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Fabricio Werdum vs. Roy Nelson named UFC 143 Fight of the Night

The evening at UFC 143 was expectedly exciting yet surprisingly topped by Fabricio Werdum’s decision win over Roy Nelson instead of the main event between Nick Diaz-Carlos Condit. Werdum and Nelson went at it for three rounds with the Brazilian pulling out the decision even after “Big Country” nearly battled back as things unfolded with the bout being named Fight of the Night.

Meanwhile, Stephen Thompson started the evening out strong in his UFC debut with an opening round finish in the first fight on the card, flattening opponent Dan Stittgen with a sick head kick that was named Knockout of the Night. The victory improved Thompson’s record to 6-0 in MMA since transitioning from a kickboxing background where he racked up more than fifty wins without ever suffering a loss.

Submission of the Night was also awarded to a preliminary fighter as Dustin Poirier took home the honor with a super-slick Mounted Armbar-Triangle Choke over newcomer Max Holloway. Poirier is now 12-1 and should be in the discussion for a future title-shot after his success inside the Octagon.

All bonuses were worth $65,000 for each fighter.


  • MMA-LOGIC says:

    I would have said the Barao vs Jorgenson. Def not Diaz vs the runnaway kid.
    I dont get this decision. Since when is a total domination FOTN? I thought FOTN was for a good fight and not a lopsided ass kicking.

  • MMA-LOGIC says:

    Nelson Nearly battled back? Like fuk he did. It was all Werdum from start to finish.
    Really dont like the “… of the night” system. Just give them bonuses for finishing opponents.

  • Niv says:

    Werdum is a good HW now that’s he’s back in the UFC.

  • MMA-LOGIC says:

    Yeah its amazing how UFC fighter writen beside your name makes you better.
    According to fightmetric you could argue Diaz won 1, 2 & 3. He outstruck him in 2, He took him down, took his back and had sub attemts in 5 but narrowly lost in the striking and in rd 1 it was fairly even in the striking with Condit landing a couple more but in the whole fight Diaz was moving forward while Condit was going back (octagan control) and even running (literaly) at times. I had Condit winning but I think the way he did is pretty ordinary.

  • Lord Faust says:

    Anyone who says Condit won this fight had better not have been calling Machida a coward when he was still undefeated. I’m at peace with the decision; frankly, there was no “winner” in my eyes, just someone whom the judges gave more points to. Maybe it’s semantics, but that’s my POV on decisions like this.

    Barao and Jorgensen should have been FOTN. All Nelson did is show his durability, i.e. terrible defence. I was afraid Werdum was going to gas completely from beating on Nelson for 15 solid minutes.

  • Mad_Hatter_XX says:

    Not a bad fight and FOTN wasnt a bad choice since main card fights were a bit dull.

    Werdum looked much improved in striking but, how will he do against the elite of division?

    Big Country is no push over but, he looked tired by end of first round.

    Mir or Carwin would be a good next match.

  • MCM says:

    Was it a great FOTN? No. But there weren’t a ton of options last night. The only time I jumped out of my seat and yelled at the screen was when Roy had that choke, so I can understand why it was chosen. It was still better than Shogun/Coleman.

    Big Country was one of the first fighters to get me into MMA, so I’ll always route for him and watch him fight, but I’m not ignorant of his limitations.
    I’ve been calling for him to go to MW since the fold of the IFL, but if he’s gonna stay at HW, give him guys like Barry, Griggs or Lavar Johnson. Fights he should win, that are still entertaining. Then use him as a gate keeper for the top of the division.
    Roy is a good name, entertaining character and tough out for anyone. He’s a great comeback fight for top guys. Werdum looks like a freaking champion after last night, as opposed to the begging, butt flopper he looked like against Overeem. Carwin is gonna need a name fighter when he comes back and there’s no reason to feed an SF guy to him when most fans still don’t know who they are.
    Nelson is 3-3 in the UFC with his only losses being to top 5 fighters, I hope they give him a new contract and keep him around even if it is only at Kongo level.

  • I think that Pierce vs. Koscheck was hands down fight of the Night. In my eyes Jorgensen quit against Borao, Roy got his ass WHOOPED(and that makes me sad, I love Big Country)
    Werdum looked like a beast so congrats to him for showin some great improvements.

    Kos and Pierce battled all night with the only definitive advantages being the 2-1 takedowns for Kos.

  • Oh and MCM…Kongo level eh…Kongo vs. Country sounds interesting to me.


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