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Alistair Overeem: “The game plan is good to go. I already know how to beat him.”

Decorated heavyweight champion Alistair Overeem isn’t expected to face UFC title-holder Junior dos Santos until late May but it appears the hard-hitting Dutchman already has his strategy in place, recognizing flaws in the Brazilian boxer’s game he feels he can exploit to the point of victory.

The 31-year old “Demolition Man” recently addressed the upcoming bout in an interview with MMAFightCorner where he gave Dos Santos credit but only up to a certain point, saying, “I believe he’s a great fighter. I believe he’s got great hands, great boxing. He’s a clever fighter and has a great team around him,” before adding, “Every fight style has holes. Dos Santos has them too. I don’t want to give away the surprise, but you’re going to see it.”

“The game plan is good to go. I already know how to beat him,” Overeem continued on the subject of Dos Santos. “It’s just a matter of training and getting my body and mind in the 100% condition that it needs to be in and it’s going to turn out perfectly-just fine.”

As far as who he might face later in the year once he presumably gets by Dos Santos, Overeem was asked if he was partial to a potential pairing against top contender Frank Mir as opposed to Cain Velasquez (rumored to be fighting this summer).

“I don’t have a preference,” replied Overeem. “I’ll fight anybody they put in front of me. I’m a fighter, I want to fight a lot. That being said, I’m also ready to beat anybody.”

UFC CEO Lorenzo Fertitta was quoted last week on Twitter as saying the organization was attempting to have Dos Santos defend his belt at the annual Memorial Day Weekend event in Las Vegas, this year’s being UFC 146 on May 26.


  • Rece Rock says:

    Whether Reem is successful or not in his title bid regardless I’d still like to see him fight Mir.

  • Dufresne says:

    If there’s anyone in the HW division that can stand with JDS it’s Overeem. I’m not saying Overeem will take the belt, but he’s got a solid chance as long as he can keep his mental game sharp. In the past when he was matched up against elite level MMA strikers he’s folded under pressure, but since moving to HW he’s gone on a rampage including winning the K1 championship. Granted, none of his recent MMA opponents have been anywhere near his level in the striking department. So I guess we’ll finally get an idea of how much he’s developed when he finally does square off with JDS in May. I can’t wait to see the betting lines.

  • MCM says:

    JDS all day long.

  • JabCrossHook says:

    Overeem had the easiest path to a K1 grandprix, and he pretty much lost to Tyrone Spong in the first round of the grand prix. He got hurt by a jab, when overeem fights against good boxers, he loses. With K1 its easier to avoid because of the bigger gloves but in MMA those small five ounce gloves will find an opening. Overeem will get caught, dropped, and finished.

  • Mad_Hatter_XX says:

    This is a very interesting fight. We really don’t know how good either man is.

    Overeem has more experience but against much less talented people and JDS has less experience but has fought a higher caliber of opponent.

    Each looked good in their last fight but, a lot of questions remain.

    Can Overeem stand with JDS long enough to gain an advantage? Can JDS handle someone who will be the more technical striker but hasn’t shown one punch KO power?

    I don’t think the fight goes three full rounds and I give the edge to Overeem based on experience and technical ability. I still wouldn’t be too surprised to see JDS catch him and put him to sleep.

  • MickeyC says:

    could not have said it better Hatter. I can’t wait. Gotta love reems “Hes good but I’m gona kill him” attitude.

  • stone says:

    After the Cain ko, I will NEVER bet against that man again… JDS by KO

  • MMA-LOGIC says:

    I could have said it better by saying the opposite. My god! Overeem has faced a higher level by miles. Hows Spong, Hari, Aerts, Kharitonov, Belfort, Liddell, Shogun, Rogers, Werdum, Lesnar, Arona, Vovchaynchin, Hunt, Buentello, Little Nog, Hoffman sound? I would amost say Overeem has faced more top 10s than Jr has had fights. I mean to say Jr has faced a higher level of comp is completely wrong and seriously laughable. I would think Overeem has faced about 12 top 10s for about 14 fights against top 10s. Jr has faced 2. This is without mentioning all of the top K1 fights he has had. Honestly what the fuck?

  • MMA-LOGIC says:

    I cant get over that. You cant be serious.

  • MMA-LOGIC says:

    Look I think Jr can win but as I see it Overeem is the more acomplished in…everysingle facet of fighting bar NONE. He has had more fights, he has had better comp, he is the better grappler (as far as we know), he is the more acomplished striker, he is bigger, more powerful, has more diverse stiking, is better in the clinch. All it takes is 1 punch but fuk.

  • MickeyC says:

    did someone fart? Started stinkin round here all the sudden.

  • MMA-LOGIC says:

    How the fuk is anyone gonna know if somebody farted at your house? What an idiot. You cant smell through the internet you clown. Im sorry but yhats even more stupid than agreeing with a guy saying Jr has faced a higher level of comp…no actually its about the same.

  • MickeyC says:

    HAHA!enough said!

