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“Mayhem” Miller matched with C.B. Dollaway at UFC 146

Middleweight Jason Miller has been given a shot at redemption after falling flat on his face in his return to the Octagon this past December, as it was announced this weekend that the colorful competitor will face C.B. Dollaway at the UFC’s annual Memorial Day Weekend event. Miller lost to Michael Bisping after the two faced off as coaches for TUF 14 in what UFC President Dana White labeled as one of the “most lopsided” fights he’d ever seen.

News of the May 26 match-up was confirmed by the UFC, as well as Miller who went on Twitter to write, “Gonna show the naysayers and more importantly, us monkeys what I’m capable of.”

Prior to his loss to Bisping the 31-year old Miller had won two in a row. However, he has not beaten a relevant adversary in more than four years, taking out Tim Kennedy in December 2007 before making a 4-3 run with victories over Katsuyori Shibata, Kala Hose, Tim Stout, and Kazushi Sakuraba, so “Mayhem” will have a lot to prove come showtime at UFC 146. He is 23-8 overall with nineteen stoppages including submissions of Denis Kang and Robbie Lawler.

Dollaway will also be out to show fans (and his employers) he still belongs in the UFC after being finished in a pair of consecutive clashes. The 11-4 Ultimate Fighter finalist has gone 5-4 since his time on the show.

No other fights have been revealed for the card though it is believed heavyweight champion Junior dos Santos will defend his title against Alistair Overeem in headlining action. More bouts are expected to be announced on this week’s episode of UFC Tonight.


  • MCM says:

    I was hoping they’d match Miller up with Credeur, but this works too. Miller is hard as hell to finish and all of C.B. losses have come by way of finish. I strongly doubt Mayhem can TKO Dollaway, but I bet he can sub him in the 1st.

  • AlphaOmega says:

    I think this fight he will show up a little better, especially if he doesn’t let his emotions get the best of him and end up taking a huge drop of adrenaline again

  • My only question is….will Mayhem choke him out quicker than Filthy Tom did?

  • Bad Monkey says:

    I like Mayhem so it’s good to see him get another shot, but damn. I’ve never seen a guy with his experience get owned the way Bisping owned him in their fight. I just hope he fixed whatever the problem was in that fight and comes back ready to throw down. I’d like to see him stay in the UFC for a while.

  • stone says:

    After the miller & sonnen fight, I’ve got a whole new level of respect for Bisping…… I still can’t stand the fucker but, I gotta respect him

  • Richard Stabone says:

    Mayhem looked like a complete amateur in the Bisping fight… like one of those scrubs on his Bully Beatdown show who thought they could actually fight before getting embarrassed at the end of the show.

    But we all know he’s much more talented than that. Not sure he’ll beat Dolloway, but it’ll certainly be a more respectful showing. And CB is perfectly mediocre, so if I had to pick right now I’d probably go with Mayhem.

  • MickeyC says:

    He needs to look better than he did when he faced Bisping, or Dana will send him on his way. I know he had a long lay off before that fight, but he just looked discusting. And I’m a fan, haha.

  • Creature says:

    Anyone who has seen a couple of Mayhems latest fights knows hes much better than he showed against Bisping, hopefully he shows everyone of his doubters his true skill in this fight, comes into the fight in great shape, and does what he does best and subs CB in the 1st or 2nd.. Because i hate CB and would love to see him get sent packing instead of Mayhem.

  • MCM says:

    thumbs up Creature.
    Some fighters just have a way of taking other guys out of their game plans. Cerrone is a MUCH better fighter than he showed against Diaz, Miller is a better fighter than he showed against Bendo, and Mayhem is a better fighter than he showed against Bisping. Sometimes you have off nights and the other guy just has the right plan to make you look foolish.

  • Creature says:

    Perfectly said MCM, Cerrone/Diaz is another perfect example of it, anyone who hasnt seen much of Cowboy would think hes just an average fighter after seeing his fight with diaz when in reality hes very skilled and IMO still a top 10 guy.. “Styles make fights” is a very good (yet overly used) saying and observation


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