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Georges St. Pierre visits martial arts students while in Japan for UFC 144

Though Georges St. Pierre is still sidelined while his knee heels up from surgery to repair a torn ACL the UFC welterweight champ still saw action while in Japan for UFC 144 even if it didn’t necessarily come inside the Octagon. St. Pierre took some time out of his busy schedule last week to visit a pair of martial arts schools in the area including one with children training kendo and another featuring Kyokushin karate.

In a video released by the UFC, St. Pierre is seen enjoying himself rather than being overly concerned with his physical health, a good sign for those curious about the champion’s condition. On to of being good PR and an enjoyable experience, the latter stop also held personal significance for GSP based on his own upbringing.

“(Kyokushin karate) was the first martial art that I started when I was seven years old and my dad used to teach me. And I’ve kept practicing since then. So for me, to come here to Japan to do Kyokushin…it’s an honor because that’s where it comes from,” explained St. Pierre.

“I think karate is very important. Karate is not only about physical and training,” he continued. “Yes, it makes you in great shape and teaches you how defend yourself, but karate is a lot more than this. Karate is also in life. It’s about how you treat people, it’s about respect, it’s about hard work…work ethic…so for kids it’s a very good sport to start. For myself, karate saved my life. I became a better person because of karate and for me it’s more than a sport – it’s a lifestyle.”

Check out the endearing clip below including St. Pierre being a good sport during a foam-bat beatdown from a group of young kendo students:


  • Rece Rock says:

    Yet another reason why GSP is your GFs/Wives favorite fighter…

  • MCM says:

    Japanese Kindergartens are learning how to fight with swords, American kids aren’t allowed to argue with each other for fear that someones feelings might get hurt and their parents will sue the school. Sometimes it’s sad to be part of this culture.

  • Brendhan Conlan says:

    Plus those kids in the karate class were sparring without pads. Not full-on, facial contact but still. Here we can’t play dodgeball and everyone gets a ribbon. lol

  • Lord Faust says:

    Sad truth: some kids’ sports teams in my neighbourhood stopped tracking points, so kids couldn’t get competitive about it. Parents were setting up underground websites to track it.

    Some times I just want off this continent. Haha.

  • MCM says:

    I hate to say this, but if my grandfathers generation was raised like today’s generation….we’d a lost the war. :(


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