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Dominick Cruz: “I’m gonna go in there and have my way with him just like I did the last fight.”

The upcoming season of the Ultimate Fighter debuts in a few weeks with a new “live” format and a batch of potential-laden prospects looking to become the show’s next graduate to achieve stardom inside the Octagon. However, one of the most intriguing aspects of TUF 15 has to do with the intense rivalry between coaches Dominick Cruz and Urijah Faber.

Though both bantamweights are supremely talented neither seems to respect the other, even where ability is concerned. Faber recently elaborated on his mindset regarding Cruz, saying the champion poses little danger in the cage other than when it comes to picking up points and winning a decision.

Unphased by Faber’s remarks, Cruz responded on this weekend’s episode of Inside MMA where he referred to their fight last July, saying, “I’ll always fight him better than he’ll fight me. As much as he wants to talk about being the more dangerous fighter, this and that, the dude was on his heels the entire fight. He didn’t want to come forward. He was countering the whole time (or) looking to counter because he didn’t know when I was going to come or go.”

“There’s a style that he doesn’t understand…that he chooses to say negative things about….because he can’t understand it,” Cruz continued. “What you don’t understand you choose to talk bad about. He’s not gonna beat me. He doesn’t know how. I’m gonna go in there and have my way with him just like I did the last fight.”

TUF 15 debuts on March 9. Though no specific date/event have been attached to the rubber-match between Cruz and Faber it is believed their bout will go down at UFC 148.

Check out Cruz’s complete response to Faber on below:


  • Dufresne says:

    I’d say that Faber is the more dangerous fighter. Whether he’s the better mixed martial artist waits to be seen. Faber has finished 21 of his 26 victories while Cruz has only finished 7 of 19. It’s clear who’s more dangerous. But Cruz works the system, and he does it well. And until someone can come along and do to Cruz what Hendricks did to Fitch, he’s probably going to stay champ for a while.

  • Lord Faust says:

    I’d say Faber knows how to beat him, he just has to get ahold of him. Um, yeah, good luck with that.

  • Rece Rock says:

    Dominick Cruz: “I’m gonna go in there and fight like a drunken monkey just like I did the last fight.”

    I agree Lord Faust Faber knows what he has to do it’s just hard to do that to a guy that bops around like a kid who missed his ritalin dose.

  • Faber basically gave that fight away last time….he’d crack and drop Cruz and then instead of charging in and finishing he’d stalk forward and let Cruz get up so Cruz would take him down over and over. Faber needs his killer instinct back…like when he hit Curran with the atomic butt slam back in WEC.


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