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Jose Aldo’s coach cautions Frankie Edgar about move to featherweight

Leading up to his unsuccessful bid to remain UFC lightweight champ this past weekend at UFC 144, former title-holder Frankie Edgar fielded countless questions surrounding the possibility of him dropping down to 145 pounds. After losing to Benson Henderson the level of speculation was amped up even further with Edgar responding to more queries about his weight than his actual performance against Henderson.

Though fans, media members, and even his employers may be pushing for Edgar to make the move to featherweight, at least one person with an intimate knowledge of the division thinks Edgar would be wise to reconsider.

Andre Pederneiras, who is divisional champion Jose Aldo’s primary coach at Nova Uniao, recently went on Twitter to warn Edgar about the risk of swimming in the pool with a shark like his star pupil.

“The biggest advantage that Edgar has he would lose at 66kg…his speed,” the widely respected trainer wrote before adding, “Aldo keeps the belt.”

Edgar himself has also been opposed to the idea of joining the featherweight roster, stating he wants an immediate rematch with Henderson based on how close their original encounter was not to mention how competitive he’s been in general at 155 pounds.


  • Niv says:

    I doubt very much that Aldo himself is scared, but it certainly sounds like concern from the coach.

    I think if anybody is going to beat Aldo it would be Edgar. Don’t get me wrong my money would still be on Aldo, but there’d be zero surprise here if Edgar simply outworked Aldo and took his belt either.

  • MMA-LOGIC says:

    I think Edgar would outpoint him but not take him out.

  • Bad Monkey says:

    The fear from Aldo’s trainer is obvious. What he should have said is, “Edgar, PLEASE don’t move down.”

    I agree though, that Jose himself isn’t likely too scared of Frankie, but it would be a hell of a fight. Hope we get to see it once Jose wrecks Hioki.

  • Dufresne says:

    If they ever do end up fighting, I see Aldo by KO in the first two rounds or Edgar by UD. Maynard rocked Edgar badly in their last two fights and Aldo’s striking is worlds better than Maynard’s. The only question in Aldo’s game is his cardio, which happens to be Edgar’s strength, so if he could drag the fight to the later rounds he might be able to steal a decision. But I doubt it.


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