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Dana White confirms Carlos Condit will wait for Georges St. Pierre

It appears the welterweight division will have to deal without a title-defense for the bulk of 2012 after UFC President Dana White came forward to reveal interim champion Carlos Condit will twiddle his thumbs until November when Georges St. Pierre is expected to return from a knee injury. Previously it was believed Condit would face Nick Diaz in a rematch based on the controversial nature of their UFC 143 bout. However, with Diaz’s status still in limbo due to his pending retirement/suspension, it looks like no other opponents are on the table for “The Natural Born Killer” other than St. Pierre.

“We don’t know when Georges is coming back yet, but Carlos isn’t going to fight another fight,” said White in a conversation with MMAJunkie.

White also cleared the air surrounding a rumor Condit only accepted a second fight with Diaz after hearing from a source that the Stockton scrapper had tested positive for marijuana use.

“Condit won the fight. He won the right to fight Georges St. Pierre. He won the title. But I swear to God on my children’s lives, if you think there’s some conspiracy here or something, he accepted the f*cking fight.”

In the meantime it appears tonight’s tilt between Jake Ellenberger-Diego Sanchez and the recently announced UFC on FOX 3 fight between Johny Hendricks-Josh Koscheck will simply serve to help set up an eventual opponent for the winner of Condit-St. Pierre barring some sort of setback for GSP keeping him out longer than expected.


  • MCM says:


    Who was it, Paulo? that said what’s the point of having an interim title if it never gets defended? Might as well have these guys coach TUF with all the waiting going on.

  • Lord Faust says:

    “Unify the title”, i.e. one guy keeps the real belt and someone else throws out the stunt double.

    We’ll see what happens if Diaz gets a really short suspension, which is possible — if not unlikely.

  • Richard Stabone says:

    And logic prevails. With consecutive victories over Ellenberger, Rory, Hardy, Stun Gun & Diaz, it’s abundantly clear that Condit has earned his title shot. He’s not even two weeks removed from a 5-round fight, and GSP figures to be ready to fight within the same calendar year, so the extended layoff is hardly egregious.

  • Rece Rock says:

    Even if Diaz gets a 6 month suspension it’s still too close to GSP’s projected November return to bother Matching these 2 up again… Now if it’s a 90 day suspension we may be in for a treat and DW may very well be rescinding on that statement… See what happens but I think 90 days is wishful thinking and probably a real stretch considering what the commisions track record and Diaz history as welll.

  • Richard Stabone says:

    Yeah, who knows how things will play out with the latest predicament Diaz has put himself in, but regardless I just don’t see a need for a rematch. Primarily cuz I don’t think Diaz’s immediate title shot (and then interim title shot) was deserved anyway, and that he should have to go thru the same UFC gauntlet as the other top WWs. If I was in charge, and assuming the suspension stuff works itself out reasonably well, I’d give him the winner of Alves-Kampmann.

  • MMA-LOGIC says:

    Well he didnt get that title shot and then had to fight Penn before his interim shot but anyway. A rematch should happen primarily because Diaz was supposed to get a title shot but it was canned because of reasons other than fighting and 2nd because of the closeness of their fight and third because without a rematch Condit sits on his arse for 3/4 of a year. I for 1 think Condit should be forced to fight. If he is a true contender he should have no worries fighting. If you have to wait for 10 months to get your shot you shouldnt get that shot.

  • Well first the rematch shoudnt happen dierectly because 1) It wasnt THAT close of a fight….ya’ll people need to look at the numbers and get over it. 2) because now that a suspension will be levied Nick will be out for anywhere from 6 months-1 year so carlos waiting would just be wrong when by that time the champ will be back. 3) There are plenty of other contenders that make for interesting fights…an Ellenberger rematch…winner of Hendricks vs. Kos.

    The fact Diaz was supposed to get a title shot is irrelavant…he blew it, the UFC was still nice enough to keep him around and wind up having him main event against a serious NONcontender in the WW division. Great performance and a great fight…then he lost his shot…..
    Too many people in the division to worry about giving him an immediate rematch….let him smash people and make an even bigger name for himself then he’ll get his shot back.


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