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Strikeforce releases highlight reel from Ronda Rousey’s title-win against Miesha Tate

Entering last night’s headlining bout at Strikeforce: Tate vs. Rousey it seemed improbable unbeaten Olympic medalist Ronda Rousey would finish Miesha Tate in the opening round of action let alone with an Armbar. Tate, the more-experienced Mixed Martial Artist, had not only prepared specifically to avoid the technique based on Rousey’s past success with it but had also never been submitted in her career.

However, when things were said and done “Rowdy” Ronda did indeed pick up her fifth first-round stoppage via Armbar in five total fights and badly injured Tate’s limb in the process after the former bantamweight champion initially refused to tap out.

Showtime/Strikeforce have since released a video featuring highlights from Rousey’s title-winning performance giving fans a chance to either see the judoka’s mastery at work again or for the first time if they weren’t able to tune in to the show.

Check out the clip below (and let the squeamish be warned):


  • hindsightufuk says:

    pat healy is a stud, got cracked early and held on for the late win
    Couture should fight Fodor next
    Brandon Sailing looks like a nazi with his ‘white’ shit tatooed everywhere, cant help wanting him to lose.
    Jacare looked good, his grappling is ridiculous, cant help think he is wasted where he is, other than Hector Lombard he is the only top 10 mw outside the ufc. yes i think he is better than Rockhold and should take the rematch if he doesnt forget his grappling again.
    Scott Smith was shit when he was in shape, but at least he was entertaining, now he’s fat, and worse.
    Props to misaki, thought he had no chance of winning, but his skills are still solid. Daley looked shocked, no idea why
    love Thomsons honesty
    Ronda Rhouseys grappling was awesome, there are a lot of guys out there who could learn a lot from her. her control and movement was exceptional. The ref should have stopped it earlier, soon as you see an arm go the other way thats a tko. stop the fight.
    Rhonda Rousys shorts – every female fighter should be forced to dress this way, man she looked good. awesome upper body strength too
    finally, refs who have their own little signature salute when they are introduced should stick to a brief wave. we have Kevin Mullhalls spastic fist touch and now we have Mark Mathenys claw. what the fuck was that. did he really do the claw? wanker


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