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Dana White prepared to give Nick Diaz immediate rematch

Last week, Carlos Condit’s manager came out to say their team would consider a scenario with “The Natural Born Killer” defending his interim welterweight title if victorious at UFC 143 based on the amount of time remaining before linear champion Georges St. Pierre is fully healed from knee surgery. Now it appears the UFC may be open to obliging the request with an opponent already in mind – Nick Diaz.

Diaz, who Condit outpointed last night at UFC 143 in the evening’s main event, was seen by numerous fans, fighters, and media members as having deserved the victory based on his aggression as opposed to Condit’s calculated counter-attack in the extremely close contest. While UFC President Dana White was not among them, stating he felt Condit deserved the judges’ favor, he apparently understands the argument against it and would be willing to put the fight together if both sides agree to terms.

“It’s crazy, but…I was thinking about it after the fight,” said White in an interview with MMAJunkie. “People are bitching, and people think that was close…we could do that fight again before GSP comes back.”

However, White isn’t ready to force Condit into an immediate rematch with Diaz nor does he know if Diaz has any interest in continuing his MMA career based on his post-fight statements about retirement.

“It depends on Carlos, too. Carlos has got to say – and Nick’s got to say, ‘I want to fight him again,’ too,” White explained.

Fighters facing off in back-to-back bouts is not without precedent, such as when Frankie Edgar and B.J. Penn squared off in consecutive clashes after “The Answer” barely beat Penn the first time around.


  • Lord Faust says:

    This much closer to my hunch being right. If either of them says “no” to this, they’ll never hear the end of it.

  • YetiLee says:

    Such bullshit, Condit won that fight clearly. All Diaz did was move forward and talk trash to which Condit responded with hitting him. Look at both fighter’s faces after the fight and you can clearly see who got their ass kicked., Diaz showed once and for all what a bitch he was last night after he lost and he shouldn’t be awarded for his poor sportsmanship and shitty game plan. Condit doesn’t need to prove anything by fighting him again.

  • MCM says:

    I am not a fan of immediate rematches. I didn’t think Penn deserved one, I didn’t think Shogun deserved one, and I don’t think Diaz deserves one. For every person saying Diaz won, there is someone else that says Condit won. I’ve seen how this fight played out, and it didn’t live up to expectations. I’m not interested in spending money on a repeat. It was a close fight, let’s move on and see how they fair against other fighters.
    But, if Diaz gets a rematch why doesn’t Bisping get one against Sonnen? “Numerous fans, fighters, and media members” also thought Bisping won the fight but he doesn’t get a shot at the belt?

  • Lord Faust says:

    Because more people want to see Diaz versus GSP. If Bisping had won, who knows; Sonnen / Silva II is money in the bank.

  • First and foremost thumbs up MCM for the Simpsons reference.
    Second I am not a fan of this. Carlos won that fight clearly and Nick knows it if he watched it. Yes Nick landed a few great combos and had Carlos backing up all night but Carlos landed some outstanding strikes and landed them at will in volume. He basically did the Frankie Edgar win with alot prettier kicks. If both these guys would agree to fight I would severely consider finding a bar to watch it at as last night’s card and main event were good, but not epic the way I expected. I would rather see Diaz take on Hendricks or Ellenberger….especially Ellenberger.

  • Brendhan Conlan says:

    So you’re sure Ellenberger will beat Diego Sanchez? I’m not.

  • Not necessarily Brendhan…..I just think Diaz vs. Ellenberger would be great as The Juggernaut has already said that Diaz’s peppering punches wouldnt work against top competition. I think between his willingness to exchange and his ruthless right hand coupled with Nick’s eagerness to brawl and ferocious combo punching and iron chin would make for something similar to Condit vs. Ellenberger which was even better than the fight that beat it for fight of the night (Creuder vs. Quarry).
    Plus that whole revenger for Jake smashing Shields thing would hype it up a bit.

    Diaz vs. Diego 2 would be a good fight but I dont think Diego has grown nearly as much as a mixed martial artist as Diaz. He hasnt quite been the same since Penn whooped him and that’s why I think jake will beat him. I never count out The Nightm…The Dream.

  • edbuzz says:

    I like the idea of a rematch. I don’t care for the run away, strike and run away again, game plan.

    I am a big fan of Nick Diaz and I thought he dominated that ring most of the fight.

    He obviously thought he was in total control of the fight and that’s why he had no sense of urgency to finish off Condit who did nothing but run the whole night.

    I’m not going to hand him the win based on some “pussy ass” kicks as Nick Diaz suggested.

    Even if Diaz doesn’t get the rematch win Condit, the public still wants to see a Nick Diaz vs. GSP fight so it’s going to happen within a year anyways.

    If Condit turns down the fight, I agree with a previous post that he’ll never live it down.

    Dana White was interviewed, by Ariel Helani or whatever his name is, after the fight and suggested a Nick Diaz versus Josh Koscheck matchup. Now that is a fight I would love to see. I think Nick Diaz would take on the role of good guy in that match up.

    : )

  • MMA-LOGIC says:

    Rematch is perfect! GSP is away for ages and a rematch is warranted. The dec was a bit contro although I had Condit winning. Diaz deserves the rematch based on the fact he was the guy moving forward from start to finish. Condit ran and when I say ran I mean he was literaly running away. It was a way to beat Diaz but a really pussy way of doing it imo. He had no intention of finishing Diaz. I dont mind good gameplans but I do mind running and Condit ran.

