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Nick Diaz Gets His Way Again but Was It the Right Call?

Tell me if you’ve heard this one before – Nick Diaz bitches and Dana White hands him the keys to the castle. For the second time since UFC 137, Diaz has thrown a fit with the UFC President giving him his way. After blowing his initial shot at the UFC Welterweight Championship because he decided that the pre-fight press conferences were unnecessary, White still granted Diaz main event status against B.J. Penn. Of course the UFC was in a bind because an injury sustained by champion Georges St. Pierre caused him to bow out of his title defense against Carlos Condit, but the point remains.

Diaz would go on to defeat Penn via Unanimous Decision and called out St. Pierre in a profanity laced attack claiming that GSP wasn’t really injured and instead was ducking a potential fight with him. At the UFC 137 post fight press conference White claimed that GSP was as angry as he had ever seen him and demanded his next fight be against the Stockton, CA resident as opposed to Condit. White also stated that Condit was okay with the situation and instead would face a yet to be named opponent at UFC 143 in the co-main event. As we would learn later on, Condit was not happy with the situation.

Of course, as luck would have it, GSP’s knee injury would turn out to be much more severe than anyone first thought and he would require surgery keeping him out until the fall of 2012. The natural thing to do for the UFC was to match-up Diaz and Condit which was scheduled for the main event of UFC 143 and would be for an interim title. The winner would then face “Rush” once he was healthy for the right to become the undisputed 170-pound champion.

The anticipation for Diaz-Condit was incredible as the UFC marketing machine was in full effect. White was telling anyone who would listen that this bout could be one of the best the UFC had ever seen. Based upon both fighters’ histories he wasn’t off as both men liked to stand and bang. They also brought a lot of intensity, toughness, and heart into every one of their fights. GSP felt uncomfortable rooting against the fellow Greg Jackson trained Condit, but still harbored a lot of ill will towards Diaz and made no secret of who he was pulling for.

The much anticipated tilt took place this past Saturday night and did not go anywhere near as well as planned. Condit fought a methodical, well-planned fight. He avoided Diaz’s pressure by keeping his feet moving at all times and landed a great deal of leg kicks and seemed to be ahead on the judges scorecards. When Bruce Buffer announced “The Natural Born Killer” as the winner it did not sit well with Diaz or his legion of fans who felt that Condit was awarded for avoiding Diaz at all costs and doing the bare minimum to take home the victory. As Joe Rogan interviewed Diaz after the fight he went into full tantrum mode and claimed he was done with MMA; that he no longer needed to be part of the sport.

It seems as though his threats and promises have worked to his advantage once again as word leaked out yesterday that Condit had not only agreed to, but asked for a rematch with Diaz before his scheduled bout with St. Pierre. Apparently Diaz was able to get under the skin of Condit in much the same way he did with GSP. The entire thing just goes to show you that self promotion is just as important as the fight you put on inside of the cage. The real story here is whether or not the UFC is hoping for a Diaz win so they can finally get the money bout everyone wanted in the first place, but has been canceled on two separate occasions – St. Pierre vs. Diaz.

Diaz lost the bout on all three judges’ scorecards. He won just one round on two of the judges’ cards and was awarded two rounds by the third judge. No one is arguing the fact that Condit fought a safe fight, but is there really a need for an immediate rematch based upon the outcome of the first fight? However, to be honest, this is the best call the UFC could make. Without trying to placate Diaz who seems to know how to push White’s buttons along with his opponents, if this fight doesn’t take place there is a potential nine-month gap between fights for Condit. If that is the case then what was the need to create the interim title in the first place if it was just going to be held up for nearly a year anyways?

The fight was close enough to get these two guys back in the cage as soon as possible. As we have learned in the past the judges aren’t always the most educated, responsible people in the arena at any given time. It’s certainly not fair to ask Condit to wait a minimum of nine months before GSP is ready to fight. This fight will kill three birds with one stone, it keeps Diaz happy, even if it means bowing down to his demands once again, it keeps Condit fresh and it gives more meaning to the interim title. For once the UFC is making the right call.


