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Diego Sanchez says return to lightweight is a possibility

There’s no question that UFC welterweight Diego Sanchez is one of the most exciting fighters on the roster. A dynamic personality with tremendous heart, an iron will, and polished skill-set, Sanchez has made a name for himself as one of the few “must see” competitors since making his Octagon debut in 2005.

However, since defeating Kenny Florian at the original Ultimate Fighter Finale, Sanchez is only 11-5 including last night’s clear-cut decision loss to Jake Ellenberger.

Sanchez spoke some about his performance after the event on the Fuel TV post-fight broadcast where the 30-year old also addressed the possibility of dropping back down to lightweight. Though “The Dream” avoided offering anything concrete on the topic it appears he’s at least open to the idea.

“That’s up in the air,” responded Sanchez when asked about competing at 155 pounds. “I’m gonna take the fights that propel me to the biggest stage.”

In 2009 Sanchez went 2-1 at lightweight, losing in a championship bout against B.J. Penn after taking out Joe Stevenson and Clay Guida. He is only 4-4 in his current divisional home since 2007.

As far as the ankle injury he errantly referred to after his loss, at least regarding fans’ reaction, the 23-5 Sanchez elaborated some saying it wasn’t an issue during the fight with Ellenberger but affected his ability to prepare.

“It wasn’t that it bothered me, you know? It was okay. I had an ankle brace on it and a little tape but I just didn’t have the proper training that I could have had if I would’ve been at 100%,” Sanchez explained. “I didn’t get to run. I didn’t get to sprint. I couldn’t even jump rope. I had to work around the injury, do what I could do, and prepare. I came in with the best Sanchez that I could be. I gave it my all.”

All was nearly enough, as Sanchez overcame two-and-a-half rounds of losing to nearly pull out a victory in the end thanks to a late flurry on the ground.

Check out the complete interview below:


  • Rece Rock says:

    “I’ll probably be staying at welterweight.” – Diego Sanchez

    155 is always going to be a possiblity for him BUT it’s really flooded with talent in LW right now for him to jump in would be a tough sell, in my opinion.

  • He’s at the middle of the pack no matter which class he’s at….I didnt think winning a two decisions over two upper middle of the pack guys warranted you a title shot(especially when one was a split) and the way Penn beat Diego senseless proves that…..I hope he does go back to 155 though….he just cant compete with alot of the new/improved blood at 170….

    OH and I loved him saying he KNOWS he can beat Carlos Condit….hahaha…i got a healthy chuckle on that one.

  • Dufresne says:

    Diego is one of the best gatekeepers in the sport. The problem is, he’s just a gatekeeper. He’s not big enough to make up for his lacking technique at either WW or LW. He always brings the fight and even when he’s getting mauled he makes you work for the win, but he’ll never be an elite level fighter.


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