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Anderson Silva: “You reach a certain age where you don’t heal as fast so you have to take your time.”

While most see Anderson Silva vs. Chael Sonnen Part Deux as a foregone conclusion, as clear cut as the matchmaking may be the UFC has yet to announce an actual bout between the rival middleweights has been signed. Even Sonnen went on record last week to say he has yet to actually be offered the fight despite hearing from multiple sources it’s essentially a done deal.

One of the things holding up the highly anticipated pairing from taking place appears to be Silva’s health. Though the dynamic Brazilian has returned to training since injuring his shoulder and back, the 36-year old Silva (who turns 37 in April) recently admitted he still isn’t close to 100%.

“I’m always doing some BJJ training in a gi with the guys so I keep everything well-adjusted, but due to the injuries to my shoulder/back I’m a little slow,” confessed Silva in an interview with Sherdog. “I’m doing physical therapy and nursing it enough so when I’m really back training there aren’t any injuries that hinder me.”

“You reach a certain age where you don’t heal as fast so you have to take your time,” he continued. “I don’t want anything to be wrong when I come back to the real hard training. I’ll continue doing physical therapy until the pain goes away and I’ll keep up the workouts.”

The UFC has targeted June for the title-fight between champion Silva and challenger Sonnen giving “The Spider” another six weeks to heal up before starting a full blown camp.


  • LiverPunch says:

    Sonnens going to win this. The only chance Anderson Silva has is to submitt him again. Ive got Sonnen via TKO in rd 4.

  • Rece Rock says:

    I don’t think Silva would fight Sonnen again if he’s not somewhere around 100% because he wouldn’t risk losing his pride or belt to a guy whom has disrespected him multiple times… Anderson is no dummy, last go round Sonnen gave him a run for his $ why risk it if he’s not healthy? He has nothing to prove to anybody… If Silva is healthy I give Sonnen til the 2nd rd before he’s finished… Im just glad Finally Silva has a personal beef and a reason to come motivated to the cage… We have seen what a horse’n around unmotivated Silva can do to an opponent imagine a Silva with a vendetta?? Sonnen is toast.

  • MickeyC says:

    I’m starting to wonder if Chael not right, that Anderson has no plans on a rematch.

  • Niv says:

    I don’t see anyway that Sonnen goes in and beats Silva.

    Sonnen is going to lose via stoppage by the 3rd round.

  • Richard Stabone says:

    Silva beat Sonnen last time while dealing with a debilitating injury, and Sonnen will have to have his testosterone levels better in check this time around.

    Silva by (T)KO in the 2nd.

    I’m just anxious for Anderson to get the Chael fight behind him, cuz at 38 years old his peak is almost certainly behind him and I’d like to see him get another fight or two against elite caliber fighters… and Chael aint that.

    I think a rematch with Hendo is much compelling than Chael, but this is what we’ve got for now. At least this will put a stop to all the ridiculous hyperbole from Chael and the numerous fans that have bought into his shtick to the point they think he’ll win the rematch.

  • MCM says:

    Of Chaels last 5 fights 3 have been against top 3 ranked, 1 against a top 5 ranked and 1 against a top 10 ranked. He won every fight but the one against the #1 ranked Silva. Only and Elite fighter would have that record. He also outperformed and outlasted Hendo, so for me, the Sonnen fight is much more compelling. I think Silva is the all around much better fighter, but Chael possesses the one style capable of beating AS.
    Ignore the bullsh*t. Ignore the interviews. Ignore the prefight hype. Just look at the their records and fighting styles and any objective person would be hard pressed to not see this as an extremely competitive fight. Regardless of who you hope/think might win.

  • Richard Stabone says:

    I’ve always liked Marquardt, but I’m not sure what to make of that guy given what’s transpired over the past couple of years… he lost to Chael, then got the incredibly weird victory over Palhares, lost to Okami, then decisioned Dan Miller before being booted for the TRT issues.

    Same with Okami. His best victory in the past 5 years is probably the aforementioned Marquardt, or his split decision over Munoz (I don’t remember this fight, so at quick glance can’t really comment to the merits of the split verdict). Lots of decisions against solid but unspectacular fighters mixed in between.

    Everybody likes Stann but almost as many realize that dude is overrated.

    I think all 3 of the guys mentioned above are perfect illustrations of how subjective, and often times downright silly, rankings can be. Typically you’ve got your top dogs in each division, where rankings aren’t even needed as most everyone acknowledges it, and then after that guys start getting arbitrarily slotted into positions. Just doesn’t do much for me.

    Back to Chael’s recent victories…

    Bisping has long been underrated and if Chael had done anything convincing or impressive in defeating, that would’ve really stood out. As it was, Chael picked up a decision that could’ve gone either way and did nothing in my eyes to establish (or further cement) Chael’s status as an elite fighter.

    But my POV on the Silva/Chael topic is obviously thru my own subjective lens, complete with my own personal bias. But this isn’t just a matter of liking a guy or disliking another… I genuinely believe Silva will easily take care of Sonnen in the rematch and if the odds approached anything close to even I would put down significant money (using my Condit winnings, of course) on Anderson. So we’ll see what happens.


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