  • MCM says:

    Nice piece Mr. Levick, but let us not forget that Diaz also threw a temper tantrum to get into the UFC. Wasn’t he complaining about money and how he was going to leave MMA to take up boxing, only to then be offered a fight with GSP? Diaz does a great job of making everyone else out to be the bad guy for his own faults, and just like Sonnen, fans lap it up.

  • Lord Faust says:

    Nick’s either the most successful master of reverse psychology on the planet, or he’s got a 24k gold horseshoe up his ass. Either way, I have always been awestruck how he seems to only know how to go against the grain and still gets what he wants. Like him or not, it’s impressive.

    Nice to see a new author!

  • Mad_Hatter_XX says:

    I think even if the fight would have ended in a decision for Diaz there would still be a rematch.

    GSP still has seven to nine more months of recovery/rehab/training before he will be ready for a fight and UFC sees this as a chance to score one more big mid year PPV.

    Thought Diaz tok first one but, after watching again I can see how others saw things a different way.

    Will be interesting to see how second fight plays out and if Condit back peddles whole time and if so does Diaz adapt?

  • Richard Stabone says:

    Diaz has a lot of fans. And in case anybody hasn’t noticed by now, he’s also polarizing. So even the people who aren’t his fans pay attention & want to watch his fights. This, above anything else, is what gets fighters paid in the UFC. You’ve got a guy like Chael who works tirelessly to drum all this up on his own. Diaz on the other hand barely has to make a peep… his fans (and to a lesser extent Cesar & his camp) do the work for him. It’s really a hell of a thing.

    So anyway, it really has nothing to do with Dana giving into Nick’s whining. All things being equal, Dana would gladly kick his ass to the curb again and Nick’s actions would only speed up the process. But Dana is a promoter and puppet of the fans (not necessarily a terrible thing), so he’s gotta bend to make things work out nicely for Nick. Whatever headache and backlash brought up by dealing with Nick is easily outweighed by the big $$ that comes in from people paying attention to him.

  • The most interesting thing to me in this whole ordeal that no one has brought up yet is Carlos Condit’s obvious break in composure. There was no trash talk in the prefight between one of the greatest trash talkers in the business and a guy who like Dan Henderson doesnt need to talk, he does it in the ring. THEN during the fight Diaz did everything he could to get Carlos to brawl by talking trash AND even throwing an open handed slap…all carlos did was smile and continue to outstrike Nick and use his footwork to slide around. NOW Carlos is mad and feels disrespected by the media attention that all this is garnering Diaz, when he has the potential to be as big a star as GSP based on his looks(my wife referred to him as “pretty”) his exciting style(say what you will about this last fight but 28 wins 26 of them by stoppage speaks for itself), and his unique attacks(tell me those kicks werent some of the most awesome you’ve ever seen).
    He’s now mad and what will that do for him? Will it make him succeptible to Diaz’s brawling style, just so Condit can beat Nick at his own game and risk him taking a record number of punches to keep him from moving around? Or will Carlos be the first man since 2002 to crack the chin of stockton’s sovereign son? I dont know, but Im interested enough to buy into this one.

    Welcome to the family Mr. Levick….we look forward to seein what you’ll dish out in the months to come.

  • Richard Stabone says:

    …and between Chael & Nick, they have a combined record of 13-9 under the UFC banner, and each has been suspended by the athletic commission for failed drug tests during their respective careers. And yet the UFC can’t get these guys title shots fast enough.

    Meanwhile, a guy like Fitch can win & win & win some more, and get shafted. Or a guy like Condit can go thru Ellenberger, Rory, Hardy, Kim and Diaz… and be asked/forced to fight again rather than being given the option of waiting a few extra months for his elusive shot at GSP.

    It’s cool that fan interest is a component of matchmaking but it can get a little silly at times.

  • Niv says:

    Well Randy Couture has a 19-11 record and was given more title fights than I can keep track of, the record in the UFC really has no bearing at this point.