  • Angry Mike says:

    People who excell are willing to set aside their egos and learn from setbacks. Why did they get an undesirable result, and what will they do differently in the future? Maybe Diaz will calm down a bit and go through that process, but throwing a tantrum and quitting the sport is silly and immature.

  • MMA-LOGIC says:

    Agreed Mike.

  • Sykotick says:

    Sooo Nick Diaz was sure he was winning so he didn’t pursue a finish and people are ok with that?? What happened to the rah-rah people had when Anderson Silva did it??

    And as for Condit “running” yall are 100% right, how dare he evade punches while countering with his own shots, essentially winning himself the fight based off of Nick’s own aggressive/shitty boxing, instead staying stagnant on his feet and get lit up by a guy who has no power but the cardio to punch you in the face for 3 days straight and not get tired. How dare he!!

    Seriously guys, how big a hard on do yall have for this kid that yall are pissed off, not because he lost, but because he got beat?? And beat at his own game! Sorry guys, but its not boring to watch a guy pick apart a guy who is verbally sucked off by everyone for his “brilliant stand up”

    Side note did anyone else see how AWESOME Nick’s Jiu Jitsu skills are?? Had a body lock and, I believe over under control, AND STILL got reversed by an elementary back door reversal. It’s like he lost, and instead of acknowledging that he lost people are blaming Condit for winning.

  • climbarock says:

    That fight sucked, and neither fighter deserves to walk away with a win. It should have been a draw with no win bonuses awarded. I will not order Diaz v Condit 2 if it materializes.

    I’m a huge fan of both guys, and both guys disappointed. It was a shit fight, and I don’t even care to debate who won that glorified sparring session.

  • Lord Faust says:

    I’m not blaming Condit for being the victor, I am however criticising his decision to out-point his opponent rather than “win” the fight. Both guys deserve criticism for their one-dimensional gameplans; that fight was only compelling because I was waiting for something to justify the self-hype I’d been building all week.

  • JabCrossHook says:

    Yeti when Fedor fought Cro COp his face looked clearly more fucked up than Cro Cop’s but we all know who won the fight. That means nothing…

    Condit won the fight by throwing kicks and running away. Or getting backed up and caught with a few combos from nick. The most retarded thing is that when a fighter controls the fight with TDs, top control, and leaning opponents against the cage its considered octagon control. But when your opponent is backing up 80% of the time from your striking then that should count as octagon control.

    Nick fucked up too, he should’ve taken it to the ground a lot sooner, he clearly showed who has the advantage on the ground. If there was more time he would’ve finished carlos with a submission. In my opinion the fighter who came the closest to finish the other “won” the fight. That would be Nick, the judges had a different opinion.

  • Condit won the fight by throwin kicks out landing Nick EVERY round and never getting controlled. Nick’s boxing is far from shitty, its the best in the division unquestionably…and ask Paul Daley if he has NO power?

    I love the fact everyone is gettin so pissed about this one…and I thought I was the biggest Diaz fan out there.

  • Sykotick says:

    Jab: would have finished him?! Seriously?! Condit reversed him with a simple backdoor reversal and was taking his back!!!

    Dave: Daley has no technique just BIG BIG power. And Diaz stopped him because of Daley’s lack of technique and his gas tank.

  • Screenplaya says:

    I agree with MCM, that if Diaz deserves an immediate rematch, then so does Bisping.

    But, Sonnen-Silva II is what everyone wants, so Bisping will have to wait. In the case of Condit-Diaz, however, an immediate rematch is quite likely the most compelling matchup available. Otherwise, who will Condit face while waiting for GSP? Johnny Hendricks? Jake Ellenberger (once he collapses Sanchez’ face)? Condit versus your choice of puncher’s chances? Who wants that more than a Diaz rematch?

  • Rece Rock says:

    “But, if Diaz gets a rematch why doesn’t Bisping get one against Sonnen? “Numerous fans, fighters, and media members” also thought Bisping won the fight but he doesn’t get a shot at the belt?” -MCM


    Is there even a serious rebuttal to this statment? MCM laid out the cold hard truth, bottom line.

  • but Daley does posses an outstanding chin…only one man has cracked it…Nick Diaz. And had there been more time on the ground Nick could’ve possibly finished him,,he DID finish the fight with a leg lock in place. Who knows. My point is Nick should’ve been looking for more opportunities to take the fight to the ground OR should’ve started kicking earlier. he didnt lose the fight cuz he’s a less good fighter than Carlos, he lost because he has one game plan….move forward throw throw throw talk shit…Carlos found the counter for all that. Had nick gotten him to the ground more often and maybe even tried to jump his back like he did in the 5th earlier in the fight we could’ve seen how that went. And simple moves are always what make for good escapes like Shoguns deep half sweep or andersons switch on Nate the great…..Carlos’s ground game is phenomenal…jusk ask Dong Hyun Kim.

    and yes, MCM made an inarguable statement…..Bisping should get a second shot at Chael…there’s still time.

  • Lord Faust says:

    Diaz really should have transitioned to a grappling attack the moment he realised Condit was intent on spending the whole fight on a bicycle. Instead, he was a day late and a dollar short.


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