  • MCM says:

    Impressive list LOGIC, but when you compare that to JDS, I’m even more sure JDS will win.
    Of the 15 fighters you listed, 3 were in K-1. That doesn’t count cause this is MMA. If we count how fighters did in other sports Ishii vs Fedor would have been a fair fight instead of the can crusher we all knew it was.
    And Liddell, Shogun, Lil Nog, Hoffman, and Arona were all losses that mostly ended in the first round (although some of those rounds were pretty long). It’s tough to call getting knocked out or submitting to punches in less than 5 mins “experience”.
    Werdum and Sergi are both 1-1.
    That leaves wins over 6 guys, Belfort (twice), Rogers, Lesnar, Hunt, Buentello, and Vovchaynchin.
    Rogers is a joke and only had one real win on his record against AA who get’s KO’d by a slight breeze. So let’s take him off and replace him with someone with real experience like Cro Cop. Sure it was an NC, but I think we can all agree that Overeem was wining that fight anyway.
    Belfort, Cro Cop, Vovchaynchin were legit wins. Hunt was 5-3 at the time and right in the middle of a 6 fight losing streak. Buentello has a decent resume, but it’s like getting a win over Timmmay today, it looks impressive but only on paper. Lesnar is arguably one of the most overrated fighters to enter MMA (see argument on other sports).
    Of the 6 guys he doesn’t hold loses to, 4 have been in the past 5 years. He also holds a win over Werdum in that time. I’m only counting the past 5 years cause that’s when he started dedicating himself to HW and became more than just a mediocre LHW fighter.
    Looking at that, I would pick JDS record over those past 5 years over Overeems any day.
    Has Overeem faced more competition, and as Mad_Hatter said, have more experience than JDS? Absolutely. Has he faced tougher competition, and won (since anybody can walk in the cage and get beaten up)? Hell no. That one easily falls to JDS considering that he’s fought some of the same HW’s as Overeem only he finished the fights.

  • MCM says:

    Crap, that was a long write up. I’ll sum it up for ya’ll. I agree with Mad_Hatter_XX and I think JDS is gonna win.

  • Mad_Hatter_XX says:

    MMA-logic you try as hard as you can to turn any rational discussion into the kind of crap you see on other message boards.

    Opinions differ but, anyone who differs from you is guaranteed to get a multi post flaming complete with insults and irrelevant or out of context facts.

    Even if someone agrees with you, if they don’t agree with every letter they get flamed.

    Plenty of other posters have a difference of opinion but, I don’t see anyone besides you flipping out and insulting everything they say multiple times.

    Whoever it was that said people will quit posting here and go elsewhere with nonsense like you do was right on.

    You need to get a grip on yourself and learn people are allowed a difference of opinion and if that opinion doesn’t jive with what you feel, either ignore it or maybe have a rational rebuttal instead of just insulting them for not thinking as you do.

    Flame away.

  • Rece Rock says:

    Glad you did it MCM I was about to address this endless crap that is ruining the vibe around here… BUT I decided it was still a form of feeding the troll so I just clicked off and decided it wasn’t worth my thoughts… I got to many other things to do, a lot of things are changing around here the last few months and I thought the one constant would be a good group of knowledgable fans that can have decent convo’s with out the bullshit trolling that takes place everywhere else.

    Didn’t somebody already decide not to post here anymore not that long ago because of this B.S.? I think MCM you even told them not to go…?

  • Rece Rock says:

    That was the beauty of the thumbs up/down rating…. If we didn’t want to see shit like this enough negative clicks would eventually hide the unworthy comment…. wish they could reinstitute that function, let others know just how useless & unwanted there input is.

  • Rece Rock says:

    Sorry it wasn’t MCM… It was Mad_Hatter_XX who addressed the above… my apologies MCM, and Thanks to Mad_Hatter.

  • MCM says:

    yeah, it was edub. He was one of the more knowledgeable posters too.

    To MMA-LOGIC: I don’t know if it’s just the way you write, but lately you’ve been coming across as if you’re personally attacking people. Everyone knows you and I go at from time to time and when we keep it from getting personal it’s fine/fun (see Faber/Cruz story for example). But the personal insults are really out of line for the way this forum generally conducts itself. Insulting someone’s intelligence or calling posters idiots, doesn’t further discussion and tends to drive people away from the community aspect of this site. All the regulars know that you are capable of holding a legit discussion on MMA and that you bring a unique take to a lot of issues in this sport. I just wish you could find a way to convey it without coming across as overly superior. Please take this as constructive criticism as I don’t want to see anyone leave 5oz and that includes you.

  • Richard Stabone says:

    Standing with Overeem is a dangerous proposition. I do think JDS’s KO of Cain was a bit flukey a la Serra-GSP, but he’s torn thru all competition put in front of him thus far. JDS is absolutely capable of winning, but Overeem’s got a more versatile & powerful striking arsenal and will pick up the belt.

    And I’m anxious to see Cain take on either one of them after he blows thru Mir.


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