    On that note, I personally thought Diaz did enough to squeak out a victory, but Condit being awarded the win wasn’t an atrocious decision in my eyes either.

    The unfortunate thing here is that Condit should be given his chance at GSP first and Diaz should be given one more fight to give him his place in the next title fight assuming he wins.

    Having said that Diaz vs GSP is where the demand lies and still does even by GSP himself. The intruige that has been built partly because no-one has ever seen someone get under GSP’s skin the way Diaz has. This in itself is what the UFC knows and sees the potential for maybe the biggest ppv buy ever.

    Is this fair for Condit? No, not really, but if GSP is out as long as might be expected the fight makes sense as it was so close in the 1st place.

  • What Im really wondering…is if this somehow bumblefucks its way out of not happening and GSP is healthy enough to fight Condit sooner rather than later will Rush over look carlos? If so…that’d be a tremendous mistake

  • moosebaby02 says:

    I went to my boss n bitched that if didn’t get moved to the midnights shift I was walking. I was joking of course but didn’t see that n I got moved to midnights.
    Thanks Nick. U should do seminar’s.

  • AlphaOmega says:

    I don’t think GSP will ever over look anyone after over looking Serra the first time.

  • Angry Mike says:

    So maybe it’s time for Nick to pick up a new nickname. How about Nick “the ex-wife” Diaz? All the drama sure reminds me of mine.

  • Lord Faust says:

    moose — I tried that with my boss, I said “I don’t get enough money for this” so he handed me a big cardboard box to put my stuff in. I’m pretty sure that means I’m getting a bigger office.

  • hindsightufuk says:

    yeah welcome Mr Levick, nice to have another guy who can’t stand Nick Diaz on the site, tho its rare to see one of the writers let there own personal dislike of a fighter get in the way of writting an objective piece.
    its not like Nick Diaz is the first fighter to throw a strop or run their mouth and get what he wants is it?
    Penn, Couture, Tito, Chael, Koscheck, GSP, Hughes and many many more over the years
    GSP threw a strop after Diaz mouthed off and demanded he fight Nick instead of fighting his planned opponent Carlos Condit.
    Also regarding the UFC trying desperately to put together GSP Diaz as it is guarenteed to make money, the same thing happened with Penn/Edgar. UFC knew Edgar was not a draw in the slightest so they gave a ‘bitching’ BJ an immediate rematch hoping he would take the gold and keep the LW belt a major draw. He didnt and Edgar just isnt a charismatic enough fighter to pull the numbers.
    not ditching Frankie, i like him but he isnt a cash cow

  • hindsightufuk says:

    the thought of Dana giving a bitching BJ makes me shiver

  • MMA-LOGIC says:

    Yes this is all Diaz hate.
    Diaz was going to fight GSP but was not, NOT given that fight. So does Diaz always get his way? No. Diaz went on to fight BJ Penn and beat the shit out of him. He then got a shot at the fake title. Many thought he won but I thought Condit did. The thing is Condit ran away, he actually turned tail and ran multiple times in the fight. It was negative. Then I saw the stats and Diaz clearly won rd 2. He also won rd 5 and I thought rd 1 was 50/50. Then I hear Condit say no rematch and say Im going to sit it out for 9 mnths. How bout this Condit, you man up, you show everyone that you didnt have to literaly RUN away from Diaz, you take the fight presented to you instead of pussying out like a bitch and you use a gameplan that doesnt involve running like a scared little boy.
    Imediate rematches include Couture vs Belfort, Rizzo vs Couture, Penn vs Edgar, Machida vs Shogun, Wanderlei vs Arona, Shamrock vs Ortiz. This was one of the closest out of any of those with only Shogun vs Machida being closer imo. This is Diaz hate pure and simple.

  • MMA-LOGIC says:

    By the way if Diaz ran like Condit did and won I know a few of you that would be soooooo for a rematch and would be calling Diaz everything under the sun. I would agree with you. You know who you are.

