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Diego Sanchez would be willing to fight teammate Carlos Condit

While both men may have their hands full in the coming months, UFC welterweights Diego Sanchez and Carlos Condit could eventually cross paths down the road depending on how 2012 plays out. Though the two are teammates at Greg Jackson’s gym in New Mexico, Sanchez recently made it clear there is no controversy to be had when it comes to the possibility of the training partners facing off inside the Octagon with a title on the line.

Straying from the attitude causing a rift between Jon Jones-Rashad Evans, as well as the one seeing Evans refuse to face Keith Jardine a few years back, Sanchez spoke to The MMA Hour earlier this week where he said he’s already discussed such a scenario with “The Natural Born Killer”.

“We’ve all talked about this, the coaches, me and Carlos, we are absolutely fine fighting each other,” said the original Ultimate Fighter. “We both want UFC gold, that’s what we want for our family and have always wanted even as little kids, we have always wanted this. We are willing to do that.”

He also made it clear he wouldn’t pull any punches against Condit and would expect the same treatment in return, stating, “Me and Carlos would be a war; we both know our strengths and weaknesses and it would be a great fight. If it happens, it happens.”

Up next for “The Dream” is a February 15 date with top contender Jake Ellenberger in headlining action at UFC on Fuel 1. Comparably, Condit has been embroiled in the fallout from his hard-fought, albeit awfully close decision win over Nick Diaz this past Saturday night.


  • Mad_Hatter_XX says:

    This is how all fighters should approach things. Short of fighting a brother then team mates should be willing to fight.

    Don’t have to hate the other person just put on your best performance and agree to have a beer once the fight ends.

  • Very true mad hatter…..but Diego would get beat from pillar to post by condit so there’s no reason for this match up.

  • MCM says:

    Hey! What happened to my post?

    I said earlier that this is a great attitude but immaterial as Sanchez won’t get passed Ellenberger anyway.
    It’s also a different dynamic at a place like Jackson’s because it’s such a large gym as opposed to somewhere like AKA. (I know the whole Rashad/Jones thing, but I think there are only about 4 LHW fighters under GJ) GSP and Condit were both Jackson fighters and yet they never trained or spared together. Whereas Fitch and Kos were constantly working and training together. I’m usually OK with partners not wanting to fight each other in smaller gyms as it becomes hard not only on the fighters but the trainers and coaches as well. If the trainers, coaches, and fighters can all come to an agreement, like in this case, great. But I don’t begrudge other gyms and fighters from saying no when asked to fight a teammate.

  • Lord Faust says:

    IMO, if guys really don’t want to fight then I’d rather they were upfront about it rather than just putting on a boring fight where no one really presses the fight.

    It sucks, because it means certain fights may never happen, but it’s probably for the best.

  • Its odd though…either friends fight and they just dont throw down…or in the cases of Pete Sell vs. Scott Smith or Lytle vs. Serra 2….they just came out and threw while shaking hands at the beginning.


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