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Demian Maia moving to welterweight for next fight

After giving it a great deal of thought it looks like Demian Maia has decided to drop down to 170 pounds for his next fight. The Brazilian submission-specialist had teased the idea before based on his modest frame but remained non-committal on the move, at least until now.

“I (am) moving down to 170 pounds,” wrote Maia on Twitter, confirming his decision. “Next fight, I (will) be a welterweight.”

Maia is 9-4 as a middleweight inside the Octagon including impressive wins over Nate Quarry, Jason MacDonald, Kendall Grove, Jorge Santiago, Dan Miller, and Chael Sonnen. However, he has lost two of his last three fights including his most recent outing against accomplished wrestler Chris Weidman, suffering a decision defeat at UFC on FOX 2 in January.

At 34 Maia is a little older than fighters typically making a move down divisionally but, at only 6’0 and cutting minimal weight to make 185 pounds, he is likely to make a successful transition in comparison to peers forced to drastically readjust their training/diet to do so.


  • Cool…how bout welcoming him to the 170 lb division with Jon Fitch?

  • fanoftna33 says:

    Maia is a handful at MW but at WW with his frame he will fit right in, and his Jiu Jitsu will pose some serious problems for all the WW wrestlers.

  • Rece Rock says:

    Really don’t see how this is a good idea…cut an additional 15lbs from where ever he already starts his cut?

    WW isn’t exactly land of the push overs either…

  • Not at all rece but maia is at a point in his career where he needs to put up or give up. We’re talkin about a guy who went undefeated until he ran into a mammoth right hand and since then has been underwhelming to put it overly nicely. He didnt show up to take the Spiders title in Abu Dhabi, he bored us to tears against Miranda and he didnt even get in shape for Weidman, I shudder to think what Bisping would’ve done to him had that fight happened by looking at his performance. His fight with Munoz was pretty good though.

  • Mad_Hatter_XX says:

    Whatever weight he fights at he needs to change his entire gameplan around.

    Instead of trying to show his improved stand up skills whole fight he should move in as quick as he can, drag people to the ground and do everything he can to get an arm,leg,neck,ankle whatever.

    His BJJ is top shelf stuff and I see no shame in making others fight your fight and not letting them suck you into an ill advised stand up fight.

    People may complain if you spend three rounds on the ground fighting for submissions but, at this point if you are winning that has to be all that matters.


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