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Josh Koscheck: “It’s good to be around real coaches that care…”

For years American Kickboxing Academy was thought of as one of the top gyms in MMA, built from a rock-solid foundation including a number of talented fighters and renowned coaches. However, behind the scenes it appears things had been crumbling for awhile resulting in the departure of a number of names once associated with the West Coast staple.

One of those men is Josh Koscheck, an outspoken welterweight who has since started his own gym (Dethrone Base Camp) in Fresno, California. “Kos” elaborated some on the issues leading to him packing up shop and moving on in his career.

“For the record he was never my coach. He tagged along here and there but I think I’m in a better place now,” said Koscheck in an interview with MMAFighting when asked about well-known AKA trainer Javier Mendez. The 34-year old Ultimate Fighter OG said shortly after a recent win that Mendez’s self-centered attitude was one of the driving forces behind him leaving.

Bob Cook will always be the man over there and Bob Cook comes in and trains with me a couple of times a week in Fresno when he can,” Koscheck continued before taking a shot, adding, “It’s good to be around real coaches that care, real coaches that put time in, and real coaches that put in the effort to make your fighter the best that they could possibly be. And I have that now.”

Koscheck also made sure to credit his former training partners more so than the group leading them with his past success as well as that of the school in general.

“I think the reason why everybody is so successful at the gym, over there in San Jose, is because of the training partners. I really truly believe that the training partners is why guys have fought for world titles and guys have been UFC champions like Cain (Velasquez), was because of the training partners. If you had real coaching, you would have seen a lot more champions out of that gym and I think that now, in my career, we’re going to see big improvements really quick.”

Koscheck is scheduled to face Johny Hendricks on the main card at UFC on FOX 3 in May. Both 170ers are coming off multiple wins in a row with Koscheck having the added incentive of avenging a friend Jon Fitch’s recent knockout loss to Hendricks.


  • Rece Rock says:

    Kos should just focus on his career and his current fight… Past ain’t changing why keep talking about it ? Not your problem anymore….ppl that overly explain there actions seem to be making themselves feel better about there own short comings or questionable behaviors… Not saying Kos is at fault just saying the guys got other shit on his plate to be talking about but it seems this keeps coming up & instead of keepin it moving in the media he’s glad to elaborate.

  • climbarock says:

    Kos is a great athlete and can beat any welterweight on the roster, except GSP. Can’t stand the dude, but he deserves respect. I’m hoping Johny KO’s him, but that’s a tall order. The Thiago fight was a fluke, Kos pulverizes Thiago 9 out of 10 times.

  • fanoftna33 says:

    I hope the new camp works out for Koschek, his upcoming fight should be pretty tough but if what he is saying is true we should see him take care of Hendricks and make another run for the title. In fact I would favor Kos over Condit right now.

  • AlphaOmega says:

    I agree with Rece

  • I dont understand why everyone thinks Kos is as good as he is…..the last time he really dominated a worthwhile opponent was Paul Daley and before that Chris Lytle…..I think if he wound up in the cage with Condit or Diaz the surprise KO that Paulo Thiago layed on him would be forgotten by the fantastic display of finishing from either Diaz or Condit flurrying on him.


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