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5 Oz. MMA Link Club

Welcome back to another edition of “MMA Link Club”, Five Ounces of Pain‘s weekly smorgasbord of offerings from our brothers and sisters in the MMA community. Enjoy…

Anderson Silva Still Interested in Fight with Georges St. Pierre (

A Preview of Brittney Palmer’s Playboy Photo Spread (

Fighters React to UFC on Fuel 1 Main Event (

Highlights from Jake Ellenberger’s Exciting Win Over Diego Sanchez (

The Official Release Trailer for UFC Undisputed 3 (

Herschel Walker Not Destined for UFC Debut (

Chandella Powell Possibly Fired Over Nude Photo Spread (

Satoshi Ishii Set for Fight with Sokoudjou (

Amir Sadollah Wielding a Samurai Sword. Nuff Said? (The

UFC 144 PPV Will be Four Hours Long (

Change in Course in MMA/New York Legalization? (

Dana White Says He Has No Interest in Bringing Tim Sylvia Back (


  • Rece Rock says:

    A Preview of Brittney Palmer’s Playboy Photo Spread…

    for those of you that do not know the pics have been leaked and there is definately alot more out there on the web then a preview….

    and to think Lambert left before getting to write a review of Palmers PB spread.

  • Rece Rock says:

    I clicked on “Chandella Powell Possibly Fired Over Nude Photo Spread “…. only to find the headline
    “Chandella Powell Fired for Failure to Disclose Secret Past Life as a Softcore Porn Star… ”


  • MCM says:

    so…..we know what stories interest Rece Rock.

  • Brendhan Conlan says:

    I saw the pics of Palmer’s spread. Found them to be disappointing. More evidence of why sometimes the sexiest thing a girl can do is keep her clothes on based on the mystery involved.

  • Rece Rock says:

    I think playboy just doesn’t do a good job any more… Palmer in her model pics is far hotter then her in her playboy pics… Same girl different photographers and style, in a fairness she’s half naked in bikini pics so I think it’s less about the nudity and more about shity production


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