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Quinton Jackson: “I’m hoping the UFC just lets me go…”

The past few weeks have been one of the more memorable periods for UFC light heavyweight Quinton Jackson, just not for the right reasons. The popular fighter’s strange run began in late February when he came in overweight for a bout against Ryan Bader at UFC 144. Not only did Jackson end up coming up short on the scorecards in the match-up but admittedly afterwards he’d opted to use testosterone injections as a means of helping him heal from an injured knee.

Were that not enough, Jackson came out last week to express his extreme frustration with the UFC, stating he felt he was underpaid and that the company as a whole was a negative environment. “Rampage” even went so far as to say his next fight inside the Octagon would be his final appearance inside the infamous eight-sided cage.

Jackson was back at it again last night on Twitter, this time seeking his immediate release rather than returning to compete under the promotion’s banner one more time.

“I’m hoping the UFC just lets me go so I can do my thang. They took my love of fighting after the Forrest fight,” an animated Jackson wrote on the social networking site. “The UFC makes billions off us all over the world and pay us chump change! Boxers are boring but making buckets of money. THINK!”

For the record, Jackson earned $250,000 in base salary for his loss to Jon Jones at UFC 135 with a similar tag likely attached to his services against Bader (though no figures have been released for the event).

The 33-year old did not elaborate further on what had happened after his 2008 defeat to Forrest Griffin to taint his “love of fighting”. Less than two weeks after the match-up Jackson was arrested for a series of felonies stemming from a hit-and-run filled tear in California said to be the result of delirium brought on by a lack of sleep combined with energy drinks.


  • Lord Faust says:

    On that we agree.

  • Rece Rock says:

    Good luck getting paid on time by Dream or good luck getting paid top dollar anywhere else… I’m a fan but page is really got a screw loose here.

  • MCM says:

    Without the UFC, I honestly don’t see anything rampage brings to the table. I say let him go and watch him fade into obscurity.

  • Yourdaddydevilandlord says:

    Yeah, where else are you gonna do better? And how sick I am of them comparing it to boxing, which I can’t even figure out how they make so friggin much, but the UFC does alot with those billions that make it possible for him to fight and for us to care. How Boxers can make upwards of 20 million,each just doesn’t make sense, do THAT many more people order those fights, with such little promotion? Boxing just sucks for me now after seeing MMA, I just don’t get why it isn’t crushing boxing.

  • MMA-LOGIC says:

    Why should the UFC make millions off a fight and be able to pay the fighter 40,000 like they did with Carwin against Lesnar? I personally think the UFC is taking massive advantage of its fighters by owning their very likeness FOR LIFE and putting massive restrictions on their careers. I will never understand why so many fans side with a company that has comitted so many injustices and makes soooo much money off its fighters.
    Tomorrow when you go to work, just think if the company you worked for was making millions off you and paying you 40,000, owned your likeness FOR LIFE BY FORCE (see J.Fitch), risked your health, stopped you from working elsewhere in the same field, told you what you could and couldnt say and took you to court or destroyed your career if you didnt tow the line, how would you feel?
    Im telling you, no fighter out their would fight for the UFC if a viable option was out there. SF was a big hope for me and fighters but Coker killed that. Now even if you have a name, you have very little option. The UFC is not nice, it is an aggressive money making organisation like the rest.
    Yourdaddydevil, no not that many more order it, now think about it. Those boxers are not under exclusive contracts, they own their likeness, they can fight who they like, they get paid what they are worth and all of the rest. Everyone says “but look at Pacman and Mayweather” well look at Fedor and Couture, Melendez and Bendo, Lombard and A.Silva, Barnett and JDS, Mousasi and Shogun and all those fights in the past and present that are prevented by law. I grant you that the HW division is looking promising but the UFC has prevented the best from fighting for over a decade.

  • Mad_Hatter_XX says:

    If you don’t like the money you are being paid or are going to be paid then negotiate a better contract. Every UFC fighter signs a fight contract which has a certain base salary to be paid. Yes stars command more money but, I suspect most fighters are glad to have the chance.

    No matter who you are or whom you work for companies are making more off you than they are paying you. Go to your boss tomorrow and tell him you know the company cleared seven figures and you want a percentage of it cause you work there. Demand five percent of profit up front and see where it gets you.

    It can be inferred from the article than Rampage most likley cleared 500k for his last two fights. I wish I had to live with such crappy pay. I get so tired of hearing rich athletes crying about not being paid enough money. Rampage didn’t last quite 20 minutes in his title fight and fought Bader for 15 minutes, so for roughly 30 minutes of doing the job he gets paid for he made $500,00. That is $1,000,000 an hour.

    Maybe we should start a food drive so Rampage can eat.

  • Yourdaddydevilandlord says:

    You need the battleground that let’s the masses know that these are the best of the best, and for the time that they are the best. Would you know or care about watching Tom Brady play football if he wasn’t playing in the NFL? If he was playing in a back yard? No, because you didn’t care when he was playing in that backyard. You only cared when he played in the NFL and started having success against other people who had made it to the NFL. The “league” has it’s function, and competing leagues just cloud the picture of legitamacy and decrease fan intrest. As I see it anyway, but you are probably right, I would see it differently if I were doing it, but that is what unions are for. Start a fighters union, I guess. Find the fair middle ground.

