diaz and Miller….

    Diaz deserves a shot after beating Gomi & Cerrone? Gomi has become irrelevant & Cerrone who was on a tear at the time but he was not exactly fighting the upper crust of the division during that streak and how about Miller he deserves a shot after beating Guillard but losing to Bendo before that?

    If I’m a matchmaker I give the nod to the guy who last beat the champ before a guy whose already lost to him…

  • MCM says:

    I agree Miller doesn’t make a ton of sense if he gets by Diaz, but Pettis doesn’t either. I wouldn’t mind the two of them fighting for #1 contender but only if Pettis gets by someone like Maynard or Eddie Alverez beforehand.

  • climbarock says:

    IMO, Pettis makes more sense than Miller for sure, and makes just as much sense as Diaz. Dude was already in line for a title shot when he got out-snuggled by Guida. Stevens didn’t want to strike with Pettis, he’s the one who made that match into a points/takedown contest. Lauzon KO was impressive, at least as much as Miller’s RNC of Melvin (what top UFC LW hasn’t submitted Melvin? It’s a rite of passage), or Diaz’s win over Cerrone (good win, but Cerrone fought dumb and still won R2, IMO).

  • Pettis makes AS much sense as Diaz provided he gets another dominant impressive win. Say what you will about Cerrone winning the second, but he fought dumb because of the copious amounts of fists that smashed into his chin not because he had a bad game plan. Miller should’ve had a shot before he got his ass whooped by Ben but that whole logjam at LW caused him to take another fight and he lost his shot….its shitty but shit happens and I respect the hell out of Miller for takin such a dangerous risk.

    I dont think it matters who made the fight more grappling oriented between Pettis and Heathen, the fact remains that’s how it went down and it was a split. Lauzon has only beaten one two big opponents in the last 3 years(Stephens and Melvin) so beating him is only as relevant as beating Gomi and certainly not as relevant as beating Cerrone( as far as upper crust of the division say what you will about Siver but he was on a great streak and the cowboy beat him at his own game like Siver was a little kid fighting a giant.)

    two interesting points before I end this comment. Lightweight had so many contenders 6 months ago and now its all over the place again…and I cant decide whether its a great or terrible thing.
    and more importantly so many people criticize Cerrone for fighting dumb and standing in the pocket against Diaz, yet they’re all pissed off that Condit did what they all say Cerrone should’ve done and most people are pissed at his running.


  • Richard Stabone says:

    Nate Diaz has split his last 6 fights at LW. Get that man his title shot.


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