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Quinton Jackson: “I will always think of that belt as mine, even when I’m an old, bald wrinkled ass man.”

Former light heavyweight champion Quinton Jackson has made no secret of his overwhelming urge to hold the title one final time before retiring in the next year or two. While Jackson understands doing so is easier said than done, the 33-year old is confident he can achieve his goal even if it means facing current divisional king Jon Jones a second time.

Jackson, who hopes to make Ryan Bader the next victim of his obsession when the two lock horns later this month at UFC 144, spoke some on the subject of the strap in his latest blog for Yahoo Sports where, among other things, “Rampage” mentioned why winning gold again is personal to him.

“I still think I can win my title back, and I still think I can even win it back from Jon Jones, but I would have to execute the game plan. Jones was very good on the night; he did what he had to with style and stopped me doing what I needed to do. Respect to him,” Jackson wrote. “But I still want my belt back before I retire. I will always think of that belt as mine, even when I’m an old, bald wrinkled ass man. I’m very, very proud of unifying that UFC belt with the PRIDE belt and for that reason a little bit of me will always think of that belt as belonging to me.”

“I was a little pissed off and disappointed that I didn’t get my belt back and I was upset with my performance. I’m going to take that out on Ryan Bader and – in front of the Japanese fight fans – put on a great fight,” said Jackson, putting a stamp on things.

While Jackson has never been known as a gym rat, the motivation created by his quest for championship redemption has him staying in top shape.

“I’m not going to lie, I still don’t like training too much. Getting sweaty with other dudes? Not really my thing. There’s other things I can think of which are a lot more fun to do,” Jackson joked before adding, “But I train a lot harder than I used to, and a lot smarter.

Jackson-Bader serves as the co-headliner on the February 25 card. UFC 144 is headlined by lightweight title-holder Frankie Edgar taking on former WEC champ Benson Henderson with a stack PPV card featuring seven total fights.


  • Dachman says:

    Rampage would have no shot again. He wants a payday before shooting ATeam 2!

  • Rece Rock says:

    It is what it is…. WAR RAMPAGE!

  • Bad Monkey says:

    I like Rampage, but his refusal to evolve his game gives him virtually no chance of regaining the title, especially while Jones is the Champ. Plus, it wasn’t as if he was a long reigning LHW champ in the UFC. He only successfully defended the belt once against Hendo and then lost it to Forrest the next time out, so all of this “it’s my belt” talk is a bit unrealistic.

  • Angry Mike says:

    Rampage needs to change his style. Standing flat-footed and waiting to land the big bomb isn’t working against anybody, and certainly not against Jones. But I doubt he can change enough to deal with Jones’ speed. Rampage would have a puncher’s chance, but nothing more than that.

  • MCM says:

    Ima love it when Bader KO’s him in Japan.

  • MMA-LOGIC says:

    Rampage is going to drop down the rankings for the most part. Id like to see him at HW.

  • Rece Rock says:

    Bader to KO page ?
    Page to turn to HW ?

    Holy bizarro world batman.

  • Bader KO page?! HAHAHAHA MCM you’re really hilarious with that one….Ryan Bader will taste ONE rampage hook and IF he’s still conscious….he’ll freak out like he did against JBJ.

  • MickeyC says:

    Not that is not possible, but I do not see Bader beating Rampage in Japan. I think setting alone will have him just jacked. WOnder if he will dust off the ol warewolf mask? OOOOOOWWWOOOOO!

  • MMA-LOGIC says:

    Whats wrong with Rampage at HW? I think he would do really well. I think he has a better chance to gain the belt at HW than LHW. He would be a good match up for many top HWs.

  • MCM says:

    @Rece & superdave-
    It’s my world and I like living in it. :)

    And Rampage is way too small to compete at HW.

  • LiverPunch says:

    Rampage has more of a chance to win that title than many think. I dont think he can beat Jones but if Rashad wins I think Rampage could beat him.
    MCM? Rampage too small? Then so was Couture and so is Cormier, Fedor, Crocop and many other HW champions or contenders. Rampage wieghs 230. It wouldnt be too much of a struggle to get to 235-240 within a year. Sure he wouldnt be cut but look at Nelson, Fedor, Cormier and a few others. Overeem was no bigger thsn Quinton 3 years ago and now he is nearly 265. All Quinton needs is a little horse meat.

  • MCM says:

    Rampage is barley 6 ft tall. I know his stats say 6’1″ or something, but look at him compared to other LHW’s. He was shorter by at least 2″ than both Machida and Shogun and their listed as 6’1″.
    And yes, Fedor was always too small, he was just more skilled than most of the people he fought. Couture was too small too, which is part of the reason he lost to Lesnar even though he was the more skilled fighter. And Cormier is too small and knows it. Remember when Rampage first came in to coach TUF in season 7, the first thing out of Dana’s mouth was “They thought you were gonna be bigger.” I’m not saying there aren’t HW’s he could beat, just that he won’t beat the majority of the top 15 and his size plays a part in that.

  • LiverPunch says:

    Yeah right, so the “greayest HW of all time” is too small, the 3 time UFC HW champion was too small, the Strikeforce HW grand prix finalist is too small and Rampage lied about how tall he is. Why are you so stubborn? You are so obviously wrong. Crocop is the same size, Overeem was smaller 3 or so years ago, Nelson would be smaller if fit. Rampage was around 240 when he shot the A team and sometimes walks around at over 250. Valasquez is 6″1 and chubby at 245.

  • MCM says:

    Would you say that Rampages skill set is equal to Fedors skill set?
    Would you say that the HW division that Rampage would face is equal to the same HW division that Couture faced?
    Cormier has faced 1 top opponent, so we don’t know how good he is. Unless you think Rampage should fight the Devin Coles and Sao Peleleis of the HW division.
    Nelson is a natural MW, and I’ve been saying that for years. Even he says that these guys are too big. That’s also one of the reasons he’s never beaten a top 10, as LOGIC likes to point out. (I still love you Big Country!)
    If you think he’d be fine at HW and could make a run at the belt, Great. I disagree.


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