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Frankie Edgar gets his wish, booked for bout with Benson Henderson this summer

For the third consecutive time the UFC lightweight championship is set to be featured in an immediate rematch after it was revealed on Tuesday former title-holder Frankie Edgar will indeed receive a second shot at Benson Henderson as the result of a close fight the first time around at UFC 144 (in addition to a few other factors).

The match-up has been confirmed by the UFC, and, though no specific date has been attached to the affair, the two are tentatively scheduled to scrap this summer.

Edgar and Henderson turned in a Fight of the Night performance a few weeks ago in Japan where “Bendo” came away with the belt despite many feeling as though Edgar deserved to retain the gold he won from B.J. Penn in April 2010. Moments after the bout Edgar began asking for a chance at redemption, both due to the nature of the result and the notion he’d done the same for Penn and Gray Maynard. While UFC President Dana White originally balked at the idea, instead urging the undersized 155er to move to the featherweight division, a firm stance from “The Answer” and the lack of any clear-cut contender in place apparently were enough to force the organization’s hand.

The timing of the tussle also aligns perfectly with a May meeting between Jim Miller-Nate Diaz with the winner likely emerging as the next challenger to the lightweight crown. Left in the cold is Anthony Pettis who is now forced to turn his attention to the next opponent the UFC lines up for him instead of a title-shot some felt he’d earned by knocking out Joe Lauzon last month as well as holding an earlier, and exciting, win over Henderson.


  • Rece Rock says:

    What I would like to happen:
    Bendo gets the W and in a more convincing fashion… Frankie punches his 145 ticket.

    What will most likely happen:
    Frankie squeaks out a tight decision win…becomes a hot debate on who deserved the win aaaaannnnd we get the trilogy fight :( By the time it’s all said and done Frankie fights only 3 men in 3 years in a LW division that is stacked top to bottom with talent…

  • fanoftna33 says:

    I hope the UFC acually puts the 7 round title fight in for this. For the 5 rounder Ben seemed to have Frankie in trouble in round 2 but round 5 Ben looked to be fading so in a 7 rounder I bet we get a clear cut winner. finally.

  • MCM says:

    I think both men clearly see the potential of a third fight, and neither wants it. Frankie wants nothing to do with trilogies again and Bendo wants to beat all comers. I think both fighters will be looking to finish and willing to take bigger risks because of it. I don’t see this fight going the distance.
    Henderson to retain the title by sub in the 2nd.

  • Rece Rock says:

    I got my fingers crossed MCM… hope your right

  • danw84 says:

    I am so sick of Frankie Edgar in title fights. Why does he “deserve” a rematch? Because he arguably barely beat the most dominant LW champion ever? Because he didn’t even beat his next challenger? He didn’t “give” his opponents those rematches, they were NEEDED. If he had refused to fight Gray again it would have looked like the biggest ducking ever.

    Why even bother having judges in a Frankie fight? Why not just right away accept it and say, “Well, neither of you finished, so I guess we’ll do it again in a few months.”

    I understand why it isn’t taken into consideration really, but damage should matter. Frankie standing there looking like he just got mugged beside Bendo a bit sweaty as Frankie is saying “I think I did enough to win.” Win what? The Ultimate Point Scoring Championship? The Ultimate I Took You Down More Than You Took Me Down Championship?

    It’s just an annoying trend the UFC is starting to have. That result isn’t what enough people wanted, DO OVER.

  • crane_style says:

    Disappointing. So now, in every title match that isn’t total domination, the loser is going to whine about how he thought he won to get a rematch.

    Frankie should have listened to Dana and gone to 145. I think he’s going to get stopped by Hendo next time out, and then lose a few more fights at 155 before he realizes what is obvious to everyone else and goes down in weight.


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