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Dana White confirms winner of Miller-Diaz will get title-shot if Frankie Edgar goes to 145

The lot of of featured fighters set for action on May 5 at UFC on FOX 3 took the stage earlier today to discuss the event, their upcoming bouts, and the state of MMA in general and the group definitely didn’t disappoint. Joining UFC President Dana White at the proceedings were headliners Jim Miller and Nate Diaz, as well as welterweight contenders Josh Koscheck-Johny Hendricks, heavyweight sluggers Pat Barry-Lavar Johnson, and Alan Belcher who fights Rousimar Palhares at the event.

One of the many highlights from the press conference included White acknowledging the winner of Miller-Diaz will receive a crack at lightweight champion Benson Henderson’s title if former champion Frankie Edgar can be convinced to drop down to featherweight, a prospect “The Answer” has adamantly denied any interest in doing. Reading between the lines the statement also seemed to imply Edgar will get a rematch if he can’t be convinced to make the move to 145 pounds.

Other interesting tidbits included Koscheck labeling Hendricks’ win over friend Jon Fitch as involving a “lucky punch”, Barry teasing the possibility of a light heavyweight run in the future, as well as stating he didn’t see any grappling (or the need for a second/third round) given his shared strike-centric style with Johnson, and White addressing the status of the fight for licensing in the State of New York.

Watch the full presser below (talking starts approximately 9:30 in to the clip):


  • AlphaOmega says:

    No pressure to move down to 145 for Frankie huh?

  • Rece Rock says:

    DW is just trying to add some some interest to the Diaz bout… Edgar said he ain’t going to 145.

  • Richard Stabone says:

    Yeah, sounds like it’s gonna end up being the Bendo-Frankie rematch.

    Which isn’t horrible, but if Frankie wins I just don’t see how that solves anything. At that point, he and Ben will have split back-to-back matchups. And if Frankie can demand a rematch on the heels of a loss to Bendo, then wouldn’t Ben have an even stronger case in demanding an immediate rematch given that he beat Frankie the first time around?

    The only way this clears anything up is if Henderson wins again, ushering Frankie down to 145 where he’s likely to end up down the road anyway.

    I’d rather see Henderson & Pettis. That just feels best to me… Pettis won the 1st one to leave the WEC as champ, Henderson obviously holds the UFC belt now, and their first fight was freaking fantastic. Pettis lost a bit of momentum with the loss to Guida, but two things about that…

    1) In fighting Guida, Pettis opted against waiting for the winner of the 3rd Frankie-Maynard fight, as he rightfully could have done in order to set up the WEC/UFC unification bout. I’d like to see the UFC reward that type of thing.

    2) While he did lose a bit of momentum with the loss to Guida, that was hardly a bad showing as Guida just tried (and was able to) grind it out while Pettis was very active off his back with multiple submission attempts while avoiding any real damage. And he’s bounced back with two wins since.

    I’m not saying it’s a no-brainer, but given the lack of clear-cut #1 contender I think it’s plenty easy to make an argument for Pettis getting the next shot. At the very least, he should be less of an afterthought than he seems to be among a lot of fans.

  • THEGUNNER says:

    Pettis vs ben all the way. Its a rematch to just not immitiate. Does the ufc work for the fighters now? Rampage gets what he wants and wants quits after he losses to bader. Nick diaz is in the same boat as.far as getting what he wants and still not happy. If edgar gets this rematch everybody and their mamas are gonna want one but when it dont go their way then what?

  • Guthookd says:

    I’m with you guys. Pettis vs. Bendo before any other non-sense gets underway. DW needs to just tell Frankie, move to 45 you get an instant shot, don’t do it and you’re going to be fighting undercard fights for life. He’d move down. It isn’t like DW doesn’t flex that kind of power elsewhere.

    BTW, I said it then, and I’ll say it now, Pettis was stupid to fight Guida instead of waiting. DW probably told him it would be too.

  • Brendhan Conlan says:

    Bendo-Edgar II has been confirmed for this summer. Will have an article bright and early about it.

  • Lord Faust says:

    Can’t wait for Edgar to win the rematch and make everyone’s head explode.

  • Rece Rock says:

    If Edgar wins the rematch they will call for the immediate trilogy which will truly make everyones head explode

  • Richard Stabone says:

    Yep, unless Frankie steamrolls Bendo in the rematch, a 3rd fight seems practically inevitable. I mean, with all this immediate rematch stuff, once they’ve gone that far with it I think it would be a crock not to do a tiebreaker fight to really settle things. And that would bring us into early 2013, meaning that during a 3-year span a total of 4 fighters would have been involved in title fights in the UFC’s LW division. Lame.

    Of course, if Bendo takes the rematch then it’s all sort of moot. As someone else mentioned on here the other day, stick the winner of Miller/Diaz vs. Pettis on the same card, and hopefully we get our Bendo-Pettis rematch that way.

    And then I still wonder when the hell Maynard is expecting to get back into action. That KO seems to have sent him spinning… 5 months later and there’s not even a mention of his next opponent afaik.


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