  • MickeyC says:

    Logic as I said in the other post. While Condit was “running” as you call it he was landing strikes. Don’t blame Condit because Diaz has no idea how to cut a man off, to keep him where he wants him and control the fight. Condit simple out stuck him. Don’t hold me to the numbers but I think I read condit landed 150 to Diazs 100 strikes, give or take a few. Not exactly what I would call running. I call dictating where the fight is. If Diaz expects a fighter to just stand in front of him and trade punches, then boxing is the best place for him.Mayweather is waiting for him.

  • MMA-LOGIC says:

    “If I wanted to see a man run for 25 minutes I’d go to a track meet,” wrote Strikeforce star Ronda Rousey on Twitter.

    TUF fighter Cody Mckenzie agreed with that cutting remark, noting, “Wow really goes to show you how bad these judges suck. Carlos ran the entire time,” while Josh Neer added, “Carlos was doing the Forrest Gump #runforestrun.”

    “@nickdiaz209 won that fight in my opinion,” UFC hall-of-famer Royce Gracie tweeted. “He is what every fighter should be a true martial artists who comes to fight. Well prepared and with a gameplan. Not one that [involves] running from a fight. Why come to fight if you gonna run?”

    Continuing the trend Mark Munoz complained, “I don’t c how running away like that earns some1 UFC gold. What a joke.”

    “I am done teaching guys to fight! Gonna teach them to run like bitch & hold guys down like a bitch it wins!” grumbled Duke Roufus.

  • MickeyC says:

    OK, 5 guys agree with you, how many thousands do NOT. come on dig em up twitter man.

  • MMA-LOGIC says:

    OK tousands agree with me AND trainers AND fighters but thousands of haters agree with you Jon Fitch and Jacksons camp. Face it Mickey, there is a rematch its happening, come to peace with it. You are wrong and obviously in the minority. It happens. Im just gonna go for a jog, does that mean Im shutting somebody down?

  • MMA-LOGIC says:

    Ive never been on twitter in my life denial man.

  • MMA-LOGIC says:

    Tell me this. Has there EVER been such condemnation from fans, coaches and fellow fighters? I cant remember it if there was. That to me says something and that is NOT that it is just Diaz fans that thought that this fight was rubbish. Like I said I thought Condit won becuz MMA judging and rules are still in their infancy and very flawed. Condit ran, no question, is the result in question? Absolutely. Should there be a rematch? It is the only thing that makes sense. Otherwise you have a fighter sitting on the sidelines for 9-10 months when there is a cloud hanging over his last fight, his name and his title. Why would you NOT want this rematch? It should happen and is. Great, then we can move on. Condit wont run (surely) in this fight and the result will hopefully be less in debate. You all know its right but are letting your feelings about Condit and Diaz cloud your judgement.

  • MickeyC says:

    you are out of it. I want to see a rematch! But that does not mean that I saw diaz win. EVEN thought I expected him to prior to the fight. Diaz lost. He also openly stated he would not defend the belt before the fight with GSP if he had won. But if he comes into the remach content with just walking forward, he will probably loose again. dems da facts my man, get over it enough said.

  • MickeyC says:

    you crack me up, I can read a single sentence you write with out laughing. your my hreo!just kidding about the hero part.HAHA

  • MMA-LOGIC says:

    Duhhhh I never said you or I thought Diaz won.
    There is a sentence laugh it up.
    Diaz landed more to the head and body.
    Teehee haha.
    Fight metric had it 117-159 in strikes but Diaz was always moving forward and got a takedown and the back.
    Haha another sentence!
    68 of Condits strikes were leg kicks.
    Bahahaha and another sentence!
    There is a rematch, the result is in debate, Condit ran, Condit DIDNT shut anyone down.
    Ha fuking ha. Well Im sure that gave you something to laugh about. Diaz didnt just walk forward and you know it. Um enough said?
    I wonder if all of the sentences condeming Condits tactics by fellow fighters make you giggle.
    Sorry dude but dems the breaks, you are with the haters and Im with the MMA fighters and trainers.


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