  • MMA-LOGIC says:

    Brock Lesnar Vs Frank Mir was the 4th biggest ppv in history. Above any pro wrestling and only trailing a few boxing matches. Those boxers made 10s of millions.
    Im all for giving the fighters the majority of the money. Im not sure of the consequences but all I know is that the UFC makes and breaks fighters careers whilst making millions off them. Fedor Emelianenko didnt join the UFC becuz he was making many many times what any UFC fighter made. He got paid a retainer and recieved a huge chunk of ppv buys. The UFC owns the fighters but Fedor partly owned M1. There was no reason for Fedor to go to the UFC. He would make less money and have all of his freedom taken. Now it makes sense becuz he has no credible oposition and is not the draw he once was. The only reason the fighters sign those contracts is becuz they have little option. The biggest rival in the states is Bellator and if you were to ask 10 ave people on the street who the Bellator WW champ was the would prolly say “whats Bellator”. The UFC is a maketing machine. It tells people that its fighters are the best and even hard core fans that should know better swallow it whole. The amount of times Ive heard a fan say that a non UFC fighter would get beaten by “any” UFC fighter is too often to count. The only evidence to back this up is …nothing, there is none. It is just the marketing and the fans wanting (for a reason that escapes me) to belive that the UFC has all of the best. It even goes so far as when a fighter has a pay dispute or leaves for a reason other than performance, that fighter all of a sudden isnt as good as they were when aligned with the UFC. There has been no change in the fighters ability, just their employer. It also works in reverse. Roy Nelson is a prime example. That guy has lost 6 from 6 against top 20 fighters and yet he still gets his name thrown around as a “top fighter” or “a contender”. If he was not in the UFC, the same people that rate him now would not based on no more than who he fights for.
    Anyway the UFC has fighters and fans by the balls and it has it perks and pittfalls.

  • hindsightufuk says:

    could ebd up being another Randy Couture situation. Rampage leaves, UFC sues if he tries to fight elsewhere, Rampage either never fights again or comes back 2 years later with nothing left to offer. sad way to end it

  • Lord Faust says:

    He’d be lucky to end up like Randy instead of Ken Shamrock; I think the UFC cleaned him out for about $300,000 when they sued him and won.

  • Sykotick says:

    Logic, Roy Nelson isn’t a good example for you to use, considering the number of times you’ve used his name to bolster Andrei Arlovski’s stance as top fighter prior to his flying knee fiasco vs Fedor. Cuz if he is “just a product of UFC hype” then it seems you’ve fallen prey to it for thinking him a legitimate top win for Andrei.

  • ssundell says:

    “Im all for giving the fighters the majority of the money.”

    Yep, I’m all for giving out other people’s money, too.

    “The biggest rival in the states is Bellator and if you were to ask 10 ave people on the street who the Bellator WW champ was the would prolly say “whats Bellator”.”

    Could they answer the same question if you asked about UFC? How about if you asked the same about boxing? For the latter it probably helps that you have three different names to choose from, and that’s only from the biggest organizations…

    “The UFC is a maketing machine. It tells people that its fighters are the best and even hard core fans that should know better swallow it whole.”

    Yes, it’s a marketing machine, and it seems to be doing pretty good job at it. Also, truth is that we don’t have an idea on how much money it puts into marketing.

    A brief look at the history of the sport and its organizations hints that it may not be quite as lucrative business as people make it out to be. Affliction apparently paid good money for its fighters, and folded after two shoes. EliteXC had monetary problems, and so did Pride before UFC bought it. DREAM has been having trouble for a while now; although I don’t know how much they promise to pay their fighters, recently it’s been a question of whether they get paid at all. UFC itself was in very grim situation before Zuffa threw its weight (and money) behind it.

    Now, I’m sure UFC brass have hefty salaries. I’m certain it’s making profit. However, we don’t have any idea, how much profit it’s actually making. MMA is still illegal even in parts of the US, so it’s not altogether smooth sailing even there, not to mention in other areas. Considering the fact that UFC is continuously trying to extend its global reach and has bought several other organizations in the last few years, I’m guessing it’s putting quite a lot of the revenues back into business, to make it even bigger. That benefits both the UFC and its fighters.

    If you take a look at the productional values of the shows – audio, lighting, camera angles, commentary and just about every aspect of a fight night, UFC tends to do better than smaller competitors. One reason is that it can afford to.

    By all means, fighters can and should unite. If they can wrench more money out of the UFC, good for them. But comparing salaries between a relatively new and an established sport and then criticizing about distribution of money is kind of weird, particularly since we don’t actually know how much money they make, or how much money they use.

  • Guthookd says:

    10:01 AM – Man, that testosterone made me wanna fuck like 5 times a night and I think at this point I am going to fight for another 5 years.

    10:15 AM – Man, Dana is a cock sucker, I don’t wanna fight fo him no mo.

    He’s still good for something though……a “superfight” with Hector Lombard and you know Hector would take that fight at any weight.

  • AlphaOmega says:

    ssundell said the same stuff I’ve been saying forever, all anyone sees is how much $ UFC brings in, not how much they are putting out on everything else. Sometimes it makes me wonder if people who bitch about it know how a business has to run.

  • Lord Faust says:

    No one is better at spending your money than someone else.


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